The Envelope

Bachina lay against the stark white sheets of her bed, sweat dripping down her face and neck, her breath coming out in painful bursts.

"Momma?" Usopp having been told off by the doctor for making too much noise cautiously walked up to his mother's side and sat at the edge of the bed. He lifted her hand into his two small ones and laid a kiss on it. "Doc says you wanted me?" She coughed violently, her body shaking viciously with each heave. "Mommy!" Usopp's eyes filled with tears, his tiny hands gripping her larger one more tightly. "Should I get Doc? Do you want water?"

Bachina closed her eyes and shook her head, a small sad smile crossing her pretty features, "no. Love." Feebly she took her hand from his and touched his face tenderly, tracing his features, "you look so much like your father." She ran her fingers through his hair, "you even have his unruly locks."

Usopp's cheeks puffed, "not unruly, awesome."

Bachina laughed weakly, and shook her head."Usopp, Love, Mommy needs you to listen to what she's about to say okay?" Usopp nodded, crawling upward on the bed so that he could lean his head on her chest, his tiny fists gripping the fabric of her green shirt as he snuggled beside her.

"Yes, Mommy."

"Usopp, I am not long for this world. Even now, I can feel that my time is almost near." Usopp sat up and opened his mouth, closing it sharply when she pressed a finger to his lips, "listen." Usopp glared defiantly, his eyes flashing. "Before I go, there are a few things that I need you to understand, Love." Bachina closed her eyes and pulled her son back down to lay beside her, her fingers calmly running through his hair as she thought about how best to explain what she needed to say to the tiny seven year old boy that lay beside her.

"I miss Daddy as much as you do, Love. You know that right?" Usopp nodded against her shoulder, "and that I love him as much as I love you. But no matter how much I love your father, how much I miss him, I don't feel sorry for your father leaving. He is a very brave man, and the sea was calling to him. Family life didn't suit him." Bachina smiled and pressed a kiss to her son's forehead, "that doesn't mean that he didn't love us, or that he doesn't miss us. Or you, he would be very proud of you, Usopp. You are growing up so well."

She sighed, and turned on her side, pulling him more tightly to her ready for the onslaught of tears that she knew were to come with her next sentence. "You must understand Usopp, Daddy is not coming back."

Usopp pushed against her roughly, his hands balling up as he fought the tears that threatened to fall." NO! Daddy is coming back, he's coming back and you are going to be okay because he's going to get you that special medicine you need to get better."

"Usopp, no. Daddy is not coming back," Bachina said firmly.

Usopp bit his lip and looked at his lap as fat tears trailed down his face, "you're lying. Daddy is coming back, he has to come back." Bachina pulled her son back down against her and let him sob against her shoulder. She hugged him tightly, and hid her face in his hair as she felt her own tears well up.

She rubbed her hand soothingly across his back and pulled back to look down Usopp as his crying had slowed to silent sobs. "Baby, listen to Mommy. Daddy may not be coming back, but when you are old enough you will find him." Usopp sniffed and sat up rubbing his eyes.

"I'll find him?" Bachina nodded her head, and sat up a little.

"Usopp, take the two envelopes from the top drawer of my desk over there."

Usopp blinked before going to do the task he was told to do. Slowly he slipped off the too high bed and ran to the desk at the other side of the room. He slipped into her desk chair and pulled open the top drawer. He hummed as he looked through the desk moving over his mother's sketchbooks and pencils. He caught sight of a yellow envelope under a large black bound book and pulled it out along with its twin. He gently placed back her sketchbooks and closed the drawer before jumping off the chair and handing her the envelopes. He gripped her blanket and used it to pull himself back up onto the bed. sitting on his knees beside her as she took the two envelopes in hand.

"Usopp, I want you to make me a promise."

"Like the pinky promises I make with Kaya?"

Bachina smiled warmly, "sort of like that, yes, Love. Except this one is one you will have to keep when you are older."

Usopp nodded his head in understanding, "oh, okay."

She placed the envelopes on her lap and pointed to the names on top of them, "these have yours and Daddy's names on them. Do you see that?" Usopp crawled closer and stared at the black letters on the fronts off the envelopes. He pointed to the left one, "that one says Usopp, and that one says Yeh, Yoo, Yaw…" Usopp pouted.

"Yasopp, Love."

