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"I'm gonna show you."

With that said Itachi moved and Hidan was drooling watching Itachi stand up, give him a tiny smile and then straddle his hips, sitting on his lap.

This was the best thing that had ever happened to him! Seriously!

"Itachi." he croaked out putting his hands on the black haired beauty's hips wondering was it okay and wondering what exactly Itachi had in mind. This definitely was a lovely position to give someone a birthday present...intimate you know.

"Just say something before I run off and never look back." Itachi lifted his left wrist and shyly pulled up the sleeve revealing an indigo purple lace tied in a neat bow.

His violet eyes snapped back to Itachi's black ones.

"Are you serious?"

"Say something..."

Hidan was... he couldn't even describe how he felt, his brain tried to produce excuses that probably Itachi meant something else with this, but the bow around Itachi's pale wrist just... just... blew his sanity.

The thing Kakuzu said about Itachi in the car, about Itachi being shy, it was true and he knew it, they all knew it, that's why this...this huge gesture, the fuck it was an offering you might say...Hidan realised Itachi is about to get off of him and really run away, the black eyes looked down as he simply stared, Itachi's cheeks flaring.

And it was was more than enough, it was perfect, what else did he expect from Itachi than perfect?

Putting his hand behind Itachi's head he leaned forward not entirely gentle, he smacked their lips together but the kiss was short, he felt the smooth lips and then pulled away keeping their faces close as he inspected his crush, Itachi looked at him barely just to look down again.

"Itachi, you're not fucking with me, are you?"

Itachi shook his head in denial taking a deep breath. "No... I'm not... I... I really like you."

His mind was listening but his body was already accepting the present, his hands slid up Itachi's side one trailing the chest, his fingertips sliding over the set of little buttons.

"Itachi?" he croaked, attempting a sweet smile, probably succeeding only half way making his expression dumb. "Don't be shy... I like you too... I've been crazy for you for so damn long."

This time Itachi leaned into him pressing their lips together and Itachi was the one scooting closer and arching into him perfectly when his hands laid on Itachi's back stroking down and simply trying to get closer, his tongue licking soft lips that parted and let his tongue roam and taste, explore.

Itachi's hands entangled in his gel-less hair pulling just hard enough for him to growl and feel his already awakened libido rage making his hands squeeze and feel every soft curve he could find on the perfect body on his lap, he avoided the most intimate parts though not wanting to scare Itachi away.

The kiss went from exploring to deep and hungry he was pining Itachi's tongue down and growling when it made the raven emit a cute whimper, his hands were feeling up Itachi's chest and the slender arms, he was trying to map Itachi in his mind, to remember each curve and turn of the body.

When he pulled back he was panting, so was Itachi, looking at him still shyly but not embarrassingly anymore, the red cheeks remained red and Hidan rather liked it. Itachi's lips parted and gasping for air that he adored.

"How about I start unwrapping?" he teased, his fingers catching the first of the buttons, he watched Itachi look down looking close to a heart attack and Hidan wondered how Itachi got the courage to make such a courageous first step.

It was perfect, when he was undoing the little buttons one by one and his lips were caressing the smooth skin revealed, with Itachi shivering on top of him and whimpering when he sucked the pulse point, it really was perfect. He was hard and he was sure Itachi felt it just like he felt Itachi's arousal but he didn't feel like he should be shy about it, it would be strange if his body wouldn't respond to such great stimulus.

When he had discarded Itachi's shirt, he moved his hands over the soft flawless and deliciously pale skin going to the shoulders and down the slim arms, his hand went around a pale wrist and he lifted it in between them grinning as he pressed a kiss where the purple neat bow was resting, watching Itachi watch his moves with the black eyes half lidded and warm.

He kissed Itachi then, determined to show that he wasn't all about lust, trying to show that he really, really cared.

Itachi whimpering into his mouth and bucking into his hips changed his resolve completely, with a growl he fisted the silky hair devouring Itachi's mouth, leaning forward and grabbing the naked back with his other hand meshing their chests together.

He wanted Itachi, he wanted him bad.

His cock twitched in his jeans when his hands grabbed two perfect round ass cheeks feeling them through Itachi's pants.

