Harry was sat at the Avengers' Tower or really knows as Stark Tower or as Teddy calls it that really ugly building, they were going to there to one explain how Harry and Teddy are pregnant and two that they all have to go to a wedding on Asgard before the end of the month. Loki was not happy when Thor came back from Asgard to tell them that they have to have a wedding there, Harry chuckled as Loki bitched under his breath at his brother "Look we go there we show our faces we say our I do's and then we eat and come home, it's just one day out of our lives." Harry whispered to him on the elevator right up to Avengers' floor, the Norse god warped his arms around Harry and mumbled something in his neck making him giggle

"Just one day." He said

"Just one day, any how I am sure they will be all sick and tired having Teddy's and my family around?" he asked, Teddy looked back at Harry with a grin, Thor looked back as well

"Yes when do we met these family of your?" he asked, just as the elevator doors pulled apart a firework bludger whizzed passed them and it hit the back of the elevator's walls

"Now." Both Harry and Teddy said as they walked off the elevator.

The four of them looked at scene in the living space, there was 4 red heads in the place two of them were twins and they are driving Tony around the bend "HEY…HEY GET OUT OF THERE!" They heard Tony yell, Bruce stood there shaking his head, he turned his head as he see Thor and Loki with Harry and Teddy he smiled at them

"They found away into Tony's lab." He smiled

"Oh." Harry said

"They say they are your family?" Harry looked at him and felt himself smile at that comment, Harry looked back to see Bill was talking to Steve and Charlie was chatting up both Natasha and Clint, Teddy stood beside Harry with a grin on his face

"They don't like they age much?" Harry said looking shocked

"No when they took the Black name they got the vampire inheritance." Teddy said with a smile as he held Thor's hands

"Ooooh that must have been interesting." He said, Loki looked at him and tilted his head

"What do you mean?" he asked "And what is a vampire?" Harry smiled at his lover

"Vampires are beings that drink the blood of the living and they can live forever as long as no one cuts their heads off or a stake through the heart, and as for the others thing a inheritance wise, it can be a painful process, when teddy came into his he was in pain for the whole night." He said

"And yours love was yours painful?"

"Well it should be I was my god's father heir." He smiled

"Does that mean you are a vampire as well?"

"No it never made me a vampire, if I took his name Black I would have been, so instead I was kind of half." He grinned "I will tell you more later, I even let you see my fangs." He smiled as he stood on his tip toes and gave Loki and Eskimo kiss.

"HARRY!" came the yell from Fred as he and George was being carried out by Tony, they got out of the man's grip and ran over to the teen dragging poor Teddy into the hug, the other moved away from those they were talking to or in the twins case tormenting poor Tony

"Urrrh guys." Harry said "To tight." Gasp, they pulled back and smiled at the teen until both of the twins shouted

"Oh George do you see what I see?" Fred asked

"I do brother I do; our little brothers both have a bun in the oven." George replied, Harry smiled blushed as did Teddy, Natasha walked over to them and eyed them up

"A bun in the over is that the same term used in our world?" she asked with a frown

"If you're mean are they pregnant... yes." Charlie said, all eyes looked at him and then to the two younger males

"Oh come on they can't be!" Steve said "T…That is wrong it goes against everything we're made for!"

"Says the man who was froze." Tony said

"What does that mean?" Steve asked

"What it means is none of us here are what we are meant to be, the doc here turns into a big green dude that somehow keeps his pants on, there's is nothing about me is normal …he smirks… and then there are those two, two gods that survived a beating from the big guy!" Tony said, Steve open his mouth and stood like a fish

"Steve is it? In our world it is normal for males to become pregnant; there are a lot more male couples where we are from." Bill said to him, there was a soft sobbing sound and all eyes found Teddy crying into Thor's chest.

Steve look horrified at the look of death on Thor's face, he was waiting for the god to try to kill him for upsetting his lover "Ooh god Teddy I…I am sorry I didn't mean to upset you!" he said, the teen turned his head and looked at the blonde man kneeling in front of him, his ambers eyes were red and puffy, tears running down his cheeks and then there was a growl

"Ooooh no!" Harry said and Teddy launched himself at Steve and pinned him to the floor teeth bared at him, Harry went to pull Teddy off the man when Loki stopped him

"Oooh no you don't what if he knocked you, let Thor deal with him!" he said, Harry blinked at him before looking back at Teddy as Thor pulls him off as he growled and snarled and whispered to him to being his mind back

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!" Clint yelled looking shocked, Tony helped Steven up and gave him the once over to make sure he was alright

"Ummm Teddy is half werewolf, he won't change into a wolf but his mind will go that way to protect him, he's doing it a lot lately." Harry explained "Thor's luckily he can't be turned."

"Luck has nothing to do with it." Loki said quietly Harry smiled at him

"Look let's sit down and explain this better this isn't good for either Harry or Teddy." Charlie said out loud, all nodded and walked over to the sofas and sat down.