xXxXxXxX One Day Called Fun xXxXxXxX

The Mortal Instruments Fan Fiction

Summary: How Jace and Clary spend their day.

Disclaimer: Cassandra Clare owns it all. I just own this plot

-Special Chapter-

Xx Clary's POV xX

I am feeling so nervous. I lose count of my heartbeat because it is too fast. I sit alone, remembering the day, that important day that got me here, waiting for the change that would change the rest of my life. Today is the day where I will become his, in front of the eye of God and everybody that matters.

I remember… remember as my thoughts bring me back three years ago, where he promised that he'll make me his. He accomplished his words. Proving to the world that his words are not cheap. Proving to the universe that I am his and only his, just one month ago, where he says those magic words.

** One month ago **

I knocked hard on Isabelle's door. My scalp was prickling with sweat and my heart beated faster than milliseconds and tears were falling fast down my cheek. HOW CAN I BE THAT STUPID?! How could I do this to Jace?!

"What the-Clary? What is happening?" she said. Her face was showing concerns and worries about my condition. She dragged me inside her room and closed the door. "Spill," she said as I settled myself on her ever-messy bed.

"I lost the ring that Jace gave me 3 years ago," I cried even harder at that. How could I do this? That was our promise ring.

"What ring?" she asked curious.

"Our promise ring, I took it off just for a while when I was washing the dishes. Then I forgot to put it back on and when I remembered-the ring was not where I put it before I wash the dish I-I I am afraid that-" tears fell even harder down my cheek as I thought about the possibilities. I was afraid that Jace will be mad at me. I was afraid of hurting him.

"Oh Clary…" Isabelle pulled me into a hug to comfort me, but I knew that the only thing that would bring comfort was founding the ring.

"Isabelle, I really need you help in finding it, will you help me?"

"Of course I will, where is Jace by the way?"

"He went to the Council meeting with Alec and Luke after breakfast this morning,"

"Then he may be coming home soon. Let's get going," she said as she leapt off her bed. I huffed heavily and follow her out of her messy room,"

I searched for the ring up and down, I searched for it everywhere but yet I did not find it. I started to lose hope and I sunk to the chair at the library and once again I surrendered to the urge to cry.

My phone buzzed in the pocket of my jeans. I took it out and it was Isabelle and I took the call.

"Hey, did you found it?" her voice was soft and comforting. She was trying to make me feel better.

I forced an answer from my tight throat due to crying. "No," and tears that were starting to subside fall again. Sending a sharp pain as my eyes was sore and I was pretty sure it was goddamned red and puffy.

"Clary no, please don't cry we will keep looking for-shit! Clary please don't cry Jace is home!" she said in a warning and hushed tone and my hearts leapt to my throat and a sudden panic rose in me but I maintained my equilibrium. I must not look like this in front of Jace or he would suspect something and to me, it was not easy to lie to Jace. I cannot lie to him.

"Where's Clary?" I heard his excited voice outside of the library. SHIT! I was fucking screwed! I wiped my tears furiously and stood up abruptly. I took a deep breath, at that time, trying to gain some composure.

The door of the library swung open and there he was, looking so sexy, dangerous and hot in his shadowhunter gear. His face was radiant and his eyes were shining and his lips smiled goofily at me. I smiled back a forced smile. Don't break down in front of him Clary. I spoke to myself in my head.

"Hey beautiful," he said as he greeted me in his open arms. He hugged me briefly before he pulled back and put his palm around my face, forcing me to look at him. His brows were furrowed. "What happen when I was gone Clary? Were you crying?" his voice was deep with concern. I took a deep breath; it took me all I've got not to cry in front of him.

"Nothing you should worry about Jace. It's just this library is very dusty and dust got in my eyes," I lied fluently. Wow…

His face softened and he blows to my eyes softly. The gesture was so sweet it soothed me a little bit from my panic.

"Better?" he asked me softly and lovingly.

"Yes, thank you," I thanked him then kissed him briefly on his lips.

"Come with me," he said with a gleam in his eyes. He was clearly up to something.

"Where to?"

"I want to take you out on a picnic," he said. My brows furrowed at that. What in the name of the Angel?

"What for?"

"Nothing, I just want to spend some quality time with my girlfriend. This week had been tiring with all the stuff I don't want to think about and now I just want to spend some time with you, well if you want me to though," he shrugged hopefully. I smiled up to him and kiss him appreciatively on his lips. I could feel his smile in our kiss.