Itachi pulled back from his mouth but he didn't hesitate he dived in the swan-like neck biting, sucking licking and damn it, Itachi's little ass was making him insane with lust, his hands rocked Itachi's hips into his own hearing the loveliest sound so far.

"Itachi..." his voice was raspy and low with lust and arousal, his violet eyes half lidded and his broad chest heaving. He pulled Itachi in some sort of hug, brushing the black hair away from a pale shoulder tracing the porcelain skin with his hot lips. "You're so damn perfect."

"Hidan..." Itachi sounded just as breathless as him, Itachi's hands tugging on his shirt made him grin and lean back pulling the piece of clothe off along with the vest, as soon as he did, hands traced his muscles the black eyes following the movement but Hidan was impatient, he needed to claim the rosy lips again so he did, brushing their naked chests together.

"Itachi...we should move for the bedroom, what you think?"

Itachi's long eyelashes fluttered and there was a short nod of approval, hardly believing his luck he scooted on the edge of the couch gripping unto the yummy ass cheeks, lifting himself and Itachi up making sure his hands grasp Itachi's backside real good... for safety reasons.

He carried his lovely present for his bedroom, trying to calm down a bit, seeing Itachi's black eyes slide over him as he put Itachi down on the bed on the back and remained atop settled between nicely bent slender legs.

He had been dreaming and fantasising for far too long, that's why his body rebelled against him making him shiver and press his face into Itachi's neck where he breathed in the mild scent of freshness and something addictively warm.

"Fuck, Itachi..." he couldn't say it out loud but he was quite honestly scared shitless for the first time in his life, he just knew he will fuck this up somehow.

Maybe the black haired god under him understood, he didn't know, he just felt Itachi's fingers comb his hair more affectionately than anyone had ever done, not that many people had ever tried...but anyway, Itachi's hot breath was on his ear followed by a hot wet tongue, then a kiss was pressed on his neck right under his ear, Itachi's lips moved on his jaw line nipping and caressing pulling him upwards with the hands in his hair till plump lips met his, he didn't hesitate to taste them again.

The kiss deep, made so by Itachi's pulling hands in his hair and by his hungriness making him push Itachi's head back in the pillow as he plundered the hot mouth grinding his crotch into Itachi's slowly but roughly, pleased to hear the small sounds of pleasure, they were alluring to no end.

He was still kissing Itachi to his heart's content as his hand sneaked downwards popping the jean button open half hoping that Itachi wouldn't notice it, when he pulled down the zipper the beauty under him squirmed and pulled him away from the kiss by his hair, while his hand made way into Itachi's jeans and boxers Itachi grabbed on his wrist emitting a whimper of his name but it was too late because Hidan was watching Itachi closely as he wrapped his fingers around the hot and hard flesh he found in Itachi's boxer briefs.

"Ah, Hidan...nh." Itachi hips jerked upwards pushing the hot cock into his hand harder, responding he gripped it tighter growling when a warm trickle of liquid eased his hand-job, he wanted to look down between them but Itachi chewing on the lower lip was a sight good enough.

He turned his attention on the little perky nipples playing his tongue and teeth over them never stopping his stroking hand and fingers feeling the hard flesh in his hand pulse pretty much like his own was doing in his jeans, sucking the rosy hard nub in his mouth hard he heard Itachi mewl, it made him jerk and groan, the spikes of pleasure shocking his system.

"Ah H-Hidan stop...I'm-."

He stopped but only to kneel up on the bed, his body starting to shake with the anticipation but he was pretty Itachi was oblivious to it since Itachi was gasping and looking at him with the pretty eyes in mere slits, Hidan put his hands on Itachi's undone jeans swallowing hard to be able to speak.

"You okay with this?" he asked meaning the fact that he was more than eager to get Itachi naked under him, to his great pleasure the raven blushed incredulously and swallowed so hard he actually heard it.

"I...yes... Hidan?"

"Yes Itachi? Whatever it is, tell me..." the urge to please Itachi was overwhelming, fuck his own hurting and demandingly throbbing man-piece, it could wait, if need be he would fight it off...whatever...this was about Itachi.

"I didn't mean this like- like a... one time...birthday fuck, you know."

