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Warrior witch

Or alternative title 'Hermione's anger'

Daphne was quite surprised when she received a letter from her sister that was delivered in person by her sister. In the letter Astoria told of Draco's father working on a plot to kidnap Charlotte. The reason Astoria gave Daphne a letter was quite simple. Draco had her under an oath to never talk or send owls to anyone about what he or his father did. Nothing in the oath stopped her from delivering written information in person. Daphne having read it immediately took Astoria and the letter to Hermione who after reading it decided that quite a few people would benefit if one of the last few death eaters went to join his former master. Lucius attempt to kidnap the daughter of Hermione Potter was doomed to fail before he even began thinking about it, Daphne thought when seeing the look in Hermione's eye.

Lucius Malfoy had tried every one he knew in the criminal underworld of magical Britain but could get no one interested in helping him once the name Potter was mentioned, so it was just him, his son Draco and his long suffering wife who arrived in the muggle town. They spent days asking around for information about Harry Potter, Hermione Granger or Daphne Greengrass "Never heard of em mate," was the continuous reply.

Six days after arriving in the muggle town, Lucius was walking down the main street with his family, each of them complaining about having to be so close to muggle filth when he spotted a young woman he knew quite well. Across the road doing a little window shopping while pushing along a child's buggy was Daphne Greengrass. Draco cheered Lucius up when he commented that according to Astoria, Daphne had not yet had a baby, and being best friends with the Granger whore it had to be the Potter brat she had with her.

The three much happier Malfoys who stood out like beacons in the muggle town carefully, or so they thought, followed Daphne along the main road waiting for an opportunity to snatch the Potter brat and make a get away. A Huge smile graced Lucius face when Daphne turned into an alley only fifty feet in front of them. Rushing around the corner so they did not lose sight of her and almost running into the alley Lucius Malfoy came to a very sudden painful stop. Looking down at what had been his pristine white shirt he could see a small patch of blood beginning to spread where the pain was emanating from. Looking along the thin piece of wood that he had run into with enough force to actually pierce his skin and was the source of his sudden pain, he first saw a dainty hand that was attached to a very feminine arm at the end of which was a very angry Hermione Potter.

The voice that came from behind the Malfoys actually had the effect of making Draco wet himself it was so cold. "Once again dear you were quite right. Death eaters have no brains what so ever." Harry said very calmly.

Daphne chuckled standing behind Hermione. "Harry don't you mean Malfoys have no brains between them."

A voice that the Malfoys recognised but could not see the owner of said "You know sis, there is one Malfoy who doesn't fit that description."

Daphne looked over Hermione's shoulder to where Harry stood with a female companion "Ah but Tory love, you never were a Malfoy. Father selling you to this filth does not change who you really are."

Astoria Malfoy, Daphne's sister developed a huge smile "Yes you're right Daph, and I suspect that in just a few more minutes I am no longer going to be a Malfoy. I am so glad they walked right into this little trap you set up."

Lucius shaking with fear tried to bluster his way out of what he knew to be a deathly situation. "Remove your wand you filthy bitch."

Hermione who had not said a word growled angrily and the glare in her eyes increased as she fought the urge to spread Lucius all over the alley with a Reducto spell. It was Harry's voice that saved the alley from becoming a bloody mess and denied the local wild creatures a fresh meal.

Harry gave a little chuckle "Oh now that was not wise Lucy, not wise at all, we were going to give you a chance by simply obliviating you and leaving you to the muggles. Now you have really pissed off my lady wife, I think we will have to use a portkey to get rid of you a little more permanently as she first suggested." He stepped up to the three Malfoys and as he watched Hermione gave a small wave of her hand and the Malfoys slammed into each other and found themselves stuck together back to back.

Lucius didn't think being sent somewhere by portkey was exactly a scary thought, he would soon apparate back with his wand out and a spell on his lips and catch the idiot Potter brat and his whore unawares.

