It was couple of days later and Teddy was walking on shaky legs, he has enough of the bed rest and wanted to walk a little bit, so Harry helped the teen out of bed and let Teddy warped one arm around Harry's shoulder and Harry his arm around Teddy's waist and they slowly walked out into the hallway, they slowly moved into the large lounge space at S.H.E.I.L.D "Are you okay?" Harry asked

"Fine, legs are a little stiff." He winced as he walked a little more "Ummmm no I need to sit." Teddy winced; Harry nodded and helped him sit down


Ummmmm yeah." He said pushing himself up a little more "Have they caught Ron and Ginny yet?" Teddy asked

"Yeah they did late last night, Ron put up a fight before they got him." He said as he got up and walked to the kitchen area "Hot chocolate?"

"Do you even have to ask? And good thing about Ron and Ginny that last thing I need is for them to pop back up." The teen said, Harry smiled and walked back over and handed him his cup of chocolate and kissed his forehead, they sat in silence dinking there hot chocolate.

Teddy kept looking over at Harry, the dark hair teen looked at his god son "Harr?"

"Ummm?" Harry answered; Teddy put his cup down and looked at his God father

"If I was to say I was gay what would you think?" he asked

"Teddy I'm dating a male god, you dating a man wouldn't upset me." He said, giving him an odd look, Teddy nodded and smiled before scratching the back of his head "Teddy what is wrong?" he asked

"Thor asked me to bond with him." He said blushing; Harry chocked on his marshmallow and looked at Teddy

"He's only known you for a few days?"

"I know and I told him that, but when he holds my hand it tickles and I feel a shot of magic though me and..."


"I want to bond with him, I told him to wait." Teddy said, Harry smiled and warped his arms around the blue hair boy and smiled

"Okay good idea." Harry smiled as the pair sat drinking their hot chocolate.

Harry waited in Loki's room the for the god to come from his talk with Thor, the teen was nervous and paced the floor. Loki walked in and stopped to look at Harry "Harry is very thing okay?" he asked, the teen looked at him with wide eyes

"Nothing wrong nothing, I just I want…I want us to bond." He said, Loki's face brighten and moved closer to Harry

"What brought this on?"

"I've been thinking after what happen to Teddy…" Loki stopped Harry from rambling by placing a long finger on his lips

"Shhhh its okay I understand, but are you sure?"

"Yes very sure, I love you." He said as he stood on his tip toes and kissed Loki's lips.

They pressed close to each other as they kissed. Loki moved his hands down Harry's sides and then to his buttons and started to pull them apart one by one, the teen shivered at Loki's touch and was feeling a little impatient, he muttered something and their clothes just dropped of them. The god looked back at Harry with a smirk and picked up the teen and pushed him down on the bed and climbs on top of him, moving his hands and lips down the teen's body making Harry writhe in the building pleasure "L…Loki!" Harry moaned.

Loki stopped just above Harry's hardening cock, he licked the member a few times as he listen to the whines coming from the teen, the Norse god had dipped his fingers in some kid of oil that Harry didn't see him do, but felt the slicked fingers push into him as the Loki took Harry's member into his mouth. "Oh god, Loki!" he gasps. Harry could feel his brain turning to a melted puddle ... there was a knock at the door and Harry's eyes snapped open and he groaned as Loki stilled in his actions "GO A WAY!" he called out.

The door open and in walked Thor "Brother have you seen Har…Oooooo!" Thor started to say, Loki sat up and looked at the stupid idiot in his room

"THOR!" Loki yelled, Harry moved and hide on the other side of the bed, trying to hid his blushing face,

"I'm sorry brother I didn't mean to… I will leave."

"Please do before I turn you into a bug and smash you with your own hammer!" Loki snarled

"I just wanted to ask Harry something?" he said, Loki sighed and pinched the bright of his nose and looked towards Harry and mouthed 'Sorry' Harry smiled at him

"What did you want to ask Thor?" Harry said, still hiding from site, pulled the covers over him so only his head poked out and was showing.

"I wish to take your Godson out for... for..." He couldn't find the word he wanted to use

"A date Thor… it's called a date." Loki said to him with a sigh

"Yes that's it…I wish to take your Godson out on a date with me?" The blonde God beamed,

"Okay fine just bring him back in one piece." Harry said

"Thank you Harry." Thor said and started too walked out the room, closing the door behind him.

Once the door was closed and Harry was sure they were out of ear shot the teen looked at Loki "You know if Thor and Teddy bond you be my God-brother in law…I think?" Loki looked at Harry and shook his head and pulled Harry into a kiss. Getting him back onto the bed and untangling him from the bed sheets, he then laid the teen back down on the bed and kissed him slowly, he moved in-between Harry's legs and slide his hands down his tights until he reach the base of his hips and then pulled his legs a part

"Are you ready for this?" He whispered, Harry nodded to him and tried to relax his body as he felt the god's cock start to enter him, Harry winced a little as it got deeper into his body, it made him gasp as he was stretched and spread wide, he looked up to Loki's face to see the God has his eyes closed and a calm on his face.

Once Loki was all the way in, he stilled to let Harry relax more. Harry twitch slightly as he the man inside of him wait, he could see Loki's self control slip a little as each moment passes. When Harry starts to move his hip up and then he gave a low gasp as Loki gave a moan, the god started to move his hips slowly as not to hurt his lover, the dark hair teen moaned and winced as it still hurt a little.

Soon the pain turned to pleasure and Harry was able to move his hip to met Loki thrust, both were moaning as their movements become messy and hasher as they got father. Harry was clawing Loki's back and arms as the God wrapped his hand around Harry's leaking member and started stroking him making him Harry cry out and arch him back as Loki hit Harry's sweet pot it sent him over edge. The dark hair teen came with a scream of Loki's name, the Norse God groaned and he felt the muscle of his lover, his bonded squeeze around him as the sight of Harry arching his back with cum all over his stomach and chest sent him over the edge as well.

They laid there holding onto each other, feeling their bodies relax against each other. Loki was still deep inside of Harry as he they moved around so they were laying side by side, face to face. Harry smiled and nuzzled his neck "That was wonderful." Harry grinned; Loki smiled as he ran his hands though Harry damp hair, the dark hair good smiled and kissed him on the lips

"It was Harry, you were wonderful."