Warnings: graphic Yaoi. AU. OOC.

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Pairings: Hidan/Itachi. side pairings: Sasori/Deidara, Kakuzu/Suigetsu.

An: I wanted to publish this for Hidan's b-day, but this comes earlier just because there will be more. I will write Hidan with different characters for his b-day not just Itachi... Itachi just came first that's why this is so early. There will be two parts to this... no more. The next one will be published shortly after this one... depends. Stupid title... I know.

... With love.

His hands slid over the planes of silky smooth skin, his fingertips meeting two rosy perked up nipples, his lips caressed perfectly defined jaw line, his ears catching the tiniest sounds of pleasure as his mouth met parted plump lips, his fingers slid into silky long hair...




He stared at the ceiling long enough to realize it was just a dream, with a groan he turned on his stomach biting his pillow. Well no shit, happy birthday to him.

That dream though was a good start of the day or maybe it wasn't since it reminded him of what he couldn't do in his waking hours.

Snarling and growling like a hangover possessed ninety year old he got up from his bed stretching his muscled arms towards the ceiling.

After half an hour he was groggily walking down the road ignoring a girl who gave him a smile, he couldn't understand what was so joyous at eight in the morning...seriously.

Five minutes in the morning air was enough for him to start shivering even though he was dressed in jeans and a vest and a shirt and a jacket over it and the hell he even had a black scarf wrapped around his neck contrasting with his platinum coloured hair, that was last year's present on his birthday from his friend Itachi.

He had this very bad relationship with cold weather, he didn't want to admit it but it was true and his closest friends noticed, well he guessed it was hard to hide it when he was spending more time in his bed with a snotty nose than he spent in school.

But whatever, it was a start of the April the weather should have change to warm soon enough, it should have already but this year seemed to hate him.

He looked down at his black jeans...he didn't get it, they were normal jeans, thick fabric you know, why the hell he was so cold... and his lovely scarf was warm too he wished he could wrap it around his head and freezing ears without looking like a dork.

"Hidan! Come over here I'm waiting! Stop daydreaming."

Lifting his head he smirked. Kakuzu, his classmate and best friend was scowling terribly, already sitting in the car with the large hands on the steer, Hidan scurried around the car popping his freezing ass in the passenger's seat and banging the door shut having to grit his teeth not to moan because of the warmness in the vehicle.

"Dude...it's not that cold!"

Hidan looked sideways at his friend pulling his black scarf over his nose. "I-I know, its j-just my fucking imagination." He spat out sarcastically. Of course it was his imagination, he had a damn good one if it could make his teeth clatter madly. He saw Kakuzu smirk to himself like that bastard always did.

A packet was dropped on his shaking knees, wrapped in a dark green paper, it reminded him of Christmas, Kakuzu was starting to drive without a word as he picked the object up with his pale fingers unwrapping it somewhat steadily.

He was kind of... surprised when he laid his eyes on the wristwatch laying in a black neat box, he could tell it was an expensive one which made his heart flutter since he knew very well that Kakuzu loved his money and he hated to part from it. The watch was all in black design suited to match every occasion and every colour he might ever wear, except the watch's hand which was purple, fuck it matched his eyes.

"Fuck me..." was all he could get out, he wasn't even sure Kakuzu would remember, he was sure the bastard has forgotten since there was no mentions of his birthday the days before... he glanced to his side, Kakuzu was still smirking faintly.

"No thanks...and I take it you like it?"

"Fuck yeah, thanks dude."

"Someone helped me to pick it out."

Hidan's attention was moving from the watch he was already putting around his wrist and his friend's still smirking face.


"He told me not to tell you, so I won't."

"Oh man...c'moooon!"

"No moaning will help you here."

"Fuck, but c'mon I want to know, with whom you were willing to go around shopping and actually listen to their advice?" he realised his voice was becoming whining but seriously his friends smirking features were starting to majorly creep him out.

"Well actually it wasn't like I was listening to his advice about the thing, it was more like he just picked it up shoved it in my face and we both agreed to it."

