"Yes, Patroclus?"

"Do you think we are similar?"


"You know, like do we look alike?"

"Oh..well I suppose-,"

"I mean we both have golden hair."


"And we both are fair, but the sun warms are skin."


"And, we both are built like gods."


"I mean you definitely are. And do you think I'm...?"

"You're what? Built like a god?"


"Cousin, you're twelve."

"So..I've been training with you. And only been taking dessert twice a week."

"You've been skipping dessert?"

"Do you think we are similar? Yes or no."

"Patroclus, again, you're twelve."

"Hmph...fine, did you at least look like me when you was twelve?"

"I have no clue. Ask my mother."

"I did."


"She said we resemble some."

"Well there is your answer."

"That's not...I just...forget it."


"I just wanted to know when you started talking to girls. And when did they find you...attractive."

"You're blushing!"

"Shut up."

"Who's the girl?"

"Nobody. Forget it."

"Did she request, a fair headed warrior with strength like a god?"

"Shut up."

"Did you just push me?"

"No, it was more of a bump-,"

"My baby cousin has his first crush. Stand here while I hunt some ink. And we'll forever record this day in history."

"Ugh...could you be serious for one moment?"

"Fine, but only if you tell me who you're crushing on."


"Why 'can't" you, Cousin?"

"It's just..."


"She's older than me."

"She's OLDER than you?"

"Yes, but only by a few years, I saw her leaving the bath's early today."

"You saw her?"

"Do you enjoy repeating everything I say."

"Sorry, what happened?"

"She was walking towards her home. Her and a friend. And it was like my heart couldn't stand still...what, why are you grinning?"

"Nothing. Go on."

"And I may of overheard them talking..."

"Cousin, spit it out. The suspense is killing me."

"And they couldn't stop talking about this golden warrior who looked like a god and -,"


"I cannot believe this."


"I'm so stupid."


"I was caught up in trying to be the warrior that she was talking about that I didn't realize it was...you."

"Me? Wait, you were spying on Aedon?"


"What? No. I met her once because I am friends with her older sister. Ever since then, she's sorta taking a liking to me. Nothing serious."

"This would happen."

"She's too young for me, Patroclus."

"She is?"

"Of course...way too young."

"Somebody should tell her that."

"Her sister did a while back."


"The good news is that you are all those things she's looking for..."

"I am? With my squeaky voice, long legs, and red face?"

"You're brave, smart, and a good person, Cousin. That's what counts."

"Tell that to all the girls my age around town."

"...And if you keep working on the inside. I promise you that in a few years, you'll grow out of those things, and into a fine warrior."

"Think so?"

"It's what happened to me."


"If I've anything to do with, you'll be better than a fine warrior. You'll be one of the best."

"Hmmm...I guess I can accept that."

"Now about this girl... Talk to her and see if you are really interested, or if you just think she has a pretty face."

"What should I say...?"

Achilles turned towards his younger cousin and sighed. He wasn't expecting him to be so interested in girls...so soon. He had a lot of teaching left for the lad, and they wouldn't all center around warrior training anymore.

The matters of the heart were a completely different, but just as complex. And he planned on teaching Patroclus as much as he had learned. How to respect and honor women along with being open and honest. And be there to listen when the lad has his first broken heart. Or even his second and third. And even more to celebrate, when Patroclus finally finds the perfect girl.

But for now all that could wait, and he'd start with the basics. "Well, you just walk up to her and say hello."

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