Over the next two week both Harry and Teddy kept being sick, in the mornings and by the smell of something like coffee or bacon; this had the gods worried about their lovers. Loki and Thor have tied to get them to go to see Bruce or any doctor about their illness but wizards refused saying they are okay and it will pass. But one afternoon Harry woke up from afternoon nap, which he started doing after he started to feel really tried during the day. He knew Teddy and Thor have gone out for the day leaving Harry and Loki alone, he diced to get up and have a shower to wash.

He walked into the bath room after passing Loki in the hall away and gave him a brief kiss, Harry smiled at him as he closed the bathroom door and turned the shower on, to give it time to heat up. He started to pull his shirt off, while looking in the mirror he saw something blue on his stomach and he looked down, his eyes widen as he saw a small bugle of a stomach, he would have said he was putting wait on but when he got over that shock he realised that his stomach was a pale blue "LOKI!" he yelled.

The Norse god was sat in their room waiting for Harry to come back from his shower, he heard it turn on, he laid on the bed and looked up at the roof, he let himself smiled at how things have gone on Earth, he never would have thought that he would fall in love with being from this small world, and dreamful smile graced his lips "LOKI!" he heard the yell, he jumped up from the bed and rust to the bathroom and ran in, he looked at Harry, thinking something horrid had happen to him but was relief when he found him in once piece.

He stopped and looked at the wizard, and Harry looked away from the mirror and at him "What is happening?" Harry asked the god, looked at him and then down at Harry's stomach when the teen pointed to it, there was an intake of air and a sharp realise as he walked closer to him, he places his hands on the slight bump and closed his eyes, Harry gasped at the cool touch and looked at Loki, when the god open his green eyes at him and smiled

"Oh Harry." He grinned "You are so wonderful, I am so glad I found you." He said with tears in his eyes

"Loki I am happy to have found you to but what is it?" he asked, the Norse god smiled at him and kissed him

"You're pregnant." He beamed

"I'm what? R…Really?" he gasped, before his eyes rolled back into his head and he fainted.

Harry rolled onto side, he could feel himself wake up the sound of his own breathing was deep and steady as he coming out of his sleep. He opens his eyes, when he heard movement in the room beside the bed; he blinked a couple of times before he sat up rubbing his eyes "Hey Harry are you okay?" Loki whispered as he sat by him on the bed and cupped his cheeks

"D…Did you say pregnant?" Harry whispered to him, Loki nodded and smiled softly

"Is that okay…do…do you want the child?" Loki ask, Harry looked at him and nodded

"Of course it's just I am shocked." He said with a smile, they leaned in and kissed each other, Loki pull Harry onto his lap and kissed him, their kisses getting hot and heavy. Loki's hand sliding along Harry's chest and around his back, the dark hair teen let out a moan and arched his back when, the front door was knocked open LOKI HARRY!"

Loki groans and swore under his breath as he let Harry back on the bed, the teen chuckled as he pulled a shirt on over his head and walks out with him to see Thor carrying Teddy. "Teddy? Thor what happen?" Harry asked rushing over to his godson side

"I don't know, we were walking in the park and he passed out." He said as he laid him on the white L sofa, Harry frowned and pulled his wand out

"Harry what are you doing?" Loki asked as he watched his young lover wave his wand over the blue hair boy

"It's a spell I picked up, when I studied to be a healer back at Hogwarts." He said, waved his wands and muttered a spell over the boy and a white glow left his wand and moved around Teddy and then it popped out with a pink glow from Teddy's stomach "Oh oh wow." He said

"What is that?" Thor asked

"Well you know how Teddy I have been sick very morning for the last month?" Thor nodded, while Loki made an 'Oh' shape with his mouth as it dawned on him

"I do but what has that got to do with the pink glow?" Thor asked as he ran his hand thought the blue hair

"Thor thinks about, if I and he are both being sick every morning, and by the smell of coffee and some other food smells, we're tearful and get angry quickly and the feeling tiered what does that tell you?"

"That you both got the same pink glow?" Harry thought or a moment and the muttered the spell again on him but this time the pink glow was blue

"No not the same pink glow but it means the same thing." He still got a blank look of Thor, he sided and pink the bridged of his nose

"Thor Teddy is pregnant with a girl." Harry said, Thor eyes widen and then all Harry heard a thud.

The sound of Thor's heavy thud, the blue hair teen woke up and blinked up at the Harry and Loki, Harry looked down when he smiled at him

"My head hurts." He said to him as he sat up rubbing the back of his head "Awo." Hr said as he looked around the room "Where is Thor?" he asked, Harry sat next to him and kissed his forehead

"Teddy, you know how we both were sick." Teddy nodded "Well you're pregnant and so am I." Harry said, the blue hair boy blinked at him and smiled

"Thor fainted didn't he?" Teddy asked

"Yep." Loki said as the toed his brother in the chest.