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"Okay Em, you're driving me nuts! Can you please stop pacing and get it out already?" Hanna stared at me expectantly.

I couldn't stop thinking about her. My mind can only reel back to the way Paige had been extensively checked out by another girl. It was frustrating me to no end. Why? I had no idea. I just knew that those eyes that swept up and down the length of my girlfriend's body was driving me up the wall, and I wanted to do something about it. But what? What exactly was I planning to do? I sighed and finally stopped at the foot of Hanna's bed.

I finally looked up and found her legs still dangling in place as she sat on her study desk. I tried to make sense of the way I feel, and how I was going to put it in words for Hanna to understand. Maybe if I described these small observations to her, then she'll understand. Yeah, that sounds about right.

"That girl was staring at Paige. She was staring at her. She was – "

"I know, I know, I saw her staring too. Geez, that was nothing compared to the night at the lesbian bar. I wasn't even Paige's girlfriend, and hell, I was losing it." Hanna rolled her eyes after she said that.

"Nothing? She was practically all over Paige! With her eyes might I add!" I exclaimed and threw my hands in the air.

"Whoa Em, you need to chill. She was checking me out too, and I don't hear you sayin' anything." Hanna teased.

"Paige is my girlfriend, Hanna. How can I take this lightly? So of course I'm freaking out. I thought we were the only lesbians in Rosewood. Where the hell did this Shenanigan come from?" I started pacing around her room again.

"Uh…Em? She has a name. It's Shana." Hanna corrected me. I whipped my head around and stared her down until she looked away briefly and shrugged her shoulders at me.

"Really? Cause I think she should change her name to Shenanigan. It suits her style. Or shall I say, character." I spat back. It wasn't helping that I was growing more frustrated by the minute. What the hell was going on with me?

"Okay, you're being ridiculous. I mean, this is getting way out of hand. I'm calling Aria over. I can't handle this frustrated lesbian side of you all by myself." Hanna said as she started dialing away on her phone and then lifted it up to her ear.

"Aria? I need you. Emily's…lesbian gone wild right now." Hanna rolled her eyes as she spoke through the phone. "Yeah. Okay. Yup. I'll try to hold down this lesbian fort on my own for ten minutes but you need to get here ASAP. I mean it, shorty. Okay, okay." Hanna pulled the phone away from her ear and turned to look at me.

"Lesbian gone wild? Really? You're not helping much, Hanna." I folded my arms across my chest as I stopped pacing.

"What? It's true. Shana was just staring at Paige for a minute, and you act as if she had already jumped her bones or something." said Hanna.

"I just… God, why was Paige even talking to her? How did they know each other? That girl better not have Paige's number or else I'm going to – "

"Oh, you do not want to finish that sentence, Emily Fields. Let's just wait until Aria gets here, alright? Sit your frustrated ass down on that bed. Now." Hanna commanded. I stared at her in disbelief as though she's grown another head, but she just pointed at her bed, and I let out a sigh before reluctantly walking over and sitting down. It was pointless arguing with Hanna now.

My arms remained folded across my chest, and I tried not to think about the event that unfolded earlier today. Paige, Hanna, and I had gone to the costume shop together to follow up on the Queen of Heart costume when she accused my girlfriend of "forgetting her manners" and introducing herself. Wait a minute...

"I'm Shana, by the way. Paige forgot her manners." she said as she quickly glanced at Paige and then look back at me. I threw Paige a brief glance as well before I could find the voice to say my name.

"E-Emily." I finally uttered.

"Oh. So it's you in the flesh." Shana said sharply as she eyed me up and down. Excuse me? What's with the attitude?

"I'm Hanna." Hanna jumped in. I looked over to Paige and saw her watching me cautiously, as though she were walking on eggshells. Paige's eyes went back to Shana, and I start to feel an uneasy feeling sit inside my stomach.

"About that costume?" I heard Paige say.

"Yeah, I checked. We can't give out that information. It'd be my ass." I looked back to Shana to see her shrug and tilt her head to the left. Wow, language. And she said my girlfriend forgot her manners? Please.

"You didn't think to mention this over the phone?" Paige asked. Yeah Shana, didn't you think to mention it over the freaking phone?

"Must've slipped my mind." Shana shrugged again. "I didn't realize you'd be bringing your girlfriends." she added. I watched their exchanged interactions and found it strange for some reason. What exactly was going on between these two? I looked back at Shana and saw that she was still eyeing my girlfriend. I just wanted to spray Windex onto her face and wipe off that damn smirk and flirtatious eyes. What the hell did she think she was doing, flirting in front of my girlfriend as if I wasn't even there? I looked over to Paige again and found her not even daring to look me in the eye. Then I watched as her eyes fell to the ground as though she'd done something wrong, and I wonder what relation she had to this costume shop's employee. This was ridiculous.

Hanna nudged my right arm to snap me out of my thoughts and eyed me "to get a move on things" since it was noticeably getting a bit awkward between the four of us. I tried to think of something convincing to say and finally asked if they had a restroom. I threw Paige a cautious look before I left, and for the rest of the time, I couldn't stop thinking about what Hanna had told me about seeing Paige and Shana together at the lesbian bar.

"She told me that Shana was just a friend…" I finally said. The disappointment in my voice couldn't have gone unnoticed, because I felt entirely overwhelmed by that one feeling. Why had Paige lied to me? What was she trying to hide? Was Hanna right? Was she really not a one-woman kind of girl?

"Em, I think you should talk to her instead of letting this get to your head." Hanna suggested. I looked up to find her staring at me with sympathy. I knew that wasn't what she'd intended to show, but I saw it through her eyes.

"Don't. Stop giving me that look. I don't need your sympathy." I said as I looked away.

"Who said I was sympathizing with you? I was just feeling sorry for myself, having to sit through this with an empty stomach. I hope Aria's bringing some of that lasagna she mentioned over the phone." Hanna quipped back. I look over at her and smiled, and then I heard the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it. Need to grab an orange on the way back anyway." Hanna said and then jumped off the table.

I sighed as I was left alone. What should I do now?