Bella's Point of view

"Jacob and Jinx are located here," Alida spoke, slamming her finger down on the large map set across the table in front of us. "We need a group of four to journey out this way, and bring Jacob and Jinx safely back here to La Push,"

Xavier was the first to speak up, leaning over the map, gazing with his dark brown eyes over that Alida had pointed in. "Isn't this very close to where we had all been with Victoria and the newborns attacked?"

"It appears so, they must have wondered towards the beach part of the Island, it's almost suspicious as to how ironic this is," Alida nodded, her eyes narrowing as she looked around at each of us.

"Are you sure we even have to go and get them, it's so much better without more annoying people around," Vanessa spoke flipping her blonde hair behind her back before looking away from all of us.

"They are a part of this pack, and we don't let pack members behind, ever," Alida said sternly, then looked around. "Who would like to be my group of four?"

Jareth was the first one with his hand up, excitement dancing in his eyes, his red curls bouncing as he did. "Me, I want to go, please Alida, please?"

I couldn't help but smile at this. He was just so young, and so adorable, it just reminded me of my little baby boy; who would be brought into this world soon, was going to be like this. So eager.

"No Jareth, you know you're not ready for this kind of stuff," Alida sighed, shaking her head with a halfhearted smile.

Jareth pouted, looking down sadly, but nodded.

Bonnie paused from her note taking, open her one arm out to him, and I watched as he went to her, and hugged him-self to her side. Like a son would do to his mother.

Xavier patted Jareth on the top of the head, and went back to watching around the room.

"I'll go," Elijah shrugged, which had surprised everyone in the room.

Mutters began to rise between the whole pack now as they threw each other suspicious glances and nonbelieving mumbles as they focused on Elijah.

Alida seemed to be the only one that wasn't surprised by any of this.

"Fine, but you know you won't escape anything when you get them back home," She warned him, before looking around the room.

I wonder what that had meant, but then again, I was too distracted to focus on anything as I felt Paul press into my back, his hands resting on my hips, and his chin perched on my shoulder.

"Who else?" Alida demanded, seeming to get impatient.

Quickly Kim raised her hand next, along with Jared.

This again was a surprise to a few people. There still wasn't much trust between Kim and that pack right now, with her being a vampire, but no one would have guessed that she would want to go and help bring Jacob and Jinx back.

"Are you sure letting the leech go get the others, is a good idea?" Vanessa spoke up, throwing a glare towards Kim for a moment.

Jared growled lowly at Vanessa now, noticing Kim's hurt expression.

"Vanessa, I'm tired of this, you can go with them all as well," Alida said and with that she began to roll up the map.

"B-but, I don't want stuck with these losers," She glared, now looking towards Alida with horror.

"Should have thought of that before you opened your mouth, now go get ready you four, you need out of here before nightfall," Alida barked.

And with that, everyone seemed to slowly split up, going their separate ways, most muttering about the strange group that had volunteered.

Paul and I slowly made our way out of Alida's house, leaving only Xavier, Bonnie, Jareth, and Edward left inside with her.

"Do you think Jinx and her baby is alright?" I wondered, looking up at Paul as we almost had made it back to his house.

He looked down at me, looking distracted. "I'm sure she is just peachy,"

"What is on your mind?"

Paul seemed to get a bit nervous now, his face going a bit pink as he quickly looked away from my face, and up to the front of his house.

"I was just… thinking about things," He said, and leaned down to plant a tender kiss on my lips.

I couldn't help but smile, pulling him closer, so I could kiss him back, loving how his warm lips matched mine perfectly. But all too soon he was pulling away as we entered his house, seeing Amy on the couch.

She had on a large shirt; much too big for her, and a pair of super tiny shorts. A bowl of chicken legs was between her legs, and a tall bottle of vodka was clutched in one of her hands.

"Welcome back lovebirds," She grinned looking at the both of us with a smirk.

"How about instead of sitting around my house all day, you go out, and get a job," Paul said rolling his eyes at her, an annoyed look on his face.

Amy snickered, and dug into the bucket of chicken legs. "And this is how I'm repaid for saving you some chicken legs; I'm hurt big brother,"

"I'm serious, get a job or get out," Paul said firmly, and with that he led me out of the room, heading us both up the stairs.

"Fuck you," She called out to Paul, and with that I heard the slam of the door.

"You don't think she is leaving for real do you?" I asked as Paul walked us into our room.

"Who cares, I don't really want you around her Bella, she isn't at all the kind of girl you want to be friends with," Paul muttered, and closed the bedroom door.

I couldn't deny his words.

Ever since I had met her, I didn't see a time where she wasn't drinking, or sleeping, or eating. It was a wonder that she wasn't a large girl; she was slim, very beautiful to be completely honest.

"I'm sure things would be different if she found someone," I spoke, moving to take a seat on the bed, digging myself into the covers, and leaning back against the pillows.

Paul paused, pulling his shirt over his head, and letting it fall to his feet, before walking towards the window, glancing out it.

"Who would want that, she's probably been with every guy in LaPush, and every teacher in Forks," Paul said rolling his eyes as he looked back to me, amusement on his face.

I laughed at that, shaking my head.

It was obvious that he was raised pretty differently when it came to his siblings, but I didn't blame him one bit for that. It was very understandable.

