By morning Harry was well enough to travel, but not back to Earth yet and this set Loki on edge the whole time, he scared any Healer that entered the room to check on his wizard, he didn't want any food brought to them encase Odin poisoned it, he got his mother to oversee his lover's food, he was like a cat on a hot tin roof. Frigga came by for a visit and smiled when she see Harry sat on the bed talking to his bump "It is good to see you are well, I would be worried about my son sanity."She tells him

"I do to; I have seen him on the edge on more than once." He said looking at her, she smiled and sat beside the bed,

"May I?" she asked looking towards the baby bump, Harry nodded and moved his shirt up, she looking at the blue bump, he reached out and placed her hand on the bump and felt the flutter of the child's movement, she let out a little sigh of sadness

"What is wrong Lady Frigga?" Harry asked seeing the sadness in her eyes

"I am sad that I will not be able to see my Grandchildren grow up." Harry frowned and touched her hand that was still over his bump

"Don't say things like that I am sure you can come and see them and we can visit." She looked and then hugged the young man

"You have my blessing Harry your and Teddy, you have made my boys so happy." She smiled kissing his forehead.

The two continued to talk before Thor and busted into the room knocking poor Loki over as he was bring fruit in for Harry "Have you seen Teddy?" Thor asked, looking terrified, Frigga helped Loki up who gave Thor an evil look

"No I haven't Thor?" Harry looked worried as he started to move from the bed, his hand resting on his bump as he pushing himself up

"Where do you think you're going?" Loki asked

"To find my godson!" Harry said like it was clear he moved a couple of step and then winced "Ooooh not good…" he winced again as he felt Loki's hands on him, he looked up at the god with a pained look on his face

"Harry?" The dark hair teen rested his hand on Loki's shoulder

"Thor quick question was Teddy in any form of pain?" he asked as he winced again

"He was up most of the night with some pain; he said they were nothing to worry about." Thor said, Harry nodded and let out a cry as he felt his knees buckle

"Harry?" Loki called out as he helped him sit back down

"Teddy could have gone into labour from the stress about yesterday!" he winced, as he felt water between his legs

"Harry I think you have gone into labour." Firgga said, Loki paled and looked at Thor.

The blonde god was worried, after the stunt his father pulled he didn't want his bonded to be lefted alone "How do I find him?" he asked

"He will used…used his wolf to find a safe place... try your room again look in places where he can hid!" Harry cried out as he felt someone move his trousers, Thor wished them luck and he headed back to his room.

Thor ran back to his room, pushing passed people and knocked some over as he turned around the corner and ran into his chambers, he closed the door "TEDDY!" he called out as he and looked around to find where Teddy would hid, he tried under the bed he the bathroom, he had turned his room upside down looking for him, he stood in the middle of the room looking around his hand going though his hair he about to turn and leave when he then heard a noise, he turned he looked at the door that leads to his armour and weapons, he open the door to find in the corner of the room was Teddy on the floor with Thor's clothes and Harry's clothes "Teddy?" Thor called with a sigh of happiness, he walked into the room more, he knelt by the blue hair teen who was naked a part from the shirt, he was fisting the clothes under his hand as he "Come on let's get you out of here." He said going to reach for him; the blue hair wizard shook his head

"No st…stay!" he whimpered, Thor swallowed as he moved in between Teddy's legs and looked down

"Oooh…the head, I should get the healers." He said

"No, Harry!" Teddy called for; Thor looked at him and cupped his cheeks

"I can love Harry has gone to labour as well."

It was a long day and well into the evening, healers have be in and out of room all day long helping one wizard to the next, Teddy finely agreed to let someone else other than his family attend to him, it was in the last hours of sun light when baby screams could be heard, Loki looked down at his son in his arms, he smiled at the tufted of black hair that was stick to his head, he open his eyes and they shone as brilliant dark green a perfect mixture of his and Harry's, he looked back at Harry was sleeping soundly on the fresh clean bedding, he slipped onto the bed next to him and let their son rest on Harry's chest, the teen moved his arm an warped it around the boy, he god pulled Harry closer to him and held him "Ummm Loki?" he mumbled

"Shhh you should be sleeping after the day you had." He said softly

"Love you." He whispered resting his head on his chest, Loki smiled

"Love you to." They sat in silence, the god listen to the breathing of his lover sleeping and their baby boy sleeping against him, it was peaceful the way it should be, he thought.

Back in Teddy's room it was little more different, Teddy growled at the healer when he went to take the baby away to check it, Thor helped the blue hair wizard on the bed, it seem someone cleaned the room, the Teddy was a bundle of nerves when he got his child back and held it way from the healer and growled, his amber eyes flashing at the man, Thor thanked him and sent him on his way before he sat with Teddy "She is beautiful." The wizard said the blonde nodded and sat with him and smiled as he looked at the baby girl, she had blonde hair and when he did finely open her eyes she has amber one, Teddy made a choking sound and looked at Thor

"What is wrong?" he asked

"She has amber eyes." He said

"So, so do you?" Thor answered back not seeing why Teddy was worried

"But my eye colour changes, but this…this could mean she a wolf like my dad was." He said, Thor warped his arms around him and held him close

"We'll worry about that when it happens, you said there are test w can do so let's wait until we're back on Earth." He said kissing his forehead, Teddy nodded

"Thank you."

Frigga knocked on the door "Come in." Teddy called out, the blonde woman walked in to see Thor sound asleep next to Teddy, she smiled and walked over to them "How's Harry he asked?"

"Harry is well and so his son, he is going to a handsome boy." She tells him, Teddy nodded and let her look at their baby girl "Oooh she is so beautiful Teddy you've done a wonderful job." She tells him, the blue hair wizard smiled "Have you thought of a name yet?" she asked

"We were thinking of naming her after my mum Nymphadora."

"What a lovely name." She said

"Mum didn't like it, Harry said often she always went by her last name." He said

"Are you going to so the same?" she asked watching him closely, she could see the hazy waves of sadness in his eyes

"No…no" he said "I think Nymph will suit this one." He said with a smiled "Nymph Odinson" he smiled up at Frigga, the woman smiled and kissed them both

"Thank you, you and Harry are special my boys choice the right ones."

The next day Teddy met Harry in Loki's rooms, being poisoned, dying and giving birth has drained the teen somewhat, he walked in carrying his baby girl with Thor behind him, he smiled when he see his god father sat up on the bed making baby noises "Harry?" the young wizard called out, looking up the dark hair immortal smiled

"Teddy come in please let me see her." He said as Teddy walked over to him and sat on the bed, both Thor and Loki watched them "Ooooh she is beautiful." he smiled at him "What's her name?"

"Nymph Odinson." He smiled "We're still looking for the right middle name." Harry beamed at them

"That is a wonderful name for her." He said hugging him

"What about your handsome lad Harry?" Harry grinned and he looked at Teddy

"Well me and Loki had a bit of a talk about that one didn't we love?" Loki grinned back at him and Teddy thought they have been spending too much time with him as their smiles are the same

"We have this poor boy will have issues." He said

"No he won't."

"Harry is name what is his name?" Teddy asked again with a smile,

"Okay say hello to Gabriel Remus Laufeyson." Harry said, Teddy looked at him wide eyes before he warped his arm around Harry

"You gave him my father's name." He cried

"Of course cub of course I would, I loved Remus." He smiled kissing his forehead, after a moment of sweet nothingness Teddy said

"You and Loki have been watching too much Supernatural."