I started this chapter like five different times! It was way too difficult choosing how I wanted to write this. Anyways, sorry for taking months to update; I actually moved soon after I uploaded the first chapter and just haven't had the will to write much of anything. Enjoy!

Chapter Two

Why? Why had he even bothered to help that stupid mutt? Oh yes, he had caved under the gaze of a tiny third year with pleading green eyes.

Years had passed since the Girl Who Lived had first entered Hogwarts. She was reckless, like her father, she caused trouble, wreaked havoc, and was all around too nosy for her own good. The girl had had more near death experiences in her past four years attending than most of her peers could expect to experience in a lifetime. She absolutely infuriated Severus beyond belief with her lack of self preservation and foolhardiness.

And then… then there were the moments where her eyes held a familiar spark, where she'd do something completely unexpected and remind Severus that she was just as much her father as she was her mother. And that had definitely been a hard pill to swallow. Coupled with her stubbornness and fiery temper, Violet Potter was a force to be reckoned with. She was so like Lily, and yet at the same time, so completely not.

So, he did the only thing he could do. He buried those feelings away, he ignored the voice that sounded suspiciously like his late friend in the back of his head that reprimanded him whenever he was short with Potter. But, it was for the best this way. He would much rather deal with those familiar green eyes alight with hate then to leave himself open for more pain.

Up until that point, Severus had been able to ignore the girl and avoid her and her mischief. But then, Lupin and Black happened. He had been so ready to turn the two men over only to be thwarted by a little girl. He had been so prepared, so ready to turn Black over to the Dementors so that he could receive his just desserts. But then... the panicked, yet hopeful green eyes of a tiny third year of whom he had somehow managed to ignore for three years landed on him.

He caved. His will crumbled before the gaze of a little girl with red hair and green eyes. Potter managed to stop both Black and himself from firing at each other, amazingly, and Severus grudgingly obliged to hear Black out. He felt bitter at the fact that what Black said turned out to be true; that Pettigrew was alive and that the rat animagus had been the one to sell out the Potters.

While Severus still hated Black's guts, he was somewhat pleased that they had caught the bastard who was truly responsible, but only marginally. Pettigrew was forced back into his animagus form and caged. A good thing too, since it turned out Lupin had forgotten to take his Wolfsbane before deciding to go on an adventure.

Chaos had ensued upon Lupin's transformation and Severus was left to navigate Potter and Granger to safety while carrying Weasley. After getting Weasley into the infirmary and bringing Pettigrew to justice, Severus wanted nothing more than to go to his rooms and sleep in order to forget ever helping Black at all.

The next day, Pettigrew's arrest was all over the news. For weeks on end it was nothing but Black's and Pettigrew's trials. And then of course it was of Black gaining guardianship over Potter. Severus ignored it, intent on pretending he had nothing to do with it. That was until Potter came to thank him personally.

At the end of that year, Violet had come to him. She explained that she didn't really understand why he had helped them, but that she was very grateful. The bright, teary-eyed smile she had given him then was something Severus was sure he would never forget. After giving her heartfelt thanks, she quickly scurried away and Severus was left with the feeling that he indeed had done the right thing, despite his feelings about Black.

Nearly an hour had passed since Violet's name had shot forth from the goblet and still she had not returned to the common room. To say George was worried would be an understatement. He was absolutely horrified. He and Violet had only been together for two months, but in that time she had become very important to him. George was sure that he was actually beginning to fall in love with her.

To suddenly have this thrust upon them was frightening. Sure, he and Fred had joked about entering, and took bogus aging potions to get past the age line, but it had all been in jest. It seemed so long ago now though. Violet had laughed and shook her head at them, but had smiled all the same.

George had wanted so badly to follow his girlfriend after she was called. The way she had looked at him in that moment had left him heartbroken. She was just as terrified as he was and he had to let her go by herself. He had tried to give her a reassuring smile, but it wasn't enough. He watched with a heavy heart as she joined the other champions.

On the way back to their common room, everyone was chatting excitedly and wondering how Violet had put her name in the goblet, as if she had purposely done it. It was so frustrating, George just wanted to hex them all into oblivion.

