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Warrior witch

Or alternative title 'Hermione's anger'

She had fought hard and without mercy in the battle, her anger at her best friends death did not abate when he reappeared alive and ready to take on Voldemort. It had still not abated when the battle ended. And then he was missing, walked away without a word and she was still angry. She eventually found him sitting on the steps leading up to the head mistress office after a two hour search. He looked wretched still covered in the dirt and grime of the last battle, tear tracks through the dirt on his face were quite visible to her as she approached him. "Harry, I need you to come with me. I need you to back me up… there is something I have to do and I need your help."

Harry looked up into the determined face of his best friend Hermione Granger; she needed no reason to offer him to get him to help her. He would walk into hell itself if she asked him to and she knew it. "Where are we going?"

"Great hall… I have someone to sort out… Harry… just don't let me kill anyone, there has been enough death, I've killed my share for today." She said as she pulled him to his feet and then drew her wand. Turning she stepped determinedly as they walked toward the great hall together. Harry could hear her curse under her breath several times as they made their way side by side.

"Is Australia still on in the near future?" he asked trying to find something to calm her a little. From the temper she was in he knew she was at her most dangerous since she killed Dolohov whilst still fighting Bellatrix. Someone in the great hall could well end up quite dead very soon.

"After I have sorted this out we can go sort things out with the Goblins, get some decent clothes and then you and me will go see the folks." She said almost in a hiss. Letting him know that she was not going to be distracted from what ever she was so determined to do. Someone had really pissed her off and they were about to suffer of that he was quite sure.

Watching her take a firm grip on her wand as they reached the entrance hall made him instinctively pull out his own wand and step up to be right at her side. They were just through the doorway inside the Great Hall when she gave him a vague idea of why they were there and who might die.

"WEASLEY WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU DONE TO ME?" Complete and utter silence instantly fell on the hall. Every one in the hall knew the woman or knew all about her. The famous Hermione Granger, most famous witch alive, most intelligent witch in more than a millennium never ever swore, for her to actually yell out a swear word in the Great Hall where everyone could hear meant that someone named Weasley was about to die... they all knew it.

Without bidding, people backed away from the Weasley family leaving a very clear path from where the angry witch stood with the man who had just killed Voldemort, all the way to the Weasley family who were all looking at Hermione with real fear and some with incomprehension on their faces.

Hermione and Harry walked the length of the Great Hall side by side, her anger not dissipating at all, when they reached the Weasley family a silently cast spell shot from her wand. Ron Weasley found himself in a full body bind, a terrified look in his eyes. Harry levelled his wand at the rest of the Weasley family, he did not yet know what was going on, but Hermione never did anything without reason. "Any of you move and you'll wish you had not, I want to know what ever is going on. So no interruptions," Harry said knowing the Weasleys would all start once the shock began to wear off.

Hermione pointed her wand at a most tender part of his anatomy "Ron, think very carefully before you answer me, lie and I will remove your dangly bits. Now WHY DID I KISS YOU?"

"What… what… what the hell do you mean?" Ron stammered.

Harry watching the rest of the Weasleys saw an odd expression quickly flash across Molly Weasleys face. It took him just two seconds to place the look, one of guilt mixed with anger. Reaching over he tapped Hermione on her shoulder and then whispered in her ear "Molly!"

With an almost invisible nod Hermione looked at Ron again. "Ronald Bilius Weasley I would not voluntarily kiss you even if I was paid to do it. I have practically hated you since the very first time we met on the train. You have treated me worse than Malfoy did since the first time you set eyes on me, you think I could forget that. You think I would forget it was because of you I was almost killed by that bloody Troll, or that Harry wouldn't speak to me for weeks in third year because of you, that you ruined my very first date. That you always deserted us and ran off when the going got hard. You think that while we were on the hunt and you did nothing but complain and then ran away like the coward you are, leaving Harry and me to do all the work, I would forget that? I only put up with you because for some unknown reason Harry thinks of you as a friend. Oh and when Harry told you that I was upset when you deserted us, I was upset, upset because once again you let us down, deserted us again and that hurt Harry."

Hermione looked at Harry for a few seconds then turned her attention back to Ron. "Now Weasley I'm going to ask you a simple question and I want you to remember I always without fail know when you are lying to me. I know we did not go to the chamber of secrets, what I don't know is where we were during the time we were supposed to be in the chamber. Now Ronald Bilius Weasley your life and the lives of your family depend on you telling me the truth. Lie and I will declare a blood feud and kill the lot where they stand. Did you do anything to me during that time?

Ron's face was almost the colour of fresh snow as he looked at the woman he knew could carry out her threat before his family could even blink; he breathed a sigh of relief and answered honestly. "No I didn't, I was going to after I stunned you, but I couldn't do that to you." He did not mention he had been prevented by the appearance of several of the school ghosts.

It was all she needed to know and a small fear she had had left her mind, in relief she then turned to Harry, "Harry I have been your best friend all these years, and somewhere along the line I fell in love with you, and I will not let that little slut take you from me because this lot are all crazy."

As every one turned to look at Ginny Weasley, Hermione caught them all by surprise and she had cast a disarming and binding spell at Molly before anyone could even blink. By the time those around them realised that Molly was bound Hermione was once again pointing her wand at Ron's most delicate area. "Tell us what you did Molly, and speak up, because I can assure you I have the right of law to remove what my wand is pointing at, and I will not hesitate for a single second to do it. And like I told this moron, lie and he will never have children."

As Hermione was speaking Poppy Pomfrey stepped up behind Harry. "I need a word with you after this is sorted Mr Potter." She whispered to him.

