They met by chance it was an accident, they were never meant to met it wasn't written anywhere in the worlds they came from, but here they are Harry Potter the wizarding world's hero and Loki Laufeyson the Norse god of Mischief, was in New York when he found the boy, he watched as the seventeen year old boy was casting some sort of spells at the Chitauri, the green eye boy amazed Loki as he watches him, he watched as Harry was stabbed though the chest. The boy's eyes widen as a long object fell from his hands as he fell to his knees and then laid on his back, he watched him from a while at the beauty on his face "Such a shame." He said as he got up and started to walk away, when he heard a gasping rattle, Loki turned around and looked at the boy as he sat up with a choke on the blood in his mouth, and both Harry and Loki looked at each other, green eyes meting green a flicker of something passed between the two, a bang made Loki look around to see the hulk throw a car into Chitauri ships, he smirked wondering briefly if he was on the wrong side, he turned back to see the teen but found he was gone, he looked around but couldn't see anything it was as if the boy just vanished.

While back on Asgard Loki couldn't stop thinking about the boy and how green his eyes were and how he lived thought a deadly wound to his chest, once the mouth piece was removed Thor watched him closely "What is on your mind brother?" he asked Loki felt his eyes twitch as he looked at him, he wasn't sure why he was going to tell him this but he need to tell someone

"I saw this boy, fighting against the Chirauri he was firing spell at them, you could feel his power so strong and so so pulling it made the air around us crackle, then he was stabbed though the heart and he feel, he was dead there was no beat of the heat there was no rise and fall of his chest nothing but no soon as I walk away he sit up and spits out his blood." Thor looks at him

"No mortal can survive a wound like that." The blonde said

"I know what I saw, he sat up and looked at me, he had such green eyes they were unnatural green they were perfect." He said closing his eyes trying to keep those lush greens imprinted in his head; Thor watched him and tilting his head

"Then be happy in the fact he is alive Loki." The dark hair God looked at him and nodded

"Your right…brother." This made Thor grin like a love sick man.

The next time Loki saw Harry was when he forced to live back on Earth under the watched full eyes of his brother and S.H.I.E.L.D, he never thought he would see the teen again that he would be either long gone he just won't see him at all, but he did see him again in a cafe, he was sat in a booth by the window and was drinking a cup of Hot chocolate, walking over to the booth Loki slipped in side to sit across from him, Harry looked up from his drink to see the man from a two years ago, he blinked at him before setting his cup down on a paper napkin they just sat there looking at each other "I glad to see you are still alive." Loki said, Harry tilted his head to the side giving him the most calculating look he's ever seen

"You have a funny black aura around you." he said

"Do I?" he asked looking at him

"You do. Have you been looking for me?" Harry asked him as he took a sip of his drink

"No, I wasn't planning to look for you but I still found you." The teen ran his hands though his hair showing his lightning bolt scar, Loki's eyes locked on with it and stared, Harry felt nervous and flatten his fringe back down

"You don't know me do you?" Harry asked

"No, you're a mortal who won't leave my thoughts." He smiled, the smile made Harry's head becomes slightly fuzzy "But you're not mortal are you?" Harry gave him a weak smiled and shook his head

"Long story."

"I have time." Harry looked around the cafe and saw there was a few people dotted around the place, Harry waved his hand and the Loki felt a prickle of magic along his skin.

Harry held his right hand and rubbed the palm of his right hands, as he looked up at Loki "My name is Harry Potter and where I'm from I am a hero…I hated it every one after me for who they made me be, there was some who cared for me for me but…any how the immortal part, I killed a man who was more monster than man, he had been trying to kill me since I was born, he tried when I was a baby, killing my parents and leaving me with horrid scar marking me for the world to see, he then tried to kill me when I was 17 and ummm he was successful…" he stopped and rubbed his arm trying to collect his thought "I don't know why I'm telling you this…" he looked up at him and smiled at the man hanging on his every word "I died and now I'm back but every time something happens I end up come back from the dead, and I don't age…" he Harry picked up a folk off the table and shoved it into his hand, Loki jumped and looked at him wide eye

"What are you doing?" he asked, Harry winced and bite his lip as he pulled the fork out of his hand

"Watched." He said a few minute later the hand healed before Loki's eyes, the Norse God took Harry's hand and wiped the blood away

" Amazing." He said looking up at the boy's eyes.