"Well fuck. It sure as hell couldn't be Deidara, then it would be with sparkling diamonds or something, c'mon dude, this will nag me." yes, now he was whining, he saw Kakuzu slightly crack up because of Deidara's comment but otherwise his friend looked determined to drive him insane with this matter as they slowly drove closer to the large grey building that was their school.

"It definitely was not Deidara, I rather put my head in a scalding water than willingly go anywhere with him. He's louder than you."

"Just tell me! I won't fucking tell the guy you told me!"

Oh but his bastard of a friend was enjoying himself, he could tell.

"No Hidan... and look we're here."

With a growl he got himself out of the car instantly pulling his scarf over his nose wanting it to be actually big enough to wrap all around his body, he wouldn't mind to look like a black mummy, they can laugh all they want and how those girls could bounce around half naked he simply didn't understand.

He and Kakuzu was walking for the large building, Kakuzu silent as usual and Hidan wanting to pray further but he decided to get inside first before his teeth start to clatter again.

Too bad he was attacked from behind. Arms wrapped around his neck and a rather light being leaned on him fully as he kept his ground able to smell the sweet scent of the creature on his back before he even turned.


"Hidan, hm! Happy birthday!"

And then in a swift move the guy was before him, Deidara's blonde long hair shining as usual even without the sunlight and the undoubtedly pretty face sparkling with such great happiness that it really was contagious, he received a smack on his shoulder and fingers squeezing his cheek as if he would be a child, it could be worse so he didn't mind...much.

"We absolutely need to hang out tonight Hidan, hm! Surprise parties suck ass and there was no way to get it done, and there's only five of us anyway, so that's not really a party material and you probably wouldn't want anyone else there, hm so let me do everything and we can have the little hangout at your house!"

"Uh I dunno, can we go inside and then t-talk?" oh great he was starting to shake from the cold again.

"But wait, hm no, I wanna..."

The blonde was cut off as Kakuzu the always silent voice of reason grabbed the blonde by the upper arm and then grabbed Hidan by the upper arm, guiding them for the entrance of the school.

"Amazing as it sounds it is possible to talk and move your legs at the same time." Kakuzu said and Hidan seeing his best buddy grin knew all too well that Kakuzu knew something he didn't.

All the normal people removed their jackets, Hidan did too but he kept the warm scarf unable to part with it till it would be a middle of the fucking summer.

He was scowling and waiting for Deidara to stop ogling the mirror, he swore the blonde looked perfect but there was no reason even try and assure the blonde, Deidara was just obsessed with his long shiny hair.

Kakuzu standing beside him was typing in the cell phone scowling, Hidan was left lazily looking around, he couldn't understand why Kakuzu always insisted to get to school earlier than absolutely necessary he had a hunch that the guy simply was horrified to actually be late someday...nerd.

And then suddenly the other things and people around him dulled out, there was a warm hand on his arm, he turned.

"Hey Hidan..."

That voice was his undoing, always.

It was calm and soft and...it made him melt and he was suddenly warm and he was sure if Itachi would just talk more he would just as suddenly be hot regardless to weather or season.

Itachi gave him a smile when he didn't greet back, just watched the divinity before him. Itachi's deep black hair were pulled back in a neat low ponytail with bangs around the pale delicate and flawless face, the big almost black eyes enhanced by the long black eyelashes, they gave Itachi a feminine feature but in the most perfect way he could imagine.

Hidan's purple eyes despite his better judgement moved up and down Itachi's body taking in the body dressed in tight black jeans and a crimson button up shirt with black buttons the sleeves rolled up slightly revealing pale wrists with a bracelet on the left one, the bracelet identical to the one around Itachi's pale swan-like neck, Hidan knew Itachi never takes those off.

Itachi looked perfect as usual. The things and people around him were still all dimed as Itachi leaned forward giving him a light hug murmuring a happy birthday in his ear, this was when he started to feel hot, but the hug was short, just Itachi's style all composed and reserved. His face blossomed in a smile, his arms wrapped around his friend loosely returning the affectionate gesture.