"It's hard to believe that you, David, and Amy are even siblings,"

Paul chuckled, and stood near the edge of the bed, unbuckling his belt.

I could feel my eyes wonder down to his hands, biting my lip for just a second. My imagination began to run wild, just for a moment. I couldn't help but let the ball of desire begin to form deep within me.

"We all have different mother's, that's probably why," He spoke, sliding his belt from around his pants, letting that fall to the ground as well. He kept his dark eyes on me, noticing my expression, and smirking.

I couldn't say any more, not now that he was in front of me, his hands pulling his pants down as well. He crawled over to me, only in his boxers, a suggestive smile on his face.

Slowly I pulled him to me, pressing my lips to his hungrily. He responded fast, his hands going to my butt as he lifted me up, and brought me on top, so I was straddling his lap.

But I pouted as he pulled away, looking down at my stomach, that was making things a bit harder for him to reach my lips.

I could feel his hardness poking at me from below, and gently I rubbed myself back and forth across it, making his head tilt back a bit; a look of pleasure running across his expression.

"Bella, I want you so bad," He breathed out, his hands grabbing onto my hips, pressing down on them so he could thrust up closer to me.

I closed my eyes, trying to hold back a groan, I could already feel my panties getting damp the longer he continued to rock his hips against mine.

"Take me," I whispered, looking into his eyes with want.

Paul stopped for just a moment, looking conflicted. "But the baby,"

I looked up into his eyes, touched that he would be thinking about our babies safety, before his own pleasure.

"It won't hurt the baby," I spoke softly, stroking his face for a minute. "But maybe to keep it on the safe side, we shouldn't,"

Paul nodded, seeming to agree, but looking reluctant to do so. But with steady hands, he squeezed my butt, kissing me gently, before just holding me as close as my stomach would allow.

"I miss having sex with you on a daily basis, or at least when the urge hits… like right now," Paul said after a brief silence.

I couldn't help but giggle at this.

"I know what you mean,"

I truly missed it as well. It was hard to not be with him like that. It just was so natural to me now; I looked forward to it so much.

But it was worth giving up to make sure my little guy would be ok.

"Maybe you should distract me, get my mind off your body, and wanting to… you know," Paul suggested, biting his lip as he looked down at me.

I nodded, trying to hide my amused smile.

"Alright, maybe we should think about baby names then," I offered.

Paul's eyes brighten, "Sounds like the perfect distraction,"

"Good, did you have any suggestions?" I wondered, gently running my hands over his back as I watched him, looking so incredibly beautiful.

"Actually yes, I was talking with Quil, and Damien a while back, about what I should name it, they came up with, Max, and Jackson," Paul shrugged.

I'm not sure I liked those names; I really wanted our baby to have a more unique name.

"Not bad, Emily and I was also thinking about some names, I can up with Drew, Tony, and Theo,"

Paul smiled, raising a brow at me. "Interesting names to say the least,"

"They aren't that bad," I chuckled quietly.

"We just got to think of the perfect name, one that we both agree on," Paul spoke, stroking my cheek as he watched into my eyes.

I couldn't help but watch back, feeling myself leaning forward.

Paul gently kissed my lips, making a smile rise on my lips.

"You know what I think, the baby's name should start with 'E'," I said quietly, watching Paul's expression closely.

His nose wrinkled up adorable, "Why,"

"Well, if it wasn't for Edward leaving me, I might not have ever gotten to fall in love with you, so in a way, it could be a thank you,"

He gave me a look at this, seeming to not like the idea, but he nodded however.

"Fine, but there is no promises that I'm going to like any of the names that start with 'E', just saying,"

"Ethan, Elvis, Elvan?" I said, trying to think of all the names that started with 'E'.

Paul shook his head, "They all sound cheesy, or nerdy,"

There was now a knock at the door, making the both of us look up, to see David standing peeking inside with a smirk.

"Hey lovebirds, couldn't help but notice you two where home," He spoke, rolling his eyes as he took in the position that we both where in.

"Would you get out of here, by the way, you missed the pack meeting," Paul grumbled, pulling the blanket up over us a bit.

"Yeah, I figured it would be for the best, I have much better things to do," David spoke folding his arms across his chest.

"Right, now do you mind, we were kinda in the middle of something," Paul said with an annoyed look.

"Please, I've been listening for the past ten minutes, you two aren't doing anything, but thinking of baby names, by the way, Erik, is a pretty cool name," David smirked, giving us the thumbs up.

I smiled at this, immediately loving the name.

Paul gave him a death glare. "Leave,"

David laughed, backing up, raising his hands in amusement. "Fine, you two have fun, not having sex,"

And with that he was gone.

Paul sighed, and leaned back, rolling his eyes before looking at me.

"I like the name," I shrugged.

"Bella are you sure…" His voice sounded disappointed.

"Of course, why don't you like it?"

"I do… it's just… that's my middle name…"

My eyes widened.

This made it official; this was going to be the name of our little boy. It was perfect.

"That's so cute," I smiled hugging him closer to me.

He gave me an embarrassed chuckle, "Your just saying that,"

"No I mean it, that is the perfect name,"

And with that, Paul and I continued on with our little chat, deciding on the middle name, which would be Charles, in honor of my father.

Everything just seemed to be working out just fine; it was all what I was hoping for, dreaming for. And finally it was reality.

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