Oh but Itachi was so shy about those words, he could understand that but the thing was that those words just made him happy. He never wanted Itachi as a onetime fuck anyway, and that was pure truth no matter how brash he might be.

"Itachi, this is not a onetime fuck... you don't do those with someone so close as you are to me." And that was probably the sweetest thing he had ever said and the closest he had gotten to a love a way.

His friend-turned-more under him gave him some sort of a sweet version of a smirk, he guessed it was a smile actually, he just hadn't seen it on Itachi's lips till now, the black eyes were shining like he hadn't quite seen them shine before either, Itachi's hand cupping his cheek and the thumb caressing his lower lip assured him that Itachi liked what he just produced from his lust intoxicated brain.

When Itachi's hips bucked up he took it as a sign to remove the pants already, so he did pulling the fabric down the narrow hips. revealing little black boxers and milky smooth thighs twitching when he discarded the pants and slid his large hands over the pale skin having to use a little force to get Itachi to spread the slender legs but when that happened he groaned caressing the skin with both his hands gripping the supple flesh, feeling Itachi under him shiver, hearing Itachi moan deeply, he guessed Itachi's inner thighs were sensitive, the legs parted more when his hands felt up the beautiful planes of flawless skin.

He couldn't pray his magenta eyes off of the sight below him, he watched his hands moving over Itachi's legs, he watched the hips buck under his touches and Itachi's boxers bulging.

"I want you naked Itachi... fuck, I want you Itachi." he growled leaning over Itachi and colliding his mouth with the hot one underneath, his hands worked on his needs and tugged and pulled Itachi's boxers down having to shift to Itachi's side awkwardly, but he managed and pulling back from the sweet tasting mouth he had one perfect naked creature under him breathing heavily and looking at him wantonly, maybe a bit shy too but the blushing cheeks only spurred Hidan's libido.

His eyes once more roamed Itachi's body hardly believing the gorgeousness and definitely appreciating it.

Giving sucks, gentle bites and sure licks to the pert nipples he moved lover trying his best to give all the perfect body much deserved attention ignoring the way his cock twitched every time Itachi let out the tiniest sound, his mouth moved for the belly button, he dipped his tongue in it wriggling it around, smiling when Itachi arched slightly, Itachi's long fingers entwined in his platinum hair not pulling just holding him surely, more or less he was sure that Itachi was just sensitive by nature which was a turn-on in itself.

His mouth moved lower still, his tongue tracing the barely there happy trail, the little black hairs shining wetly along the pale skin as his tongue moved over it.

"Hidan no...don't, not there."

Of course he knew what Itachi meant, he was slowly but surely moving for the pinkish erection laying rigidly on the flat stomach...he pulled back only enough to look at Itachi's flushed face.

"I know you're stopping me only because you're shy...that's why I won't listen." with that said he made himself comfortable laying down, his hands laid on Itachi's hips so that Itachi's legs were over his arms, he was sure Itachi freaked out for a moment, but there was no way he would let Itachi deny something just because of shyness, as far as he was concerned under him was the most perfect being on earth and that was that.

He took the tip in his mouth giving it few licks seeing Itachi's mouth part with the lower lip trembling before Itachi let out a keening sound bucking into his mouth, he realised Itachi was doing it unconsciously or more like, there was no helping it, nonetheless his hands tightened their grip on the frail hips as he took more in his mouth... as far as he could, which was all the way since Itachi wasn't freakishly large, it really was a blessing no matter what people said about cocks and their sizes.

Itachi however mewled and almost sat right up on the bed when he applied suction. His hair was grabbed rather harshly with one of Itachi's hand the other was abusing the sheets roughly, he couldn't see the pretty face since Itachi had sat up but when Itachi talked it sounded like done through gritted teeth.

"Hidan gods...that's- oh, fuck...Hidan, I'm gonna come, y-you have to...stop!"

It was almost funny how Itachi said that while pushing him down on the hard hot flesh dripping down his throat, smirking inwardly he sucked harder trying to massage the thick vein underneath with his tongue.

Itachi emitted few more keening sounds and then the hand in his hair was pulling him back, he let it happen only to be able to talk.

"Mh, Itachi, I really want you to relax, just enjoy..."