Despite the warmth I felt radiated by him; the bugging guilt is still there building inside my chest.

"Thank you and of course, I would love to spend some time with you Jace," he smiled sweetly at me. Oh do I even deserve this sweet smile of him? It's just a ring, somebody would say, but it is not about the ring, it is about how much it means to me, to him, to us. It is about what it means to both of us, the promise the ring behold. That, is the kind of thing a million diamonds could never replace.

"Let's go," he said and led me straight toward the door of the Institute.

"Wait, what about food?"

"We'll drop by the Subway for sandwiches," he said and winked at me. I smiled shyly.

Jace finally had a motorcycle which did not require a demonic energy. He always complained about how it was not as fast as his demonic powered bike and I often argued back by saying 'at least it could run in the daylight.' And Jace would be rolling his eyes at me, lost in words.

The best part about riding on a bike with Jace is that I got to hold him tight. I love to rest my head at his back and listening to his steady heartbeat. His heartbeat calms me down and makes me feel better than how I was supposed to be feeling. I fought back the tears that were threatening to fall. Our promise…

We stopped by Subway to buy our sandwich and I can't help but notice Jace's naughty grin whenever I caught his eyes. 3 years ago and he still remembered. And how could he make me feel lighter and better while making me feels heavier and worse at the same time?

Then we went to the Central Park and sat under the tree we used to sit. My emotion is mixing. Happy and sad, good and bad and disappointment. Eventually the negative feelings overrule. We were sitting under the tree where Jace made a promise to me 3 years ago and gave me the ring that I lost. I drew in a lungful of oxygen trying to fight the tempting tears.

When we finished eating, for the first time, I saw a flick of nervousness in Jace's eyes. I wonder why he was nervous.

"So what's up with the Council shits?"

I saw Jace raised his eyebrow to me. He frowned for a while there. "Boring and unnecessary stuff mainly. There weren't much important going on now. How about you, this past week I never had a chance to really talk to you and seeing you today at the library… I knew it was not because of the dust or what, you were crying and… I am hoping that you would tell me why,"

Oh I can't hold it back anymore. Tears that had been threatening falls down like rain drops on my cheeks. "Oh Jace-I am so sorry," I said as I reached for him and I hugged him tight, my face was buried in his chest. I cried on his chest.

"What are you sorry for?" Jace asked. I let him go and looked at him in his eyes. I bit my lips hard before I inhaled another lungful of air.

"I lost the promise ring you gave me Jace, I am so sorry. I was washing dishes-I took it off for a while then I-just-I" Jace took me back in his arms before I even finish my sentences.

I felt his chest vibrated and my eardrum caught the sound of Jace chuckling. I furrowed my eyebrows and moved out of Jace's embrace, wondering why he was laughing at me. Did I do something that was amusing him?

"Oh Clarissa Morgenstern…" he said my name with a voice that was pregnant with hope. Hope? And love I had come to understand.

Suddenly he stood up in front of me and I looked up at him. For a moment there I thought that he was an Angel.

His gaze was dark and pondering. His mouth was set in a tight line of uncertainty and his muscles were tensed. He took in a very deep breath, closing his eyes for a while as he inhaled the air. When he opened his eyes he looked at me. I opened my mouth to ask him 'what is going on.'


And he kneeled before me.

He looked at me in the eyes with the most intense hope I had ever seen.

He produce something from his the pocket of his jeans.

It was a ring.

My jaw drop open and my eyes were wide.

"Clarissa Morgenstern, my Angel, my Heaven, my everything, my life, my soul, my love and my reason, I had come to know you for the past 4 years and I made a promise to you 3 years ago. On that day, I promised that I would make you mine someday and I want that someday to be today. Shadowhunters don't use rings when we want to tie a marriage knot, we use marks, but for you, I want to keep it as mundane as possible, because I know that would be what you want me to do. Clarissa Morgenstern, will you do the honour of marrying me?"

Tears fell again and harder and I don't know what air was anymore. He looked at me intently and anticipatively. I think I forgot to even breathe.

I closed my eyes for a moment, my brain is impossible to think, it was in too much shock so my heart made a decision to take over.

I open my eyes and it met his, searching mine looking for an answer. I gave him a smile and I say,

"Yes Jace-Lightwood-Herondale-Wayland Yes!"

