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"Emily." she said and then stepped towards me, "Believe me. It's over." It was so hard to stand there with her so near. I felt defenseless whenever we were this close, because I was so used to letting my guards down when she was within reach. I tightened my hold across my chest in an attempt to feel more secure, and slowly, I began to look up from beneath my eyelashes. "She was a substitute at a time when I never thought I'd get the real thing." Paige went on.

I stared at her aghast. I suddenly didn't know what to say. But I couldn't tell the truths from the lies any more. Nor the lies from the truth. I felt restless not knowing. I couldn't look her in the eye much longer, and my gaze dropped once more.

"I love you." I heard the desperation in her voice. I willed my eyes to look up again and I found myself staring into her brown orbs. The anger within me started to dissipate, and I felt the anguish beginning to melt away. My tensed shoulders began to unwind and I looked down to the ground again, trying to decide what it was I wanted from her. From this.

And then she kissed me. But her lips were gone almost immediately.

It certainly took me by surprise, and I looked up to find her loving gaze. She loves me. I felt it looking into her eyes. All the heartache that I was feeling had suddenly disappeared. She loves me. The words played over and over inside my head, reassuring me that all the thoughts and beliefs I had today were fabricated out of fear. I smiled as I let the feelings wash over me. She loves me. Paige giddily grinned and leaned in to kiss me again. I placed both my hands lightly on the side of her hips and I began returning her kisses. I felt her right hand creep up to my left cheek, and the residual worries and uncertainties dissolved. I deepened the kiss and pulled her further into me as my hands travel to her lower back.

Paige pushed me backward slightly and I followed her lead. Within a few small steps, the back of my knees hit the edge of the window seat. Paige's hands gently shouldered me down as she followed by straddling my lap, never breaking away from our kiss. With both knees on either side of my hips and her two hands resting on my neck, her kisses became more urgent and my hands began to travel up and down the length of her sides. I heard her groan and pressed her body further into me, and my hands automatically went to the back of her shoulder blades to draw her closer to me.

"God, you taste so heavenly," I heard her breathe out heavily when she moved her kisses down to my jawline. I threw my head back a bit so she can have better access to my neck, and Paige started to trail kisses up and down my jaw. I took this chance to turn and nuzzle my face into her neck and I heard her whimper as I begin to press light kisses right beneath her ear.

"Is that so? What about Shana?" I whispered into her ear and then took her earlobe between my lips and pulling lightly. "Can she make you feel the way I do?" I thrust my hips upward after I said this, and Paige moaned into my ear.

"Emily…" Paige whimpered as she began to grind on me. I spread my legs out a little and Paige's center slid right onto mine. I started to feel the friction through my jeans and I let out an unsteady breath as Paige began to softly moan repeatedly into my ears. "Jesus Christ," I heard Paige curse as I began to lightly bite and run my tongue over the spot to soothe it. I smiled wickedly at the reaction I was getting from the girl in my lap and just as I was about to bring my hands around to her chest, I briefly heard the front door downstairs unlocking. My hands immediately went to Paige's hips to still her movements, and I heard Paige groan in response and tried to fight against me by moving her hips again, but my grip tightened.

"Paige, my mom's home." I whispered into her ear. Just as I said that, I heard the door opening and closing and soon after, footsteps coming into the house.

"Emily?" I heard my mom questioned my whereabouts.

"I'm upstairs mom!" I yelled over Paige's right shoulder.

"Okay, dinner will be ready in an hour!" mom called back. I felt Paige's head drop down to lay on my right shoulder and I chuckled lightly before bringing my hand up to smooth down her hair. I kissed her temple and ran the other hand up and down her back to soothe her.

"Sorry." I whispered. I felt her shaking her head back and forth on my shoulder, and I heard her breathing beginning to even out. Paige wrapped her arms around my middle and leaned further into me.

"I'm sorry too." I heard her say before she shifted her head. I felt a soft kiss on the side of my neck and I smiled instantly.

"You're forgiven." I uttered before I started to pull back. She kept her arms around me and I moved my hands to her neck. Looking into her eyes, I thought I saw a brief flash of relief. I leaned in and stole a kiss from her, and when I pulled back, Paige followed me and her lips captured mine in surprise. She kissed me slowly and I reveled in the feel of her lips on mine. Almost too soon, her lips went away and our foreheads touched. I opened my eyes to find hers staring right back at me, and I wondered how I could possibly think she'd ever cheat me of my love. I shook my head in disbelief and smiled at her. She had a questioning look in her eyes but she didn't bother to say anything. We sat together like that in silence, as I heard footsteps pace back and forth in the kitchen downstairs.

"Do you mind keeping my mom company for a bit while I go talk to Cici?" I asked her.

"No, but on one condition." she said with mirth in her eyes. I pulled back as my eyes begin to slightly narrow and I raised a midnight brow at her.

"What condition?" I tentatively asked.

"If you agree to let me take you out on a date tomorrow." she smiled playfully at me. I rolled my eyes at her, but secretly I was charged with excitement from within.

"Of course I'll go on a date with you, silly." I leaned forward to brush my nose against hers. Such a silly girl.

My silly girl.