"And that one says Yasopp," Usopp said proudly as if he had been the one to figure that out on his own." Yasopp? That's a funny name."

"Yasopp is your father's name."

"I thought Daddy was his name," Usopp said, confusion clouding his features.

"Daddy is what you and I call him, Yasopp is what everyone else calls him," Bachina explained. "Along with idiot," she muttered to herself.

"Whatcha say?"

"Nothing, Love." She placed her hands on the envelopes and smiled softly. "The one with your name is yours and the one with his name is his."

Usopp threw her a look that clearly said 'duh', "of course, Mommy."

"I want you to promise that when you are older you will find your Daddy and give this to him for me."

Usopp looked from the envelope to his mother's face, "what's in it?"

Bachina pressed a finger to her lips, "it's a secret. One that you will be let in on when you are older."

Usopp frowned, "oh." He took the envelope with is name on it into his hand, and looked down at it. "Can I open mine?"

Bachina shook her head, "not until you give Daddy his envelope, Love."

"But I can't give it to him until I see him," Usopp said confused.

Bachina touched the tip of Usopp's nose, "exactly."

"But he's not here," Usopp pouted. "I wanna see what's in it!"

Bachina shook her head, "not until you give your father his."

Usopp pouted, "Okay, Mommy. I promise not to open it until I give Daddy his."

Fourteen Years Later

Usopp ducked behind a pillar and pulled Nami against him, covering her body with his as three bullets flew past them. "Stay down a minute," he whispered before kneeling and shooting three rounds of lead stars at the closest Marines. His fingers tightened around the handle of the Kuro Kabuto as he burst from his hiding place, swerving and weaving through his fighting crewmates and fallen Marines. He ducked as Luffy sent about ten Marines flying into the air over his head and scowled at his friend's chuckled apology. Luffy landed beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder, "your arm okay?" Luffy asked, giving him a sidelong glance before sending out another wave of punches.

Usopp wrinkled his nose, "definitely fractured. But I've already used it so might as well keep using it."

"You're a sniper," Luffy said simply.

"And that's a window," Usopp said pointing over his shoulder, swaying to the left in order to avoid another barrage of bullets sent his way. "Your point?"

"You are a sniper, your job relies on the fact that you can snipe things. Can't do much sniping with a useless arm can you? Keep using the hurt arm and it will become useless."

"Nami was in trouble so I helped. Would you rather I let her get hurt?"

Luffy smiled, "course not. I just expect you to use your head. I can be carefree because the rest of you use your heads." Luffy stopped thoughtfully, "'cept Zoro."

"Don't forget Sanji, he's a reckless bastard too." Usopp added with a small laugh, "He protects his hands as much as possible, because like mine, his job relies on it. More than me actually cause he keeps us alive. You can bet if the only way to save one of us was to injure his hands though, he would do it."

"Perhaps," Luffy threw a kick at the nearest Marine. "Bit of a difference when one is being reckless because they feel they are worth less than another crew member, than one protecting another at all costs because they need to."

"I didn't protect Nami to be selfish, Luffy." Usopp snapped irritated, ducking as a Marine came at him and slammed him in the face with his slingshot, knocking the man out.

Luffy sighed, "That isn't what I meant. Damn, I should get Nami or Sanji to explain this, I'm no good." Luffy ran a hand through his hair, a look of irritation crossing his young features. "You protect us because you love us, just like the rest of us protect each other for the same reason. The thing is you feel you can easily be replaced and no one would mourn or be completely devastated if you were to suddenly be gone. Thing is Usopp," Luffy shot himself into the air and spun his body, slamming anyone within a five foot radius into the stone walls of the closest stores.

"That we would care. When you left two years ago, Nami and Chopper wouldn't eat much- I didn't eat much. I was more irritable. Sanji was smoking a lot more, even Zoro, while outside he didn't seem like it fazed him, was training and fighting a lot harder than usual. That was just you leaving the crew. Imagine if something actually happened to you." Luffy stopped for a moment, a dark cloud crossing over his features, "I might actually go as berserk as I did when Ace died."

"Luffy, I shot three pieces of metal so Nami wouldn't get injured, that hardly qualifies for this type of talk." Usopp ran his good hand through his hair, "not to mention, I feel like a sitting duck without being able to attack, it's unnerving."