"Hey Itachi..." he murmured pulling back when Itachi did, he did so reluctantly though but it was okay because Itachi's hands moved up and he was watching the beautiful face as the guy fixed his scarf, wrapping it around his neck two times and then making some sort of knot that he couldn't do, he usually just wrapped it around his neck and then tied it like a drunkard would tie a shoe lace, however he decided to judge Itachi's fashion lesson later, right now there was two black eyes he had to watch.

When those black eyes slid on his wrist he smirked inwardly. He caught the weasel!

It was Itachi who helped Kakuzu pick the wristwatch! How else Itachi would know there was a new attachment to his wrist.

And seriously, who else if not Itachi...he should of guessed straight away when he decided that the watch was perfect, only Itachi could pick something perfect for him, like the scarf around his neck.

And no it wasn't a normal black scarf it was a black perfect one, because there were scarves that were too thick too thin too rough too smooth too silky too short too long and so on and so on...but this one, the one that Itachi gave him last year was fucking perfect.

He couldn't help it, he grinned, Itachi was pulling him to the side by his hand and he happily followed.

If he was honest then this year the perfect present from Itachi would be a kiss...he had been abusing Itachi in his dreams for so damn long, something real would be nice for a change.

But Itachi instead looked at him somewhat shyly. "What are you doing tonight...after school or later?"

"Nothing." His answer was instant.

"Well I presume Deidara will insist we all meet up anyway... but the thing is...you're going to get your present later...I'll come over to your place weather there will be or won't be a party if you don't mind."

"I'd mind if you wouldn't."

"Well, I'll meet you at lunch then..."

Another fix of his scarf though he was sure it already was perfectly fine, not that he minded.

"Yeah..." he murmured and sighed watching the divinity walk away, the noise in the hallway came back when Itachi's backside disappeared from his view.

He jumped when an overly large hand that could belong to none else than Kakuzu smacked his shoulder, growling he followed his smirking friend with Deidara bouncing around them already planning what should they drink and what should they listen at the party meant for five.


At lunch as usual he was sitting at one table with Deidara, Kakuzu, Sasori, and Itachi, the table suited in a corner, this was their table. No jokes either, they had damn well claimed it and all of them were ready to fight for it with their lives. It was well known and no one even tried to occupy it anymore.

Sasori the silent and always near sleeping redhead had given him a bunch of CDs surprisingly with the bands he actually liked so that was one problem solved with what should they listen... he kindly passed the CDs to Deidara and the blonde actually nicked a box in his notepad...such a dork.

Hidan though was at his wits end, Kakuzu was sitting right beside him seemingly ignorant to everything, munching down a sandwich.

"Dude, what the fuck? You've been smirking around me all day...what is it shit-face?" there was a hot cup of coffee in his hands, he wasn't actually needing coffee he more enjoyed the hot cup and not the liquid itself.

"Nothing...nothing at all." The big guy retorted looking at the sandwich and not him, but since Hidan was glaring right at his best friend he saw the brunette jerk suspiciously like someone would have kicked him under the table, Hidan's purple eyes narrowed to slits as he slowly turned to the occupied space across from Kakuzu.

Itachi was sitting across from him looking down and writing something in a notepad which was normal, Deidara was sitting across from Kakuzu devouring an apple and Sasori was visibly sleeping next to the blonde with the drool sliding on the table.

"Okay tell me what the fuck is it or there's no hanging out today!" he demanded looking at Kakuzu, his angry expression though changed to that one of pain as his shin was kicked hard.

It was almost funny how Itachi jumped up looking shameful.

"You missed Itachi!" he growled out leaning to rub his pained leg. He realised it was meant for Kakuzu alright, he wasn't dumb.

"No, I'm sorry...my leg jerked."

Now Hidan was laughing, it was priceless...Itachi even blushed.

"Yeah I believe you Itachi! You two are up to something!" he pointed his finger at Itachi and Kakuzu when the black haired weasel sat back down still giving him an apologizing look.

"They're no, hm... I would know, but I don't, so they're not!" the blonde chirped folding a paper tissue in neat square lifting Sasori's head and putting it under the redhead's mouth, Hidan stared for a moment and then shook his head deciding to live with it... whatever those two were planning he was bound to find out...