Now they were here, an hour later sitting in the common room and waiting for Violet to come back. Most of them wanted to celebrate the fact that there was a Gryffindor champion and have a party, but George knew that was probably the last thing on Violet's mind at the moment.

And he was right, as soon as she stepped through the portrait hole, she was bombarded with questions and people congratulating her. George easily pushed through the crowd and pulled his lost looking girlfriend into his arms. Violet immediately sighed with relief and allowed herself to sink into his embrace.

"Alright, alright, party's over!" He heard Fred yell behind them. "Leave the two lovebirds alone."

George offered a grateful smile to Fred and Lee who managed to disperse the disappointed crowd, before turning back to Violet.

"What was that about? Do they actually believe that I entered myself?" Violet asked incredulously as she pulled away from his arms.

"Unfortunately," he sighed.

"B-but that's ridiculous!" Violet stuttered. "Why on earth would I enter myself into it? I'm only fourteen! I could die..."

"I know," he murmured, feeling sick at the mere thought of it. "What did Dumbledore say?"

"There's no way out of it," she grumbled angrily. "Apparently the goblet creates a magical contract for the names that come out of it."

"What about your godfather? Can't he do something about this?" George asked. "There's got to be some loophole for minors or for people who didn't actually enter their name."

Violet let out a breath. "I'll write him tomorrow. Hopefully, you're right and I can get out of this."


Unfortunately, there was nothing Violet nor Sirius could do to get her out of the Triwizard Tournament. So, they did the only thing they could and prepared for the worst. George was proud of his girlfriend who studiously read every book in the library that she thought could help. George and Fred did everything they could to help, including pranking every ignorant prat who dared to say something negative about her in their presence, even their brother.

George was both supremely glad as well as extremely terrified when he found out that Charlie was coming to Hogwarts. Glad because now they knew what to prepare and terrified because they would be preparing for a dragon. Luckily for George's nerves, Violet came away from her encounter with a Hungarian Horntail mostly unscathed.

The months after the first task were a bit of a reprieve from the chaos before. Violet felt a bit more confident in her skills and was finally able to relax on her studying. The Yule Ball came and went, and with it they discovered the secret of the golden egg. George, unfortunately didn't grasp the true meaning of it until it was too late...


"Mr. Weasley," McGonagall called as she came up to him. George turned and grinned at her. "Please come with me to the headmaster's office."

Shrugging, George followed his head of house to the headmaster's office. Upon entering, he saw that Hermione and Cho Chang from Ravenclaw were also there. "What's going on?" He asked, glancing at the two girls and then back at the headmaster. Dumbledore smiled genially at them.

"You three have been chosen to participate in the Second Task tomorrow. The champions have all taken a test which determined who they would most miss." Dumbledore explained.

George paled. "So, we're going to be put at the bottom of the lake?"

"Don't worry, it is completely safe and you will be asleep the entire time." Dumbledore replied before more could be asked. "We will, however be doing this tonight so as to have everything prepared for tomorrow..."



George gasped, his eyes blinking open as his head surfaced the water. Holy fucking shit it was cold! An arm tugged at him and George turned to look at Violet who was trying to pull him back to the dock. George swiftly began swimming on his own but was soon surprised to find himself swimming back alone.

"Violet!" He yelled as his girlfriend went back underwater. By then she was already too far down for George to reach. Sighing exasperatedly, he swam to the dock and gladly allowed himself to be pulled out of the water. Madam Pomfrey was there with a warm towel for him and wrapped him up snugly.

They all watched with bated breath for Violet to resurface yet again. A while later she came up with a tiny blonde girl, most likely a relative of Delacour's. Violet and the girl swam to the dock and were hoisted up onto it. Violet hacked up the gillyweed she had gotten for the task as she too was wrapped in a towel. George tugged Violet into his arms and held her tightly. She smiled at him as she hugged him back.

Did I mention this chapter was really difficult to write? I wasn't sure whether I wanted to write the Yule Ball, this, or just skip ahead to fifth year. Snape's bit was also very frustrating. I had intended from the very beginning to free Sirius but I wasn't sure how to write it considering I had jumped ahead to fourth year in the previous chapter. In the next chapter I plan to forgo the end events to Harry's fourth year and land somewhere in fifth. Yeah... Anyways, hope you guys enjoyed!