"Captain's Orders," Luffy said simply, "I am overlooking you disobeying them once because you felt Nami was in trouble. I stand by what I said; you are not to fight until your arm is completely healed." Luffy grabbed his shirt and shoved him behind him when something akin to a cannon ball whizzed towards them. It hit Luffy full force causing the both of them to go catapulting to the floor. Luffy jumped up, pulling Usopp up with him, making sure to stay firmly in front of him. "Usopp, I want you to get out of here. The fight is almost over, and you have done really well, but you are injured and staying any longer can hurt your arm more."

Luffy nodded towards the rest of the crew fighting, grins on their faces. "No one else started this battle injured, and they are still okay now. If you stay here when injured you are just going to distract us. Just go get a drink from the bar and by the time you get out we should be done. Try not to strain your arm okay?"

"I'm not a child, Luffy, nor am I weak!"

Luffy rolled his eyes, "I know that, Idiot. You wouldn't be on this crew if you were, but you are hurt and the battle is almost done anyway." Luffy stretched his arm about twenty meters and grabbed Chopper from where he had been surrounded by Marines and snapped his arm back, sending the small reindeer soaring towards them. Luffy caught him effortlessly. "Chopper, I want you to take a look at Usopp's arm. He used his weapon to protect Nami and I want to make sure he's going to be okay."

Luffy placed Chopper on Usopp's shoulder, and pushed his two comrades away from the battle. "Go find something to drink, maybe go shop for New Years presents!"


"Now, Usopp!"

Usopp scowled but stormed off towards the towns square with Chopper in tow. The small reindeer held on tightly as the elder boy picked up his pace and began running, his frustration and anger at his current condition fueling his steps. He shoved open the door to the closest bar, and plopped down at the empty barstool in the corner. He crossed his arms and let his head fall against them. Chopper hopped onto the stool beside him and laughed nervously at the looks they were getting from Usopp's outburst.

"Might I help you?"

"Yeah, just kill me now and get me over it. I'm sure they can find another sniper somewhere, it is the New World."

"Hey, Tanuki, is your owner okay?"

"I am a reindeer and I am not his pet!"

"Yeah, he is my crews emergency food supply," Usopp muttered through his folded arms.

"USOPP! Don't say such things you jerk!" Large tears welled up in Chopper's eyes causing the elder boy to wince.

He held up his finger, "may we have two waters?" He dug into his pocket and placed two Beri on the counter. "Thank you." He placed his head back on the counter, groaning when Chopper placed a hoof on his shoulder.

"Usopp, I need to see your arm." The young doctor shook his shoulder gently in order to get his attention.

"Leave me alone, Chopper, my arm is fine," Usopp muttered a small thanks to the bartender when he heard the clink of a water filled glass being placed by his head.

"Fine," Chopper grinned, "than I guess I can just leave your arm as is, let it get infected and then in 5-6 weeks amputate it. Then you will have to go back to Syrup Village with nothing but one arm and a story of half and adventure."

Usopp lifted his head from his arms and glared deeply at his friend, "you know. You used to be cute, but now you're just a smartass."

Chopper smiled brightly, "I learn from the best!"

Usopp smiled and turned, so that he was facing away from the bar towards the patrons. He took off his sweater exposing the white bandages that ran from his shoulder to his wrist. He let his eyes travel around the bar as Chopper set to work. "Damn it, Chopper that hurt!" He winced as tears formed in his eyes in reaction to Chopper poking his forearm.

"Sorry," Chopper said softly before frowning and shaking his head. "I'm sorry, Usopp, but you set back your healing another three weeks at least. You won't be able to use your slingshot for at least two months now."

"Two months!?" Usopp shrank back slightly at the sudden silence and glare of the patrons around them. He smiled apologetically and leaned closer to the reindeer, "Chopper, I am a sniper. That means that I need both my arms! What the hell am I supposed to do for two freaking months!?"

"You can still snipe!" Chopper said enthusiastically, "you just can't use a slingshot!"

"But my slingshot is my weapon!"

"You know how to use other things besides your slingshot, don't you?"

"I am a sniper, Chopper, what kind of question is that?"

"Can you use a gun?"

Usopp nodded thoughtfully, "yeah. About as well as I can use a slingshot actually."

"Well, you can shoot a gun with one hand."

"Just because I can use a gun doesn't mean I like using them!"

"Either you use a gun or you can't fight unless it's with canons for the next two months."