"Hidan...?" Kakuzu asked him when they were in Kakuzu's car driving home, they all agreed that they would come for Hidan's house around eight in the evening.


"I've meant to ask for ages already... I mean, I know you right...you like Itachi don't you."

Hidan froze and it had nothing to do with the temperature in the car. No one knew. He hadn't said anyone. Not even Kakuzu to whom he actually trusted fully... so it was noticeable.

"Uh what...like...like what?"

"Oh c'mon dude, do you seriously think I would judge you? What I mean is... I know you like him but I wonder why you're not making a move."

He was looking straight forward chewing on his upper lip, there was no point to deny it, Kakuzu knew him a bit too good it seemed.

And what could he say to that... he wouldn't admit he was scared shitless.

"He wouldn't reject you... he likes you."

"How the fuck would you know?!" it was a question and an accusation at the same time, god forbid Kakuzu knew Itachi better than him!

"Hidan...even Deidara has noticed...it's hard not to. I mean take this morning for example, Itachi is always so damn reserved yet he always finds a reason to touch you somehow...those are shy advances but they are advances nonetheless. He's shy..."

Hidan's tongue was numb along with his brain and body, his cheeks felt warmer than usual and he hoped really hard his friend would remain with the eyes on the road.

"Well think about it I'm not about to nag you I'm just saying if you would stop staring at his ass and actually get your brain work beyond the gutter when he's around you'll notice just what kind of looks he's giving you."

Great, now he was just plain embarrassed and probably resembled a tomato with violet eyes.

It got worse when Kakuzu stopped the car near his house and turned to look at him, he looked at his lap cursing himself, he was kind of into shock he was sure otherwise he would jump out of the car already.



"I'm the same dude, so how about if I don't come alone tonight for your party? I know you don't like new people much but..."

All the embarrassment left him just like that and he once more was able to look at his best friend.


"Um yes, I have someone."

"Fuck me! Is that why you seem so damn...sneakily happy?"


"Man, sure you can bring him! I might not like new people but if it's someone you're able to stand I can try too."

Kakuzu gave him a low chuckle. "Actually I'm sure you two will get along perfectly, you're kind of...similar, oh damn I better not think too deep into that one."

To that Hidan nodded approvingly. "Yeah okay...meet ya later then."

"Yeah. Oh for yours and my sake bring some real booze, you know Deidara's taste...I just don't agree with martini." He was already out of the car feeling the cool wind trying to freeze his blood.

Kakuzu smirked. "Itachi agrees though."

"Fuck you!" he shot back smirking, he just knew he will get teased now because of Itachi, there was no avoiding it, he banged the door shut and hurried for his house.


At seven o'clock he had managed to take a shower and dress himself anew, since they were just his friends he was dressed in his favourite and comfy as fuck jeans with faded black designs, his black shirt was left open revealing a crimson vest underneath and his feet was bare and hoisted on the coffee table in the living room, his hair annoyed him, he had neglected the hair gel and left them falling in his face, he decided to fix that, it really was annoying.

Just when he was about to get up and hunt down a nice globe of hair gel there was a knock on the main door and then the door bell rang too, groaning he went for the door...someone sure was early.

Grimacing he opened the door his violet eyes landing on Kakuzu then moving to his best friends side where a rather extraordinary young male was standing and grinning. Light, the lightest light blue was the colour of the silky looking hair, so light that they were almost white as his...but they were blue alright, the eyes were violet and they were one of those eyes that were sparkling with mischief, the guy had a lean body and shorter than Kakuzu.

"Hey dude, this is Suigetsu, Suigetsu Hidan!"

When Hidan still looking in the mischievous eyes extended his arm he was pleasantly surprised to feel the strong handshake. "Hey dude, happy birthday, Kakuzu's been blabbing about you quite a lot, here's whiskey." A bottle of yellowish liquid was passed to him by the grinning creature and Hidan's violet eyes widened slightly seeing a little almost cute fang longer than normal rubbing into said Suigetsu's lover lip.

"Thanks, come in." he moved aside receiving a pat on his shoulder as a greeting from Kakuzu and a grin too.