Harry opened Draco's hand and placed a small empty matchbox in it which stuck quite firmly. "Now you should have had more sense than to try to kidnap the baby of the most intelligent person you could ever meet Lucy, but it is time we got back home for lunch so we will say good bye. This portkey will activate in… twenty seconds, do enjoy your swim, oh and watch out for the sharks."

Not having heard Harry's last comment to them Lucius thought 'Such fools, you will soon feel my wrath' as he felt the pull from the navel that let him know the portkey had activated, he was looking forward to the surprise the Potters would get quite soon.

True to Harry's word the portkey activated and the Malfoy family vanished from sight. "So Harry, would I be allowed to ask where I might find my loving husband… were I to look for him?" Astoria asked stifling a laugh, caused by the joy she felt at being free of the vile family her father had sold her into.

"Well yes dear girl, I do believe, according to my dear wife that is, your husband and in laws will be about three hundred miles to the north east of the Queensland coast line. Oh I never asked, wonder if they can swim?" Harry answered casually.

"So shall we get back, Charlotte doesn't like to be without us for to long, and mum will have our lunches ready. Oh and Harry remind me that's another kiss on the cheek I owe the secret keeper, maybe I'll give him an extra one for helping rid the world of the Malfoy death eater trash." Hermione said as the buggy that Daphne had conjured faded away.

A day later Astoria was taken to the local Gringotts by Daphne and Philip where they organised the sale of everything that the Malfoy family owned and had all the proceeds plus the rest of the Malfoy money transferred to a newly opened vault in the local branch. It took three weeks for everything to be sorted and the cash to be transferred, and as soon as it was Astoria had with Hermione's help, her marriage to Draco annulled, and removed from the records with the help of their friends in Britain. They found out years later that no one had ever questioned why the Malfoy family had gone, those that knew them were simply happy not having to put up with the foul snobs. Astoria bought a small cottage a few streets away and quickly settled into life in Wandless.

The day after the Malfoys were dealt with, Hermione still angry sent a letter to Neville and asked him for a favour. The following Thursday Neville walked into the monthly meeting of the Wizengamot and read out a letter to the assembled wizards and witches.

"Honoured members of the Wizengamot," Neville began, "I have here a short note addressed to this assembly which I have been asked to read out to you all. It reads as Follows…

I Hermione Jane Potter, having been harassed and had my daughters life threatened and attempt made at kidnapping her by a member of the seventh delegation to my husband sent by you, do hereby challenge each and every one of you who consistently resist change and repeatedly attempt to enlist the help of my husband to assist you, to personal duals. Please hand your acceptance and preferred date on which you would like to die to the reader of this note. To negate my challenge to you, you can simply hand in your resignation from the Wizengamot. Signed by Hermione Jane Potter." Neville finished reading and sat down.

Neville Franklin Longbottom was quite surprised at the reaction to Hermione's challenge, he knew that things were rarely normal when it concerned the Potters; he had after all seen some amazing things where the Potters were involved. He did not however expect to watch as twenty three of the members who had opposed all and any change in the Wizarding world of Britain the young had tried to get past, and had been the very people sending the delegations to the Potters rapidly wrote out and handed their immediate resignations to the chief warlock. Quite a number of them were moaning about their freedom of speech etc, but they wanted no part of actually fighting either of the Potters. The memory of Hermione's skill during the last battle of the war at Hogwarts was still fresh in their minds. Many had had friends or family who died that day fighting in support of Voldemort and they had no intention of joining them.

The headlines in the Wizarding worlds news paper 'The Prophet' the following day was, The Warrior Witch declares War on Wizengamot. The articles then went on to list the challenge read by Lord Longbottom, an expression of anger and disgust that someone had tried to kidnap the Potter child, information on the members who had resigned, followed by a long list of deeds supposedly done by the Warrior Witch in her fight against evil and injustice. Most of the listed deeds came from the fictional stories printed in children's books, but that did not stop people from believing them real. Neville sent Hermione a copy of the prophet and his congratulations on creating mayhem in the Wizengamot chamber.