"I can't carry a canon around, Chopper."

"Then I guess you need to use a gun."

"I don't even have a gun, nor do I have the money on me to get one. And Nami won't give me any either, we lost a lot of money on Luffy's last party, so now we're only buying supplies with it."

"If it's the difference between keeping you or someone else alive and keeping the- oh right, it's Nami."

"By the time Nami gives me that money I'll be able to use the slingshot again." Usopp propped his chin into his hand and breathed heavily through his nose, "I could make a weapon using left over materials I suppose. Perhaps one of those guns that we found that one time that we don't use 'cause they no longer work. If I can alter one so that it takes my slingshot ammo, that may be good. Might take a couple days but it's probably the best compromise I'll be able to get." Usopp stopped to push his hair from his eyes, "I may need Franky's help with taking the gun apart and stuff but that'll probably not be an issue."

Chopper sat back against his chair, his glass of water held tightly between his hooves as he nodded at Usopp's words, "see? It won't be so bad!" He took a sip of water, his eyes staying on Usopp, ""why don't you like using guns?"

"Snipers with the intent to kill use guns; I have no such intent. My slingshot does what it needs to do without, usually, killing a person."

"But you're a pirate."

"And you a doctor and pirate, doesn't that contradict that Hippocratic Oath thing that you guys have to take?"

Chopper frowned for a moment, "I suppose you're right."

Usopp sighed and turned to take a sip from his water, "listen, if it came down to protecting one of you then I wouldn't even hesitate to kill the person threatening you guys, but to carry a gun, it's just different. I don't expect to have to kill anyone- it's not in my nature. I don't know, maybe I am just being stupid."

"Not wanting to kill people despite your profession does not make you stupid, Lad. That's quite brave actually."

Usopp froze in his spot, his breath catching in his throat. He recognized that voice, he may not have heard it in fourteen years, but it was one he would never forget. "S-Shanks?" he asked after a moment's silence. He stared into Chopper's eyes trying to get a glimpse of the man behind him through Chopper's large orbs but it was to no avail as the small reindeer kept moving his eyes back and forth between Usopp and the other man slight fear and curiosity clouding his eyes. There was a chuckle and Usopp shifted to glare up at the elder pirate defiantly.

"We've met before I presume?"

"You're Usopp," the tall gray man behind Shanks said.

Shanks' eyes widened as he bent down until his face was two inches from Usopp's, "now that you mention it, Ben, he does look like Yasopp." Shanks reached a hand to push Usopp's hair from his eyes, "has that fiery look in his eyes and everything." He pulled his hand back when Usopp leaned his head back and tapped the appendage away with his right hand. "He even hit me like Yasopp did when I first met him."

"You're lucky he didn't shoot you in the face with something from his slingshot like Yasopp did." Ben commented dryly, his eyes falling to the slingshot peeking out from Usopp's bag. "His ammo seems a bit more dangerous than Yasopp's old stuff. You get way too close to people, Idiot."

"OI!" Usopp snapped, dragging their attention back to him as he shifted his position on the barstool so that he could lean against the bar and cross his legs. Chopper remained on the stool beside him, his mouth closed tight as he watched the interaction with wide eyes. "My father- is he still on your crew?"

"Would you like to see him?"

"No!" Usopp shouted a bit too loudly; he took an unsteady breath before shaking his head softly. "I mean no, I'm not quite ready for that yet. I do need a favour of you though, if it isn't too much trouble."

"I think we could do that, what is it you need?"

Usopp pulled his bag into his lap and rummaged around it for a bit before pulling out a large yellow envelope covered in a clear plastic coating. 'Yasopp' was clearly scrawled across the front. He handed it over to Ben who had reached over his captain's shoulder for the article. Ben tucked it inside his jacket, and nodded. "Please give that to my father, it's waited long enough. It's extremely important, it's from my mother."

The door to the bar slammed open and Sanji poked his head inside, "Oi, Usopp! Chopper! We need to get going, they called in reinforcements!"

"We'll be right there, Sanji!" Zoro ran past behind Sanji in the exact opposite direction of the ship. "You may wanna catch Zoro; He's going the wrong way."

Sanji turned around and noticed Zoro turn behind a corner, "fucking shit Marimo!" Sanji cursed, his cigarette jumping between his lips. "I got him. Be at the ship in five minutes, they are closing in on us."