The two apparently love-birds moved for his living room, Hidan noticing Suigetsu's clothes were all neat and perfect, actually the guy was one of those high maintained guys... like Itachi and Deidara but the Suigetsu's attitude seemed laid back.

"Oh man...its fucking hot in here! Seriously it's near baking, I'm going to melt here."

Hidan was chuckling now, he was about to go and hunt his hair gel but Suigetsu's words kept him at the door to his bathroom.

Kakuzu's low voice reprimanded Suigetsu to stop whining already, pretty much like he always got reprimanded by his best friend, it made him smirk inwardly.

Still Smirking he went for the extra heater he had in the living room by the couch, to keep him warm, he switched it off musing how he already liked Kakuzu's taste in men.

"There...Itachi would have made me turn it off anyway not to mention Deidara who would scold me about wasting unnecessary energy or something of the sort."

"Uh huh... Itachi Uchiha, eh?" Suigetsu inquired and Hidan just nodded dumbly, for a moment there he was about to glare at Kakuzu in case his best friend thought it's wise to inform this Suigetsu guy about his crush.

"I know his brother Sasuke."


"Yeah, not that we're friends or anything I just know the guy... he's a loner."

"Hmm..." was all his reaction to that, he had seen and he had heard about Sasuke from Itachi, he knew the younger didn't associate with people much.

He returned to his task to get his hair slick, opening the bathroom door, Kakuzu was moving for the stereo and Suigetsu seemingly was engrossed in the sacrificial knife hanging on the wall.

His hand reached for the tube of the clear liquid...and there was another knock on the door and then the door bell rung. He cursed grabbing the hair gel anyway. "Kakuzu, get the damn door."

"I'm busy."

"C'mon! Open the door!"

"Cant... I'm busy."

"Fucker." Growling he went for the door dropping his loved hair gel on the couch.

Deidara looked happy as usual, smiling widely and hugging him wildly Sasori next to the blonde looked half asleep or on drugs, Hidan could never tell.

"Come in...stop hugging me, it annoys me."

"No it doesn't, hm!"

It did.

He went back to his living room retrieving his hair gel while Kakuzu was introducing Suigetsu to the newcomers and while Deidara was squealing and literally examining a wide eyed Suigetsu, it looked like Suigetsu will start to chew off the blondes head when Kakuzu glared at Deidara and then actually slapped Deidara's hand when it was sliding through the light blue hair with the blonde ecstatic about how silky they were.

Chuckling he opened his hair gel about to use it, damn it but Deidara bounced on him unsuspected and the tube fell on the floor...he was getting annoyed.

"Hidan, Kakuzu's being a jerk, hm!"

To his horror Deidara decided to slide those delicate fingers through his platinum locks.

"Jesus Dei, you have a hair fetish or what? Leave my fucking hair alone... and let me finally gel them up!"

"Noo Hidan, leave them like that, you look gorgeous like this...its sexy, hm! Right, Sasori?"

Too bad Sasori was sitting on the couch next to Suigetsu leaning over the arm rest to the side and no doubt sleeping. It would be really hard not to notice Deidara's blue eyes soften up looking at the dozing redhead, Kakuzu seemingly noticed too because the next moment the big guy stood up and pulled Suigetsu along, Hidan used the moment to push on the blondes shoulder.

"Go ahead, make sure he doesn't drool over the whole couch!"

Deidara was gone by Sasori's side brushing the red soft looking hair, seriously the blonde surely had energy for both of them.

He looked at the lonely looking hair gel tube on the floor, leaning down he reached for it.

The door bell...

"You must be shitting me! Kakuzu get the door!" he wasn't panicking but he knew its Itachi and he still hadn't made himself decent, meaning his hair falling all over his face surely messing with his style making him look cute or shit like that! He was retreating for the bathroom.

"Get your own door I'm going for the kitchen to prepare drinks."

"Deidara get the door!"

"No un Sasori is sleeping on my knees, it would be cruel to move, he just got comfortable too, hm!"

