Setting: Back in La Push

August 4th

Bella's Point of view

I had to admit, the countdown to the wedding, was beginning to get more and more exciting. I never thought I would ever feel so eager to get married. I mean, the word 'marriage' was something that I used to cringe to. But now look at me, my head so high up in cloud 9, it was like I was in a different world half of the time.

Just 14 days left, and I will no longer be Isabella Swan, I'll be the new and improved Isabella Lahote. Just the thought of this alone shot a wave of chills down my back, causing Goosebumps to rise from my skin.

The only thing that I wasn't looking forward to was my talk with Edward, Alida and Paul both agreed that it would be for the best if the two of us, sat down and talked things out, made sure we were both on the same page, and happy with the choices we are making.

Of course Paul at first was completely against the idea, but later on, once I had calmed him down, he agreed to let me talk with Edward alone, for one 2 hours, and that was all the time I needed to get things off my chest.

I still was trying to think of what I would tell him, and was still mentally preparing myself for the things he would tell me as well. But I really shouldn't worry about this now; I won't have to do any talking until it comes closer to the time of the wedding.

Right now, I was getting another examination with Carlisle for the baby. It was a regularly scheduled thing; that I had to do once or twice a week, just to make sure nothing bad was happening.

"Everything is checking out well Bella, you have a very healthy baby," Carlisle smiled reading through the rest results, patting my shoulder.

I took comfort in his words, letting my hands rest over the medium-sized bump of my stomach. The closest size I could compare it to, would be the size of a basketball.

"Can you tell if it's a boy or a girl?" Paul asked, holding my hand firmly in his, as he watched Carlisle with slightly narrowed eyes. But I was proud to say, that he seemed to be warming up to the Cullen's more and more… Well to Carlisle that is for sure.

"Yes I can, let me see…" Carlisle said, and gently pulled up the ultrasound, inspecting the image carefully, staying quiet at first, letting Paul, and I take in the sight of our baby on the screen.

"That's ours?" Paul's eyes were wide as he watched the image, emotion flooding into this expression for just a second before he swallowed looking at me with nothing but love, and pride.

"That's your son," Carlisle said with a chuckle.

I beamed, squeezing Paul's hand in mind, feeling my heart race as I watched my baby boy's image, already loving him with my whole heart.

"Our son," Paul repeated shaking his head, before slowly getting up, hugging me gently. "We are parents; we are actually parents Bella,"

Tears filled my eyes as I hugged him back, feeling as though heaven couldn't have been more perfect than this very moment.

"Congratulations you two," Carlisle said with a pleasant smile. "I'll just give you both some privacy now, I'll check with you next week Bella,"

"Ok, and thank you so much Carlisle," I said as Paul slowly helped me sit up.

"Sure thing Bella,"

And just like that, Carlisle was gone, walking out of the room in seconds, leaving Paul and I alone to just enjoy each other now.

I leaned back against the pillows, watching as Paul curled up beside me, his arm sliding under my head, and resting around my shoulder to pull me closer to him. Slowly I rested my head on his chest, closing my eyes, listening closely to his heartbeat.

"Bella, do you know how happy you make me?" Paul spoke after a few minutes of silence.

My heart sprang at his words, and I felt my breath catch in my throat, a few tears sliding down my cheek at his words, and my heart pounding so hard in my chest that it actually hurt to breathe.

"No, but I know exactly how much you make me happy," I spoke, leaning up to gently press my lips to his.

He kissed me back smoothly, his hands running up my body, one hand sliding up into my hair, the other sliding down to rest on my butt. With a firm hold he pulled me on top of him, so I was straddling his hips.

I chuckled breathlessly, watching down at him, letting my hand run up his chest, and up to his face, cupping his cheek in my hand.

His hand now slide over mine, pressing it down as he watched up at me, his dark eyes full of emotions. Love, passion, hunger, all those feelings were dancing between the two of us, and for a second, all I could think about was how his hands felt as they traveled up my back.

I shivered under his touch, and paused as they moved now to my stomach, feeling it with feather light touches.

Smiling I watched his hands, letting my hands glide over his.

"He is the luckiest baby in the world, to have you as his dad,"

Paul's eyes softened now, pulling me down, so I was lying on top of him, his hands resting at my back. I could feel his lips on my forehead for a second, before he spoke.

