Rating: K+

Characters: Robin, Usopp, Luffy, Chopper, Sanji

Word Count: 295

Prompt: Balance

Special Notes: This drabble was chosen as the winner for this prompt!

Sorry for the lack of updates for this one; the community that inspires these babies is kind of dying these days so I'm running out of chapters to update with!


"No, no, like this. You have to lick it and then… there!"

"Shishishi! Let me try!"

"Me too! Me too!"

Today, a downpour had forced most of the crew indoors. Though reading, Robin was inconspicuously observing the interesting way that Luffy, Chopper and Usopp were spending the dragging hours.

There was a clatter and twin cries of horror.

"Hahaha!" Usopp laughed all-importantly, turning up his nose and showing off the item hanging from it like a trophy. "Of course you won't be as good as the great Captain Usopp-sama! You know I was the nose-spoon balancing king back in my town! I managed to keep one on my nose for so long, people actually started to think it was just part of my face!"

"Wow Usopp! That's cool!" Chopper said, starry-eyed.

Another spoon fell on the table, Luffy frowning thoughtfully. "Maybe if I…" He reached up trying to pull his nose into other shapes but his rubber powers always caused it to snap back into place.

There were many more attempts. It was just as the reindeer and captain managed to get their spoons steady that a rain-drenched Sanji walked in.


"But Saaanjiiiiiii we were bored and-"

A swift kick impacted with Luffy's face. "CLEAN THEM. NOW!"

As the three got up, dejectedly picking up the silverware, Robin looked over. "Cook-san?"

"Yes my dear Robin-chwan?"

"I suppose these should be cleaned as well?" She waved her hand to the far wall, showcasing no less than two dozen disembodied noses, each with a spoon hanging from the tip.

Four sets of eyes widened.


"Usopp, Robin's your queen." Luffy decided.


Robin laughed and thought, just maybe, she should put her book down more often.