"Meet you there," Usopp called as Sanji disappeared from the door in the direction Zoro ran. "Okay, so apparently we are on the run… again- nothing new there." Usopp grabbed his sketchbook and turned to the back page. He ripped a pencil from his bag and scribbled the Thousand Sunny's address, and the Den Den Mushi number for the ship. "If he needs anything explained he can call or write the ship – someone is always there even if I am not, so I can always get back to him worst case.

"I haven't time to explain now, but he may want to return to our village to say bye to my mother. I implore you to let him take that leave if he asks- for closure if nothing else. He'll come back, trust me, there is nothing left for him there. Not sure there ever was anything there for him, but now there really isn't." Usopp fell silent for a moment before shaking the sad thoughts from his mind.

He scribbled another number on the paper and wrote Kaya beside it. "Kaya is my childhood friend; she'll have all of the information he needs if he goes to Syrup. Just make sure he calls before going to the village so that she can meet him in front of our house with the key- I gave it to her to hold onto."

"Usopp!" Nami had stuck her head in and called for her crewmate, his eyes darkening in worry when she saw the three men in front of her two friends.

"I'm coming, Nami!" Usopp stood and brushed himself off; waving her off, "go. We'll catch up with you in a minute." He smiled, looking Shanks in the eye after Nami left. "Thank you, I hope next time we meet it'll be a longer meeting." Usopp hesitated for a moment, searching the elder man's eyes uncertainly before quickly hugging Shanks, "give that to my dad from me." He froze when he felt Shanks return the hug with his good arm and press a kiss to his forehead.

"Your father is extremely proud of you. And he has never stopped thinking about you, just remember that." Usopp nodded against his shoulder before pulling away. He bowed deeply before turning and pulling Chopper out of the bar and into the crowded streets. Shanks, Ben and Lucky watched as Usopp stopped momentarily to pull a slightly shorter boy with a straw hat in the right direction before disappearing into the crowd.

"So that's Yasopp's son, eh?" Lucky asked around his bone of meat, "can't say I see it. Kid has way too much intelligence in his eyes to be that idiot's child."

Shanks smiled and walked towards the door to watch Usopp struggle with his captain, "It's a real shame that Luffy got to him before I did." He chuckled lightly when Usopp slapped the younger boy on the head and screamed at him before shoving him towards their ship. "That kid, he's going to be the best sniper our world has ever seen one day."

Ben went to stand behind Shanks and stared after the two teenagers, "you noticed it too then?"

"The beginnings of awakened Kenbunshoku Haki? It's impossible to have missed. That wasn't what I was talking about however, while that will certainly help, and being with Luffy, he is likely to master that skill, you can tell how skilled he is with the weapon of his choice. I think he even surpassed his father when he was that age."

"You've never seen him before though," Lucky pointed out.

"No," Shanks agreed, "but we've certainly heard about him."

"So what you're saying is those two sweet little boys we met fourteen years ago-"

"Are some of the most dangerous pirates in the sea today?" Shanks smile fell, "Yasopp isn't going to like that."

"What am I not going to like?" Yasopp asked, slamming the door to the bar into his captain's face. He stopped and stared at Shanks for a moment before shrugging and walking to the bar to order a beer.

"AREN'T YOU GOING TO APOLOGIZE?!" Shanks snapped, holding his nose.

Yasopp scoffed, "why? It was your dumbass standing in front of the door. If anything you should apologize to me for being in my way." Yasopp walked up to Ben, "anyway what was it that I wasn't going to like?"

Ben looked to Shanks, "the fact that Usopp is a pirate under Luffy."

Yasopp, who was taking a sip out of his beer, spit it out in surprise all over Shanks. He laughed, "that's funny, Ben. Seriously, what is it that I wouldn't like?"

Lucky swallowed the meat in his mouth, and nodded his head towards the docks, "no joke, 'sopp. That kid that just ran out of here with the Tanuki was Usopp."

"That's impossible; Usopp is in Syrup with his mother and that blonde girl – er."

"Kaya?" Shanks supplied dully, wiping beer from his eyes.

"Yeah, Ka- wait how did you know that?"

Shanks patted his pockets too look for the piece of paper Usopp had meant to give him to see that it wasn't there, "oh-" The door flew open once again hitting Shanks in the face. "Ow."

