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A/N: Hello all and welcome! This is something a little different then my usual works - it's a collection of drabbles I've written over at the 300 One Piece Community on LiveJournal. The purpose of the community is to write stories based on the given prompt of the week using no more than 300 words.

So this series will feature a mixture of all sorts of themes ranging from nakamaship to tragedy. It may have certain characters together romantically and the ratings will vary based on what chapter you happen to be reading. As I write them over in the community I will be cross-posting them on my tumblr and here - so expect semi-regular updates!

You all can get an idea for what you are in for by reading the beginning header to each chapter. Please enjoy!

Rating: K+

Pairing/Characters: Usopp/Sanji (Sanuso)... or is it?

Word Count: 291

Prompt: Sin

The Locker Message

'A prank', their friends reassured. But still the sight of that innocent scrawl carved forever in the paint of his locker would haunt the two of them for the rest of the year.

Sanji + Usopp it said; irremovable. And then, like the cherry atop a sundae (or a twist to an already inserted knife-in-the-gut), a heart done with a glittery, pink gel pen carefully encircled the two names like a lover's embrace and left no arguments to what the message of the two names was relaying.

Sanji was very outspoken about it – any males who taunted him got a foot in the ass. Any women got proof of his sexuality in the way he swooned.

Usopp was more kind, or rather more cowardly. He would shy away from the questions and give only the vaguest of answers that helped very little, but Sanji knew he was just as mortified about the whole thing.

Two years. That was what it took to find the culprit.

"You know, I was by my old locker today."


"Yeah. And it was the funniest thing. While I was copying your math homework, I just happened to look up and see it – it's still there you know – and I realized something."

An expectant pause, then, "And?"

"Well, turns out, our mysterious prankster from back then has very similar handwriting to yours."


"Well, what do you have to say to that?" The question was lacking anger; rather it held curiosity and perhaps…

Dark eyes rose to meet his, the nervous insecurity of those early, long-ago days having been battled down by gained unknown – no, known – confidence, and then Usopp smiled as he reached for his hand and replied:

"Forgive me Father, for I have sinned."