"How the fuck did you even got him here... carried him? Fuck, fine...shit!" that was all his patience the tube was thrown in the opposite wall and he went to get his own damn door with his hair all soft and...just not right!

But the sight of Itachi deflated his fury instantly, he looked the black haired beauty up and down gulping when he noticed Itachi's hair were left loose for a change and Itachi was wearing godlike black pants hugging the slender legs and hips perfectly, a black shirt doing the same with the torso, the top buttons left undone showing him a patch of tasty looking pale skin and the necklace with three ornaments.

Itachi smiled and before he could say something Itachi was once more hugging him loosely, he was ready to die or melt in a puddle of mindless goo when Itachi's pale nimble fingers slid in his hair, the black eyes following the action.

"I like your hair like this, I mean...uhh, yea."

Since he was now a brainless animal he just watched Itachi, unable to speak, his brain numbly registered that it surely was easy for Kakuzu to say that he should get his mind out of gutter in Itachi's presence but it was hard to do.

"I brought you whiskey since I know you don't like soft drinks."

"Thanks..." he murmured able to talk again when Itachi's fingers left his hair, he jerked his head trying to get the annoying bangs out of his eyes and shivered all through when Itachi touched his hair again brushing them back. And then Itachi was moving past him and kicking off the sneakers, shrugging off the black velvet jacket and slipping the black socked feet into one of Hidan's slippers, which was okay since he never used them and they were more like Itachi's slippers anyway.

"Go and meet with Kakuzu's...friend in the living room I'm gonna help Kakuzu with the drinks." He instructed still feeling somewhat numb.

Itachi just nodded and went for the living room the hips swaying slightly but he of course noticed anyway.

He joined his best friend in the kitchen where Kakuzu was surprisingly grinning to himself as the big guy prepared six glasses. Hidan was about to startle his friend but Kakuzu seemingly had eyes somewhere in the back of the head.

"Do you think I need to get a drink for Sasori too? I think he's in coma actually or getting there."

Hidan chucked leaning against the counter inspecting a bottle of martini brought by Deidara. "I think he's stoned."

"No way dude, not with Deidara as his best friend... if Sasori would be a druggie the blonde would kill him and then commit a suicide."

"Well in that case he has some...disorder... I mean c'mon."

"Yeah..." Kakuzu agreed lazily taking the ice cubes out of the freezer. "Was it Itachi at the door?"

"Yeah, I told him to go and meet Suigetsu." he said and then he decided to take a peak at his living room, surprised when Kakuzu joined him, their heads pressed together as they observed Itachi shake hands with Suigetsu and then Deidara pounced Itachi giving the raven a bear hug causing for Itachi to fall over the coffee table, Hidan all nerves, was about to run and rescue his crush like a real hero but he was stopped by Kakuzu holding his arm, so he watched and smiled when Suigetsu grinning madly helped Itachi back on the feet while Deidara was apologizing in a screeching voice waking Sasori in the process.

Yeah, he loved his friends.

"Suigetsu seems to be a cool guy." he stated still watching, he felt Kakuzu nod.

"Yes he is."

"And he's hot."


"What? It's a fucking compliment...don't you think Itachi is hot?"

"Hm, Itachi seems more on the cute side, don't you think...Suigetsu is...wild."

"Okay dude... no more about that, I don't want a mental image involving you. Fuck, I just got it... I need whiskey!"

They both chuckled helping themselves to the whiskey and then heading for the living room.

He had two couches across from each other with coffee table in the middle and they all somehow managed to get in them comfortably, the first discussion of course was about Suigetsu and Kakuzu and how they met and stuff and then Kakuzu said what kind of relationship exactly he was having with the blue haired guy, so that caused Deidara to squeal and hug Kakuzu congratulating them both, Itachi as he noticed blushed crimson but smiled, he knew Itachi well enough to know that this was not a surprise for the weasel, Hidan guessed that Kakuzu and Itachi really were on better terms than he thought. Sasori once again woke up from Deidara's squealing and looked to the side where Suigetsu was sitting with Kakuzu's hand protectively on the knee.

