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** The Talon 2002 **

Chloe's mind had drifted off as Lex's words carried her back to a time and place she had almost forgotten had existed. As he recounted his tale of their first kiss, a small smile had found its way to her lips at the cherished memory that seemed like another lifetime.

Lost in thought she hadn't even noticed that Lex had since finished his story and was now staring at her rather intently, his icy blue eyes searching her green ones for some hint of what she was thinking.

As for Lex, he didn't know what it was about this blonde spitfire. How was it possible that someone so genuinely sincere and honest could share such a history with a man like him? Practically raised by the devil himself, he had learned long ago that vulnerability was something he couldn't afford to show and feelings were something he definitely couldn't afford to have.

But something in the way she looked at him; something about seeing himself through her eyes started to chip away at that wall he had successfully built around himself so long ago.

He tentatively reached out his hand to hers as he called her name.

"Chloe you still there?" he asked in a soft voice, almost afraid to break the spell she was under.

He let his cool fingers settle over hers and almost instinctively her gaze shifted over to him and their eyes met. This time instead of the ruthless billionaire she was so accustomed to seeing, she saw the eyes of that sad little boy who wanted nothing more than a normal life and someone to talk to. Chloe was at once disarmed and disoriented.

"I…" Chloe started, unsure of what she was supposed to say. "I don't…I mean…"

"Rendered speechless once again I see" Lex said with a smug grin.

Chloe couldn't believe that she had found herself without words…twice! And both times with Lex Luthor in the span of less than 20 minutes. She was losing her touch.

Forcing herself back to the present and quickly regaining her composure, she swiftly removed her hand from his, raising it instead to flag down the waitress for a refill.

"Well miracles have been known to happen….once maybe even twice a millennia" she snorted taking a swig of her coffee, praying it would knock some sense back into her fuzzy brain.

"Very true…" Lex said nodding his head in agreement as he rose from his chair, preparing to leave.

He's leaving, there IS a god!! Chloe thought to herself as she closed her eyes and started to let out a breath she didn't even know she had been holding.

She was just about to open her eyes once and bid him goodbye when she felt a warm breath caress the shell of her ear. Almost immediately the hair on the back of her neck stood straight up and she was literally frozen in place.

"But the third time is always a charm" he whispered as he reached his hand down and touched the delicate ring on her pinky finger.

And before she knew what was happening Lex had glided out the front door of the Talon leaving just as quickly as he had come.