"And the most amazing, and beautiful mom in the world," He added.

How could anything ever ruin this moment? Everything was how I always wanted, and dreamed it would be. Nothing could hurt us now.

~Alida's Point of view~

Slowly I opened my eyes, taking in the sun shining brightly in the sky, and feeling a cool breath run past me, causing my hair to fly out of my face so I could see plainly in front of me.

"Have a nice nap my sweet?" Edward spoke from beside me, his golden eyes flashing into mine, making my insides twist, and a blanket of warmth to cover my cheeks.

Only Edward Cullen could cause the Alpha of the strongest pack of werewolves to blush, and down-right act like a foolish teenage girl. But none the less, that's just one more reason I loved him so much. He was different from everyone else. He was my Northern Star, he was who I'd follow to then ends of the Earth.

It was a good nap; I haven't slept during the day, since I was eight. I thought, not really wanting to speak at the moment, just wanting to listen to his voice, and enjoy my time with him.

He chuckled, making my heart race, and with a swiftness that caught me off guard, he wrapped his arms around me, and rolled up so he was hovering over me, locking me in his arms so I couldn't budge.

I laughed quietly, letting myself, for once, be powerless, and under his control.

"Well love, you should take breaks more often, even the mightiest of alphas get tired,"

There just never seemed to be time to rest, there is always work to be done, in fact, there is work to be done right now, but you're making it incredibly hard for me to get anything done. I thought amused, letting my one hand run up to his face, sliding up in the mess of bronze on the top of his head.

"Oh, I apologize for being such an inconvenience," He mused, closing his eyes at my touch, and to my delight, a low rumble in his chest began.

"Not inconvenience, more like a guilty pleasure," I breathed, and smiled as his cold marble lips came down on mine with passion.

I pressed myself up closer to him, feeling every inch of his body against mine, but every cell in my body screamed to get closer. With a low chuckle, Edward's hands traveled down my back, ripping the back of my shirt as they slowly went down.

I gasped, feeling the cool air on my back, and in a flash my shirt was in complete shreds at the bottom of my feet. Things were moving quickly, and I couldn't stop myself.

Everything felt just so right, it was just me and Edward, hiding away in the little meadow that he had shown me not to long ago. And right here, right now, I was ready.

Our kisses grew more heated now, until I felt his tongue probing the inside of my mouth, and dipping down to run over my tongue.

My heart was beating hard in my chest, and my face was nothing but flames as I clutched his back, pulling him harder down on me. Needing him closer, wanting him more than I ever thought was possible.

"Alida, are you sure?" Edward asked as he hesitantly pulled away, his breathing just as unsteady as mine, looking down at me with serious eyes.

I nodded, heaving a sigh, impatiently pulling him back down so I could move my hips up towards his.

"Yes, I want this, now,"

And with this, Edward went on without one more pause, no more talking was done, and to my delight, it was the most amazing and thrilling feeling I had ever experienced.

Life couldn't possibly get any better.

*Mystery Point of view*

They really thought everything would just be over as soon as Victoria was out of the picture? These little wolves really were more naïve then I gave them credit for.

Every day, I sat back, I gained their trust, I'm part of the pack, and yet they can be so easily fooled that I'm normal. That I'm not a threat. They truly knew nothing about me.

Yet here I sit, right in the middle of it all, and it was time that I did what Victoria failed to do. Take down Bella, and the demon growing inside her, and then take my rightful place as alpha of this pack.

Alida better watch her back as well, because she may be, this great leader, that everyone just bows down and worships, but I know your weakness.


I will sit back and act as, part of the pack, until I'm good and ready to act. And when I do, I'll make sure nothing ruins my plans.

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Alida's pack

(The infinities)

(Alpha) Alida Fang- brown hair. Crystal blue eyes, with green spirals. (Boss) 18

In wolf form: Caramel colored fur. Small. But muscular.

Interests: Training others, working, fighting, organizing, being in control.

Social: Everyone she meets.

Personality: Tempered. Calm. Mature. Orderly. Strict. Passionate. Moral.

Imprint: Edward Cullen

(First in command) Xavier Steel- black hair. Brown eyes. (Perfectionist) 18

In wolf form: Black fur. Medium height. Loudest growl.