"Who are you?" Sasori slurred out and everyone took that as a cue to crack up, Suigetsu managed to grin through the laughing and pat the fragile looking redhead on a shoulder.

"I'm just a stranger in your dreams...there." Suigetsu pressed the lightest imaginable kiss on Sasori's pale cheek. "...Go back to sleep."

Sasori did.

They all were cackling madly trying not to make too much noise, Deidara however didn't look happy sliding the fingers through Sasori's hair crouching by the couch.

"Don't make fun of him, hm. He's exhausted, he doesn't sleep very well during the nights!"

Itachi got up smiling seemingly stealing everybody's breaths away...or maybe it was just him.

"We're not making fun of him Dei...he's just Sasori, we love him."

There were few agreement sounds made and Hidan made one too chugging his whiskey and observing Itachi's plump lips kissing the rim of the glass as the raven sipped the martini.

Either he was drunk either Itachi just glanced at him shortly and oddly, actually Itachi seemed kind of fidgety tonight, he would call it nervousness but...just something was off.

Well into the evening when everyone seemed lightly buzzed including himself Sasori woke again this time actually managing to stay awake, the redhead was introduced with Suigetsu properly and even as much as gave a lethargic kind of smile to the blue haired grinning guy who by the way looked very comfortable in Kakuzu's lap and what was even more surprising for Hidan...Kakuzu seemed in peace with the whole world.

Except when Suigetsu apparently decided it's absolutely normal to kiss his boyfriend in front of everyone...then Kakuzu gained pink cheeks but kissed back nonetheless.

"Dude...no! I refuse to look at it, seriously!" he was serious but he was also chuckling and kind of happy for his usually lone friend. Suigetsu turned and stuck out a tongue that was just playing with Kakuzu's.

Deidara's giggling from the kitchen got their attention it sounded like Deidara got Sasori to drink coffee, which meant the redhead would be rather lively for approximately half an hour, a loud crash came from the kitchen Deidara's voice followed.

"Hidan, was that ugly blue vase valuable, hm?"

"What if?" he called back noticing Itachi landing on the couch next to him, their legs touching.

"It just got killed in action, hm!"

"What action?"

Silence...followed by another crash.

"What are you fucking idiots doing there?"

"I'm teaching Sasori how to dance, hmm."

"In the kitchen? Dumbass...drunken idiots..." he groaned noticing Itachi's glass empty so he kindly filled it up, not to get Itachi drunk of course it was just a nice gesture... that's all.

"Uh no Hidan, I'm dizzy." Itachi murmured looking at him with the obsidian eyes, the long eyelashes fluttering.

"No, no Itachi... here let's have a toast for Hidan." Kakuzu said raising his whiskey, Suigetsu following the movement with a dreamy grin. Itachi joined and Hidan could only smirk inwardly about his best friend as he filled Itachi's glass once more and then did the same with Suigetsu's.

"Yes, happy birthday Hidan!"

He almost barked out a laugh, that was totally a double toast he couldn't get smart who Kakuzu was trying to get drunk Itachi or Suigetsu but he opted for the later since Kakuzu's hand slid higher and higher Suigetsu's thigh with each sip the blue haired consumed.

He and Kakuzu, ah they were evil but hey, whatever works in the name of happiness.

"You think the silence means Deidara succeeded to learn Sasori dance?" Itachi's calm voice sounded around the room just loud enough to hear it above the music.

"Let's take a peak, might be funny." he offered already standing up with Itachi's wrist in his hand.

His eyes sparkled up when he watched Itachi sway and blink as if to clear the head then clutched on his arm and followed him for the kitchen.

He wasn't ready therefore his jaw hung low when his violet eyes laid on the sight of Deidara being, rather savagely for such a sleepy guy, ravished against his kitchen table... like, seriously Sasori had pinned the blonde real good sliding the hands over Deidara's sides, his jaw dropped another degree when Sasori of all people growled and grabbed two handfuls of Deidara's ass.

When he heard the blonde squeak he decided that this really is real and he's not being delirious, dumbly he turned to look at Itachi...Itachi was standing beside him looking pretty much the same as him except for the red cheeks and the fact that Itachi's eyes were hooded in a drunken way.