Molly looked at Harry and then began to screech "Hermione Granger how dare you… she stopped before she could say anymore as a cutting curse shot from Hermione's wand and made a small very shallow cut about three inches long just above Ron's wedding tackle. Every male in the room flinched as they saw the blood begin to stain his trouser front.

"Oops missed, it must be this wand, you know Harry with this wand it could make a real mess trying to do a simple spell like castrating this piece of shit. Now Weasley I want the truth or I will not miss again, well not on purpose." Hermione said in a truly scary cold voice that promised much pain to Ron Weasley.

Molly Weasley's mouth was opening and closing silently as she looked at all the people who were staring at her waiting to see what she would do, to hear what she would say. Not a single person made any move to stop the witch who had killed several death eaters while still duelling Bellatrix Lestrange. Molly's own family who knew Hermione were looking at their matriarch with realisation dawning on their faces. They all knew her story of using love potions on Arthur and they just watched open mouthed.

"I was just trying to help you along a little, it would be so nice to have you and Harry in the family. I didn't mean any harm." Molly said as if what she had done was ok, and Hermione should be happy about it.

Ginny looked at Harry then at Hermione, and then her eyes locked on Molly "Mother tell me you didn't use a love potion on Harry, please tell me you didn't."

"Ginny dear, you and Harry look so like James and Lily, it was meant to be, just as your dad was meant for me." Molly said surprised that her daughter seemed unhappy about what she had done.

She was even more surprised when she suddenly found her self hurtling through the air, two of her ribs broken before she even hit anything, they were broken by the sheer force of the banishing charm that hit her. She landed almost thirty feet away and a few more bones broke.

Ginny looked Hermione straight in the eye, "I promise I knew nothing about this, I have always been your friend, and I would do nothing to hurt either you or Harry."

Hermione nodded to Ginny accepting her word then turned to Mr. Weasley "Arthur, I give you fair warning now. The next time I see your wife I will kill her as is my right according to the disgusting laws of your lousy world. Best thing you can do is to get her out of this castle as quickly as you can. Harry you need to see Madam Pomfrey, I'm not sure if Molly gave you anymore of her vile potion last night. Maybe you are like me and your adrenalin has negated her filthy potions." Hermione said looking at the head of Weasley family while speaking.

Arthur was speechless and after a struggle to speak he just nodded, then with a wave of his hands sent two of his son's to pick up their mother. Finally he managed to look at the young woman who still had her wand pointing at his youngest son. "I… I… don't know what to say Hermione… " he then looked down feeling shame for what his wife had done.

"Harry, I need to check you out, if you and Miss Granger would accompany me," Poppy Pomfrey said breaking the icy quiet that followed Arthur's words.

Before following Poppy Hermione hissed at Ron loud enough for all to hear, "I know you were in on it, you had to be for Harry to still fancy Ginny while we were on the hunt. If I ever find the slightest of proof, you will get to see Voldemort in hell very soon after." She then turned around and taking hold of Harry's hand they followed Poppy out of the hall.

The silence in the Great Hall remained for quite some time as what they had all witnessed was digested, the implications accepted and then it all slowly began to turn to anger toward Ron and Molly Weasley. Ron was feeling real fear for his life, he could not move a muscle, he knew he was bleeding where Hermione had hit him with a spell, but what had him fearing for his life was the hate that he could feel growing around him after Katie Bell had stepped up and slapped him while shouting "You deserted them again? You disgust me Weasley, every year here at Hogwarts you have deserted them, and then you stand there and expect to share in the congratulations like some great hero…"

Harry holding Hermione's hand followed Poppy up to her office, memories of all the things Ron had done to Hermione, the times he had frightened her with his foul temper, yelled at her and hurt her feelings, and made her cry, were running through his mind and he could finally see just how she could actually come to hate his red haired now very ex best friend. "Hermione how did you find out?" he asked as Poppy waved her wand over him.

"Harry, Miss Gra… Hermione's body produced an excess of adrenalin while she was fighting that wicked Lestrange bitch. You see Harry, Hermione needed all her magic available but almost a quarter of it was being used to fight off the love potion, her adrenalin rush was enough to negate the potions affects. That then allowed her to use all her magic and rid the world of that psycho." Poppy said sounding annoyed with something.

"So why am I here," he asked.

"Harry, a week before we left the Burrow before sixth year, you were telling me that you thought of Ginny as a fan girl, when we got to school you suddenly turned jealous of Dean. Does that seem right to you?" Hermione answered quietly. "Does my treatment of you that year seem right?"

Before anything else was said Poppy gave him a goblet "Drink this Harry." She said with her normal authority.

Harry drank the awful potion he was given without question, and then looked at his healer as if she was nuts when she chuckled and said "Your urine might become a bright shade of pink for the next few days. It is nothing to worry about and will quickly clear up."

Poppy then pointed her wand at Hermione and after casting a very small beam of white light at her stomach she waited for a minute. A white circle that appeared on Hermione's abdomen like the beam of a small torch that started just two inches in diameter quickly grew to cover the whole of the bottom half of her torso. After another minute the light began to fade and Poppy gave a sigh of relief. "Well Hermione no change in colour means you are still virginal, knowing that should put your worries at rest. Though you should have told me what was worrying you instead of revealing it in the great hall."

Poppy left the two young adults talking in her office and went back to treating her injured patients that had not been serious enough to be taken to St Mungo's. The two best friends stayed and talked for nearly three hours, discussing what to do next and finalising their plans to travel to Australia and hopefully restore the memories of Hermione's parents.