Interests: Working. Becoming perfect at everything. Bonnie.

Social: Bonnie. Alida. Alisha. Damien. Amber. Jared. Quil. Colin. Bella.

Personality: Confident. Determined. Mature. Loyal. Friendly.

Imprint: Bonnie

(Second in command) Bonnie- Glide Blonde hair. Brown eyes. (Rules pusher) 17

In wolf form: Snow white fur. Small. Fastest runner.

Interests: Keeping order. Enforcing rules. Keeping the peace. Learning.

Social: Alida. Xavier. Jareth. Amber. Alisha. Bella. Seth. Embry.

Personality: Very educated. Mature. Not open minded. Logical. Moral.

Imprint: Xavier Steel

Elijah FangBlack hair. Bright blue eyes. (The bad boy) 17

In wolf form: Light brown fur. Built leaner. Average size. Best at hiding.

Interests: Bullying kids. Avoiding work. Fun. Constantly annoying others.

Social: Summer.

Personality: Lacks caring. Clever. Charming. Bad-boy. Trouble-maker.

Imprint: to be found out.

Jareth Neil- ginger colored hair. Hazel eyes. (The kid) 11

In wolf form: Light grey fur. Small. Jumps the highest.

Interests: Jokes. Pranks. Contests. Alida. Becoming the next Alpha.

Social: Everyone that happens to step into his life.

Personality: immature. Child-like. Determined. Good humor. Naïve.

Imprint: ….(Has a crush on Alida)

Summer Adams- light brown hair. Green eyes (twin. Mean) 16

In wolf form: red-ish brown fur. Small. Good tracker.

Interests: Being with her sister. Ignoring the whole world around her.

Social: Elijah. Alisha. Alida. Vanessa.

Personality: Mean. Snarky. Rude. Self-centered. Quiet. Uncaring. Unfeeling.

Imprint: Justin Goldberg (Dead)

Alisha Adams- light brown hair. Green eyes. (twin. Nice) 16

In wolf form: Dark brown fur. A little bigger then Summer.

Interests: protecting the weak. Building friendships. Being with her sister. Damien

Social: Alida. Xavier. Bonnie. Damien. Amber. Bella. Jasper. Quil. Jared.

Personality: Shy. Quiet. Friendly. Feeble. Caring. Honest. Good-spirited.

Imprint: Jasper Hale. (Crush on Damien)

Vanessa Willows- blonde hair with red high lights. Blue eyes. (snotty) 17

In wolf form: White fur. Average sized. Kills the fastest.

Interests: Herself. Her looks. Jacob. Showing off. Being the best.

Social: Jacob.

Personality: Self-centered. Selfish. Rude. Show-off. Snobby. Mature.

Imprint: (No one) Has a crush on Jacob.

Damien Steel- black hair. Grey eyes. (Smug. Over achiever) 19

In wolf form: sandy fur, spirals of black. Very large. Best fighter.

Interests: Becoming great. Succeeding in everything. Alisha.

Social: Alida. Xavier. Bonnie. Alisha. Amber.

Personality: Smug. Clever. Witty. Flirty. Hard-worker. Determined.

Imprint: (Unknown)

Amber West- Dark brown hair. Blue eyes. (Sweetheart) 13

In wolf form: Rusty brown fur. Small. Good sense of smell.

Interests: Making friends. Going on adventures. Doing the impossible.

Social: Anyone, and everyone.

Personality: sweet, kind, helpful, honest, moral, easily worried, and naïve.

Imprint: Seth

(The La Push Pack)

(Leader) Sam Uley –Dead-

(Second in command) Jared

Wolf form: Dark brown fur. Scruffy long. Slight above average size.

Interests: Telling jokes, goofing around. Teasing the others.

Social: Quil. Paul. Bella. Jareth. Xavier. Amber. Alisha. Alida.

Imprint : Kim

(Third in command) Paul Lahote

Wolf form: Dark grey fur. Slightly bigger than the others.

Interests: Being the tough guy. Being fearless. Bella. Skipping work.

Social: Bella. Jared. Emmett. Quil. Seth. Jareth. Xavier

Imprint: Bella

Jacob Black

Wolf form: Russet brown fur. Biggest wolf of them all. Strong build. Long fur.

Interests: Training. Hanging with his friends. Jinx. Bella.