Ben and Lucky snorted as Usopp poked his head into the bar, his fist tightened into the back of Luffy's collar. "Oh, sorry. Did I hit you?" He cocked his head to the side, "you really shouldn't stand in front of doors. Anyway," he let go of Luffy for one moment to rip out the page in his sketchbook and hand it to Ben. "I forgot to give this to you in my rush. Later!" Usopp waved, stopping to look behind him. He blinked when he noticed Luffy was missing, he sighed when he noticed his captain drooling over a window display. He waved one last time before dragging his captain off once more, shouts of meat being demanded could be heard through the streets with sounds on fists hitting heads and snapping responses of 'wait until we get to the ship. Idiot!'

Yasopp blinked, "was that-"

"Usopp? Yeah, that was, what were you saying about him being in Syrup?"

Yasopp turned to Shanks and dumped his beer on him, "WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING HERE?!"


"Why didn't you keep him here?! Luffy is going to get him killed!"

"He can take care of himself," Shanks said almost soothingly, though annoyance at the beer that still ran down his face was present.

"He's nineteen years old! He's still a child," Yasopp snapped, his hands balling into fists. He shook his head for a moment, "I'm going after him." Ben stood in front of him blocking his path, "get out of my way, Ben! I'll drag him back to Syrup by his hair if I have to."

Ben shook his head, "first of all. You suddenly coming in barking orders at him is not going to go well, even you have to realize that. You have been absent for fourteen years, he's more likely to kill you than listen to you at this point. Second, he is on Luffy's crew."

"Exactly, Luffy's Crew. His bounty jumped from 30,000,000 Beri to 400,000,000 Beri in less than a year! Very dangerous people are after him now! That isn't a place for my son to be."

"And Usopp has been with him almost the entire time," Shanks said, pointing behind him to where old WANTED posters were posted. "I am pretty sure that is the back of his head in Luffy's first WANTED poster there."

Yasopp stormed over to the posters and stared at them hard, "what's your point?"

"My point is, if he hasn't been killed or given up by now he won't be leaving that crew. And if I remember correctly, Luffy is extremely possessive of what he considers his. He won't willingly give up Usopp." Shanks pressed a hand to the back of his head, "and they are the same age, so I am guessing they are probably extremely close." He thought back to when he saw Usopp punch Luffy around just a few minutes prior, "if Luffy lets himself be ordered around and beat like that, their bond is pretty unbreakable, even Ben doesn't hit me that hard."

Lucky thoughtfully chewed on his meat, "I think they are all like that. The orange haired girl hit the green haired swordsman and that blonde guy because they were beating the crap out of each other in the middle of the street."

Shanks laughed, "My favorite was that skeleton getting his ass kicked 'cause he kept asking random girls to see their panties. I have no idea where the hell Luffy found those guys."

Lucky laughed, "I remember that! I didn't think it was possible for a skeleton to bruise."


"Dragon didn't bitch this much to Garp," Shanks whined to Ben, shaking the elder man's arm. "Ben, make him stop."

Ben handed the paper Usopp gave him with his contact information to Yasopp. "There is his contact information, have fun."

Shanks grabbed the paper from Yasopp, "I said stop him, not encourage him!" he whined, slapping Ben's shoulder.

Ben gave him a look that said 'you're pushing it', "I know you didn't just hit me."

Shanks glared at Ben before turning to Yasopp, "you are under no circumstances to call that ship, Yasopp. Cap-, how long has he been gone?" Ben and Lucky stared at him, "oh, who cares, we need to get the idiot before he gets himself killed."

Shanks stormed out of the bar towards the docks, Ben and Lucky at his heels. "Usopp certainly won't kill him, Shanks."

Shanks' face scrunched up, "probably not. But if he starts yelling at his son, and demands that he go back to Syrup, Luffy might lose his temper."

"Do you really think that will happen?"

"Luffy is a Haki user now," Shanks huffed turning into the woods that lead to the docks. "If he loses his temper he may lose control of his Haki."

"And here I was hoping we could actually relax on this island," Ben muttered to himself.

The sounds of guns going off sounded in the distance, causing the group to stop. There was the sound of screaming, then the call of 'Usopp!' followed by a call of, "Chopper, get out of here! We'll be right behind you!"

Ben, Shanks and Lucky stared at each other before rushing towards the docks. Something told Ben it was going to be a long, exhausting evening.

To Be Continued

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