A/N:: Mild Fender one-shot!

"Kill all humans! We must kill all humans!" Bender stood at the front of the large population of robots, exciting his troops for battle. The mass cheered, and begun thier bloody rampage through the streets of new new york. Bender cackled at his own leading force in this uprise, before something wimpering caught his attention. He glanced into the alley behind him to see roberto scaring some poor chump with some knife tricks. He laughed a little harder and walked up to his old friend.

"Hey! Roberto! you're here to kill the humans too?" Roberto turned his head and smiled crookedly at Bender.

"Yeah, heard some rumors last week at the institution... Next thing I know, I get a hold of a spork and all hell breaks loose." Roberto paused to laugh

"Anyways, I thought I'd kill and rob a few chumps on my way to your big rally... you want this one?" Bender took a moment to look over the whimpering red head.

"You know, I've always wanted a pet..." Bender thought a loud as he walked toward the human.

"Aw man, well toss over it's wallet." Roberto frowned at the other robot. Bender shrugged and stepped toward his new pet. it screamed, and through it's wallet toward them.

"Please, don't hurt me! I dont know anything about this! I'm from the year 2000!" he yelped out, trying to scoot further into the dead end.

"Hey man, this shit's worthless! Nothing but ancient paper and some dumb-ass photo!" Roberto took anouther menecing step forward, making a stabbing/twisting motion with his knife.

"I'm gonna cut every organ from you're body!" Roberto began shaking now.

"Easy, buddy. there's plenty of organ's to go around, but this meat-bag is mine." Bender smiled evily, as Roberto yelled in frustration and stabbed a mailbox. Bender reached inside his compartment, pulled out a leash and through it around his new human's neck.

"Hey Baby, want to kill all humans?"

A/N:: at first I wrote this as what Bender's dream was in the episode where Bender and Fry first become roomates, but now its done I think it would make a lovely AU... One where Bender, in stead of choosing to kill himself when he found out what the gurders were being used for, chose to insite a robo-riot... Oh well, intended to just be a quick one-shot, but who knows? I might be drawn back to it :)