XxXxXx One Day Called Fun xXxXxX

The Mortal Instruments Fan fiction

Summary: How Jace and Clary spend their day.

Disclaimer: Cassandra Clare owns it all. I just owns this plot okay.

-Good Morning-

Xx Clary's POV xX

Morning lights flooded from the window and disturbed my beauty sleep. I forced my eyes open and dared myself to glance at the clock on the wall.

What the Hell?!

It was freaking 8 in the morning! How the hell did I manage to wake up this early after last night's event? I was expecting to wake up around the noon. I groaned as I pull up the blanket to cover my face from the irritating sunlight. Sure I would appreciate a bath of sunlight at this time of the year, but not so early in the morning.

The blanket smelt like Jace. It smelt of earth with the hints of spices. I soak in his scent, trying to let it lull me back to sleep. Then I feel arms wrapped around my waist. I smile as I know that he knows that I am awake. I can feel his smile brushing at the skin of my shoulder.

"Good morning beautiful" he says with a sleep ridden voice. It sounds huskier and sexier that it usually does. Hearing his voice so early in the morning could make my heart flutters with love. And I wish for him every single morning that I am awake.

"Morning," I replied

"You're not going to say 'good morning handsome' to me?" He says to me. I could almost hear him smiling as he says so.

"Should I?" I asked teasingly.

"Yes you should" He says confidently.

"Why should I say so?"

"Because I am handsome," he stated

"Fine, good morning handsome," I pressed on the word 'handsome' mockingly. I turn around so I would be face to face with him. The truth is, he is handsome. His blond hair shines like halo on top of his head. This morning, his golden eyes shows that he is tired but I could see a spark of excitement in it. His high cheekbone sharpens his features, giving him an angel-like face which to think of it, he does have blood of angel in him. I do too, but my face is not as beautiful as him. Funny how you are a girl but a boy is described as beautiful.

"Why are you awake so early?" He asked me.

"The stupid sunlight decided to stab my eyes," I stated and he smiles at my answer.

"Clary," he says my name huskily.

"What is it?" I asked him as I brush stands of his hair away from his face.

"Last night was amazing," He says and he smiles sheepishly as he says so.

"It was to me too" I replied.

Okay, now let me explain. Last night, mom went to Paris to preview some of her artwork at this art exhibition with Luke. She was hesitant to leave me alone but I insist that I would be fine. Besides, it is a good time to spend some time with Jace.

So, last night, me and I were talking about, well I can't really remember what we talked about actually because that is the highlight of our night. I don't remember what lead us to make out, we practically just attack each other.

Eventually, our make out session lead to The Big Deed. Shocking? Yes for me.

So, I Clarissa Fray, lose my virginity to a boy named Jace Wayland last night on his bed.

And Hell it was good!

So, now both of us are in Jace's bed, naked. Honestly, I have no idea of how am I going to get out of his bed. Not that I want to right now but still, how to?! It's going to be awkward!

He then kissed me lightly on my lips and the leftover spark of last night reignited. We pull away for a second before we lunge toward each other as we did last night.

Jace moved on top of me. I can feel the way his muscles rippled as his warm skin collide with mine. His use his elbow to support his upper half weight. I can't ignore the ecstatic sensation I feel when he grinded his lower half with mine. Jace lips moved frantically over mine as if slowing down means losing me, he kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

I pull away from him for a second and God knows the sharp pain in my chest as I do.

"Slow down tiger," I said with a voice that is stuck in between of chuckling and breathless.

"I don't know how to," he said as he attacked my lips again. And I pull away, again from him.

"Then let me show you," I whispered to him. I wrapped my palm on his cheek as I drew him closer to me. I nibbled his lower lips, biting on it softly causing him to moan out. I slowly push him off me so that I could climb on top of him. I could feel his hands on my back. I kissed him gently with a hint of erotic-ness. He moaned in pleasure.

I like the way he taste on my lips. It's just so sweet and sexy. His kiss is intoxicating and addictive, just impossible to be satiated. I moved on to his cheek and I kissed the arc of his jaw. Slowly, I traced my kisses to his neck, sucking the skin there teasingly.

"Clary, please," He pleaded

"Please what Jace?"

"Please let me, let me do you,"

"No, it's my turn now, I want to please you," I say looking at him in his golden eyes.

I moved to his collarbone down the broad and smooth plane of his chest, and lower south to his dick. The moment I reached there, I stopped for a while and look at him in his eyes. I glanced at his erection and look back up to his face with a smirk planted on my face.

"Eager aren't me?" I stated to him.

"Why don't you speak for yourself?" I rolled my eyes at that. The truth is, Jace really do turning me on. I could feel a pool of moisture there.

"Hush… let me do this okay?"

Xx Jace's POV xX

As soon as she 'hushed' me, she lowers her head toward my dick. Oh God she did not plan to- FUCK!

Ah God, this feels so damn good and I can't help it but moan her name out loud.

"Arggghhh… Clary! Damn you, oh God, shit ahhh faster,"

I could feel her smile around my shaft. Damn this girl will be the death of me. The way her warm mouth is wrapped around my dick just felt so awesome!

I could feel her tongue teasing me.

"Oh God Clary, Clary please, I'm close please let me please you please Clary ahh God,"

She released my dick from her mouth. Her face is flush-y, her hair is tousled sexily, a smirk is painted on her lips and I swear that Clary look so beautiful, she always does and she always have but the sight of her now is unbearably sexy.

"Do me," she says in such a sex-spelled tone.

I flipped her over so I'm on top and I'm on charge now. I kissed her viciously that I thought that I could have bruised her lips. I moved to her neck, lower to her chest and there, I sucked on her nipple softly, still afraid that I would hurt her.

I moved my hands to her private part. I rubbed my hand over the wet centre.

"Damn Clary, you're so wet," I saw her blush at that. I smiled to her and I pushed my middle finger inside her and she gasped in pleasure. She arched her back and neck.

"Ahh Jace oh my… Jace ohhh," she moaned as I started to trust my finger inside her. "Jace please, don't do this to me please,"

"Do what Clary?" I said teasingly. If she think that she is the only one who is a teaser, well, she's wrong.

"Fuck me, please, fuck me Jace," she moaned to me.

"As you wish milady," I say as I pull out my finger and started to position myself to enter her.

I rubbed my erection over her wet centre and I enter her slowly, seizing the feel of the way her muscles constricted around my hard erection.

"Ahhh Clary, gosh you are so fucking tight! Aghhh yeah…"

"Jace, ahh please, faster Jace please" She says pleadingly to me.

"Are you sure Clary?"

"Y-yes, Jace please, faster!"

Then I moved into her faster and faster with each push. I could feel my bed rocking by our motion. Our body glistened with sweat and the air around us feels so humid but none of us really care about it right now. Our breathing are getting stormier each time. And I could feel that I am close to my climax.

"C-Clary I'm close ahh god,"

"I am close Jace… Oohh I'm close,"

"I'm cumming Clary! Ahhh yeah…"

And I feel my release. She moaned and gasped as she reached her climax. I pulled off her after a while and I wrap my hands around her small figure. I kissed her shoulder blade softly.

"I love you Clary,"

"I love you too, now, that's the way to start a day,"

"What a way," I could hear her chuckling softly. "Let's continue our sleep, good night"

"Good morning to you too," I could hear she says so before both of us falls asleep.

XxXxXxXxXxX The End XxXxXxXxxXxXx

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