His eyes were wide with relieve and he pulled me in and kissed me hard on my lips, hard with love, passion and everything. His lips were smiling and I felt it in our kiss. We seize each other heart and soul and body.

When we regained our composure, Jace rested his head on my shoulder. I felt his hot breath at my neck, sending shivers all over me. "I love you Clary," he murmured at my ears and I smile again, wide and happy.

"I love you too Jace, so much,"

"I took your promise ring actually,"

"WHAT?!" I was so shocked that I practically screamed but I don't care, Jace and I got our glamour on so nobody could see us there.

"Don't be mad. Actually I wanted to surprise you and taking the ring was Isabelle's idea. She told me to make you feel miserable first so when I purposed you would receive the shocker-effect."

"Damn… she helped to find that ring just now, I am going to grill her to the bone when we got home," I said. I find it quite funny how I was fooled and surprised. Jace laughed beside me at my statement. Then, he produced a chain from his back pocket. Our promise ring hangs on the chain.

He kissed me softly and smiled shyly. "Though I'll give it back to you,"

I smile sweetly at him, "Yes," I said I turned around so my back was facing him. He collected my hair in his hands and pushed it aside to my shoulder. He put the chain on me and I could not stop grinning. He kissed my neck and I felt his smile.

"You are so beautiful," he kissed me once more and looked at me in the eye with a smile, "But I am so glad, I am so happy today, you make me happy, you always do, I love you,"

I smile and tears threatened to fall again but Jace kissed the corner of my eyes and I laugh. "I love you too Jace,"

** Today **

"Are you ready?" Luke's voice snaps me out of my thought. He looks at me with such pride and awe. He is my father, always. I smiles and hook my arms in the crook of his elbow.

"Yes, I am," I say with courage. And he smiles at me.

Luke walks me down the aisle and I could see him there, standing and waiting for me. He smiles at me warmly and smile back shyly. When Luke and I reach the end of the aisle, Luke take my hand and put it in Jace's, he take my hand with such grace and promise.

Luke says to Jace, "Take care of my baby girl," and Jace nod at him promisingly.

I stand next to him. Jace look at me with awe, "You look so beautiful," he whispers and I flush crimson red.

Reverend Justin looks at us both with a smile and nod at both of us as an indication to start the wedding. He starts the opening speech but neither Jace or I listen carefully to it, both of us were so sucked in our own bubble.

"Would you like to say your own vow?" Reverend Justin asks us and we nod. Jace take a deep breath and look at me.

"I, Jace Lightwood, promise to you, Clarissa Morgenstern to go through this life with you when it's hard or easy, when it gives us sadness or happiness. I will share my everything, secret or thought, what I see and what I hear, what I own, I will share it all with you. I will take care of you in every way I can, I will sit next to you when you are sick, I will laugh with you when you laugh because your laugh is the rhythm to my ears, I will kiss away all you tears and I will hug away your pain because it will hurt me more when you're hurt, I will cherish you in every way I can because that is what I do and I will spoil you with my love and I won't fail your expectations, I told you before, I love you and I will love you until I die and if there is a life after that, I will love you then."

I almost cry when I hear him say so. My throat is tight but I go on with my vow to him.

"I, Clarissa Morgenstern, promise to you, Jace Lightwood to fight next to you in this battlefield of life, when it give us lights or darkness, when it give us Heaven or Hell, I will give you my heart, body and souls, I am all yours, I will take care of you in your sickness because I could not bear to see your suffering. I will smile and laugh along with you because my life would be pointless if I don't, I will cry with you and I will make you feel better afterward whatever it takes, because I want to fall asleep and wake up next to you the next day, I want to give up my all to you because you own me now and forever, I love you and I will love you because you love me."

That's it, I cry. Jace also shed a tear. His eyes are bright, burning to me.

Reverend Justin smile and nod to both of us. "Now, will you Jace Lightwood, take Clarissa Morgenstern, as your wife?"

"I do," Jace answers and my heart stop beating for a while.

"Will you, Clarissa Morgenstern, take Jace Lightwood as your husband?"

"I do,"

"You may kiss the bride," Reverend Justin says and he step back.

Jace take me in his arms and kiss me passionately and lovingly, claiming me now and forever. The crowd cheers and claps but all that I know right now is Jace is mine and I am Jace's. Forever.

- The end of One Day of Fun-

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