"Sasori, hm..." the blonde moaned and shivered when the redhead dived in the tanned neck, well as far as Hidan could see Deidara didn't mind the attention judging by the flushed cheeks and Deidara's hands sliding under Sasori's shirt.

He was pulled away by Itachi, he let the weasel drag him away but he wasn't pleased.

"I don't want them having sex in my kitchen."

"Oh c'mon Hidan they're not gonna have sex...I think, let them enjoy."

With Itachi he couldn't argue so he reluctantly let Itachi to pull him for the couch where he sat down with Itachi following, missing his lap by few unfortunate inches.

"Well?" Kakuzu inquired filling Suigetsu's glass up along with Itachi's, oh yeah Hidan was convinced that they both wanted someone drunk and willing.

"They're...making out."

Kakuzu's eyebrows shot up at Itachi. "Didn't see that coming."

"Yeah." Hidan agreed.

"I did, when I kissed Sasori's cheek Deidara was growling." Suigetsu chuckled sipping his drink, the cheeks gaining colour slowly because of the alcohol consumed, Hidan pleased noticed that Itachi's did too.

And judging by the way Suigetsu was staggering for the bathroom at least Kakuzu might get lucky tonight, that is if they hadn't done it already, that Hidan didn't know, but he guessed they hadn't.

"He's really nice Kakuzu and he seems to like you a lot." Itachi breathed out having a tiny sip from the sparkling glass.


They turned their heads to the side where Deidara was standing along with Sasori both looking somewhat dishevelled and red cheeked.

"We're gonna take off... we remembered we had to...uhh we had this...project, hm!"

"Yeah right, have fun with your project."

Did they really thought they would be able to hide it from them if those two got together, Hidan didn't believe it was possible, somehow they would have found out anyway. He hated the society making them hide in the closet for fear of shunning.

Itachi fidgeted again when the blonde and redhead had left.

"He's been there for ages Kakuzu..."

"Yea, yea...I'll check on him."

When Kakuzu left, Itachi fidgeted again. "You okay Itachi?"

"I'm drunk..."

"That's not it...you seem...nervous and anxious."

"No, I'm just dizzy and err... don't worry, I'm fine." the raven murmured holding one hand over the other hands wrist.


"Yes Itachi?"

"H-how do you... I mean Kakuzu said...uhh... how do you look at them?"

"What do you mean and what Kakuzu said Itachi?"

"Never mind..."

"Oh c'mon Itachi." he moved closer getting a sniff of Itachi's mild cologne. "Did you mean to ask how I look at them like a couple though they're both guys?"

Itachi didn't look at him but nodded taking another sip of the martini.

"Well..." this was it, he had to come clean, if what Kakuzu told him in the car was true, he had to do something, admitting that he was gay was something. "I'm kind of-..."

"Uh Hidan?"

Thanks for the interruption. He turned, looked up at his best friend being clutched on by a hazed blue haired minx, the said minx was seemingly trying to climb up Kakuzu's body or something like that. Yeah, someone looked to get very lucky tonight.

"I'm gonna take him home, he's probably had too much... I'll call you tomorrow, bye Itachi don't forget you still owe Hidan a present."

With that said the couple went for the door, well at least Kakuzu did, Suigetsu more like floated and got dragged and pulled and in the end carried.

Hidan however started to feel nervous... he was alone with Itachi... and Itachi seemed all drunk and blinking lazily, looking at him almost dreamily.

The sight was pillow humping worthy.

"Umm Itachi... if you're planning to go home like this I'm afraid I won't let you unless you want me to walk you home, but I think—"


"Yes, Itachi?"

"Do you want your present now?"

He nodded dumbly already wondering what could Itachi give him it didn't look like Itachi had anything, he could tell there was nothing in Itachi's pockets, those pants were that tight.

"You know...umm I kind of helped Kakuzu to pick your present and he kind of helped me to decide to give you mine."

"You're confusing me...but yeah, I figured you helped him."

"Well, do you feel like...unwrapping it now...here?"

"Itachi... you're still confusing me."

"I'm gonna show you."


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