Life in Wandless for both the Grangers and the Potters settled down into a pleasant routine, where there was no real danger, no crazy dark lords, no stupid pureblood bigotry to fight against. And as they lived quietly, around the world the reputation of the vanquisher and the warrior witch who supposedly together travelled the world seeking out injustice and fighting evil grew steadily.

Young girls of the Wizarding world had dreams of one day being the like the warrior witch, dreams which had those same young girls working hard to be the best they could be in the hope of one day being as good as their role model and idol, Hermione Potter. As those young girls grew older smarter and a little wiser than their ancestors their world was slowly changed.

Little Charlotte was three years old when Harry went through the same panic he had gone through when she was born, though for their second daughter Hermione was only in labour for two hours, so his hand was not nearly as damaged as it had been the first time around, and he had no ringing in his ears from his wife screaming at him. Kathleen Helen potter was born just before five pm on Sunday evening disturbing the quiet of the Potter house with her loud crying, she was introduced to her elder sister at ten minutes past five and fell silent as she was held by her big sister, beginning what would become as close a relationship as could be had by two sisters.

Charlotte and Kathleen along with Teddy Lupin, who came to live with them when his grandmother could no longer take care of him, quickly became replacements for their grandfather James and his best friends as the marauders of Wandless. Though the girls both showed a remarkable likeness to their mother in their looks apart from their eyes, they both had their fathers' eyes; they had their grandfather James Potter's mischievous sense of humour. The two mischievous girls became the big sisters to two boys, Andrew and Godric. They also became the best friends of Daphne's two daughters Celine and Celeste.

Andrew and Godric Potter were close friends with Astoria's three sons' and her husband who happened to be the town mayor that had married the Potters. Even though he was eleven years her senior Astoria and Gregory Simkins had a wonderful relationship that all started at a Sunday lunch in the Potter kitchen and blossomed almost immediately.

Neville, Luna, Alice, and Frank Longbottom became regular visitors to Wandless for many years. Neville and Luna's son and daughter Charles and Lucinda looked forward eagerly to every visit to see their uncle Harry and aunt Hermione, knowing they would have a great time. Neville was never able to find a solution to the core connection problem even after years of research but no one else seemed too bothered by it and his work was never continued after his death.

HJP book store gained an international reputation for the place to find the rarest of books whether magical or muggle. Over the years a few evil wizards made the mistake of taking on the two Potters, and each time one of the evil wizards was defeated the reputation of the Wizard who vanquished evil and the Warrior witch was magnified a little more. By the time Hermione was sixty years old she was a legend around the world, regarded almost as a goddess, a deity that had come to live on the earth and to rid it of evil wizards.

People from around the world who saw the sixty year old Potters firmly believed in the legend because Harry and Hermione at sixty years old looked no more than thirty year olds. If those same people had seen the rest of the Potter family they would be surprised that none of them looked older than twenty five until they were close to a hundred years old when they slowly began to age gracefully.

Hermione was two hundred and one years old when she and Harry went on to the next great adventure together. They died in each others arms, together in death as they had been in life. Behind them they left a large Potter family that was filled with powerful and just witches and wizards who would carry on the fight against evil in any form they found it where ever they found it thus strengthening the legend and belief that the vanquisher and the warrior witch were immortals.

As the two Potter coffins were laid to rest an old aborigine man said goodbye and then walked away toward the muggle town fading from sight as he walked.

Ten years later in the middle of Wandless a large stone was erected in memory of two people who were looked up to the world over as fighters of evil and injustice, who had together gradually through their reputation changed the world. In Wandless itself they were known as Harry and Hermione who had brought a little prosperity and a lot of happiness to the town and were the best mayor and mayoress the town had ever had.