Social: Seth. Embry. Jinx. Jareth. Amber.

Imprint: Jinx

Embry Call-(Dead)-

Wolf form: Misty brown fur. Average size, shorter fur then the others.

Interests: Keeping Quil out of trouble. Keeping the peace. Training with Alida.

Social: Quil, Jacob. Bella, Seth, Alida. Jasper. Bonnie. Amber. Alisha. Xavier.

Imprint: Aubrey

Quil Atera

Wolf form: Dark colored fur. Average size, a bit less graceful then the others.

Interests: Making Bella blush. Playing around. Not working. Building forts.

Social: Jared, Paul, Embry, Bella, Jacob, Seth, Alida, Emmett, Jareth, Xavier

Imprint: Claire

Seth Clearwater

Wolf form: sandy colored fur. Smaller than the others. Very speedy.

Interests: Impressing Alida. Having fun. Challenging other pack members to fight.

Social: Quil, Embry, Jacob, Bella, Alida, Emmett, Jasper, Jinx, Jareth, Bonnie,

Imprint: Amber

Leah Clearwater-Dead-


Wolf form: Brown fur, slightly smaller sized.

Interest: Being included, being given extra attention, being important.

Social: Colin, Amber

Imprint: Danity


Wolf form: Dark brown. Slightly bigger then Brady. Built for speed, but lacks it.

Interests: Learning about vampires, becoming friends with everyone, sports.

Social: Brady, Bella, Embry, Quil, Jared, Edward, Seth, Jareth, Xavier,

Imprint: Ariella

The La Push Imprints (Humans)


Looks:Long black hair, that falls down just past her shoulders. Brown eyes, tan.

Interests: Spending time with Jareth. Planning events. Organizing, collecting.

Social: Bella. Ariella. Aubrey. Danity. Claire. Jinx. Amber. Amy. Emma. Alice.

Imprint: Jared

Bella Swan

Looks: Dark brown hair goes past her shoulders. Brown eyes. Pale skin.

Interests: reading, relaxing, being alone, Paul, fighting for what's right.

Social: everyone except for Jacob.

Imprint: Paul

Ariella Jointella

Looks:Short. Tight blonde curls, green eyes. Bubbly smile.

Interests: Adventures. Shopping. Embry. Parties. Making new friends.

Social: everyone except for Summer, Vanessa, Elijah, Jacob, and Jinx

Imprint: Colin


Looks: Light brown hair, dark brown eyes. Deep dimples.

Interests: Playing with toys, exploring, playing with Quil, teething, and singing.

Social: Quil, and her family.


Aubrey Miller-(Dead)-

Looks: Fire red hair, freckles, big innocent blue eyes, and cat-like features.

Interests: Having fun, roller-skating, sports, competitions, shopping.

Social: Emily, Bella, Kim, Ariella, Danity, Amber, Alisha, Alida, Jinx, Emma, Amy

Imprint: Embry

Danity Burns

Looks:tan skin, raven black hair, braces, very skinny, no curves what so ever.

Interests:Being alone. Reading. Swimming. Creating anything. Discovering.

Social:Emily, Bella, Ariella, Aubrey, Jinx, Amy, Emma, Alisha, Bonnie, Alice

Imprint: Brady

(Northern Pack)

Jinx (Jenifer) Stellers

Looks: Neon Pink hair, electric blue eyes, thin, model-type body, firm

Wolf form: Pearl white fur, small in size, brown splash on her tail

Interests: Having fun, making others laugh, and making others happy, protecting

Social: Bella, Jacob, Alida, Alice, Link

Imprint: Jacob

Link Stellers

Looks: Bright green hair, Burnt orange colored eyes. Short. Muscular.

Interests: Playing pranks, annoying Paul, "Hide-and-Seek" Flirting, Bella

Social: Everyone except Jacob, Summer, and Elijah

Imprint: …. To be found out

Family Trees

Alida Fang - (Half siblings) - Elijah Fang: (Share the same mother)

Xavier Steel - (brothers) - Damien Steel

Alisha Adams - (Twins) - Summer Adams

Jinx Stellers - (siblings) - Link Stellers

Currently expecting (pregnant characters)

Emily:Will have her baby first

Jinx:Will have her baby after Emily does

Bella:Will have her baby after Jinx does

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