Itachi was shaking his head in a weak denial gasping for air and barely looking at him, he didn't wait for Itachi's shy mind to decide, he took the pretty pink flushed flesh back in his mouth while his hands sneaked under, grasping the firm ass cheeks lifting the little backside up just slightly to take Itachi deeper in his hot mouth.

Itachi's reaction was beautiful.

Itachi moaned in a surprised, shocked way and slumped back on the bed, arching the chest towards the ceiling and to Hidan's pleasure he found Itachi's slender legs lifting up till the heels were digging into his back, he didn't mind for his head to be boxed in by such smooth and flawless skin, not to mention the fact that it was simply sexy to see Itachi let go and give in to the pleasure.

A sharp moan was heard as he swallowed on the hardness feeling it leak into his mouth, and then Itachi was coming undone, the lean form jerked and then went rigid with the hips raised up, Hidan's hands squeezed the ass cheeks that's when Itachi's seed started to spurt into his mouth, he swallowed, not that it was entirely tasty but he didn't mind, it was Itachi after all.

His name left Itachi's parted lips as the raven fell back on the bed after the jerking of the pleased body stopped, Itachi's chest raised and fell heavily and when Hidan managed to crawl up he pressed his mouth on Itachi's already parted one kissing the slack mouth till Itachi kissed back, lazily though.

He was rather surprised when he pulled back and Itachi chuckled shortly licking the plump lips before Hidan's hungry purple eyes. He raised his eyebrow in question and Itachi smiled at him shocking him by locking the naked slender legs around his hips loosely.

"No, it's just that...The whole present thing was meant to be... me pleasuring you not the other way around."

Smirking he pecked the lightly swollen lips and moved up to go through his drawer. "Not to worry, I assure you I'm enjoying my present and to tell you the truth, it's definitely the best I ever had."

That was sweet he realised, but... fuck it.

When he returned to his rightful place, between Itachi's legs he had ridded himself of his jeans and he had an unused tube of lubricant in his hand.

He was about to ask is it really okay to continue, cause dear god or whatever would listen, he was hurting pretty damn much and his boxers were kind of showing off his need since they were light blue, the wet patch where his pre-cum were soaking them, however Itachi stopped him from forming words or even coherent syllables by putting a pale hand unto his boxer covered cock giving it a squeeze and a firm rub, that pretty much turned him into a growling clutching beast. His hand went under Itachi clutching the ass cheek and his face pressed into a swan-like neck growling his lust on it.

At least his beauty heeded his previous words he guessed, he felt his boxers being pushed down his hips as far as Itachi could reach, he took it from there squirming out of them and took the lube, kneeled up between Itachi legs and tried to open the plastic on the little tube. Tried being the key word, it wasn't even funny... his hands were shaking and the plastic was a real cock-blocker refusing to give into his savage tugging and even his teeth trying to rip it.

Itachi chuckled and took the tube out of his hands, the nimble fingers catching some kind of strip surely with a 'open here' written on it and tugged, the plastic coming off easily enough for him to feel like a hormonal barbarian.

Itachi's cute smile made him feel better though and he took the lubricant squirting some on his hand before he laid back over Itachi and nudged the pale leg, his hand moving between them till his slick fingers met wrinkled ring of muscles, Itachi gasped and clutched on his shoulders, Hidan though noticed Itachi's black eyes were on his... dripping cock between them, Itachi sure made him growl staring at his pride like that. That however changed and Itachi tensed when his finger breached the opening, pushing inside the heat.

"Nn-uhh Hidan, it feels weird."

Hidan's his purple eyes went wide, his finger stopped wriggling and he was sure his heart stopped for a moment too, just to start beating much harder than entirely necessary.

Itachi had said it felt weird.

"Itachi, you haven't...fuck." his suspicion was proved to be right when Itachi seemingly just then realised what he had said, the raven flushed red and looked to the side almost pouting, which looked surely adoring but...damn!

"Well, who gives a used present to someone, anyway?"

"Oh god!" was all he could muster, he really hadn't thought Itachi would be a virgin... well at least in this particular department, but whatever... his own erection was now twitching and leaking, begging for a cherry.

He resumed the wriggling of his index finger in the virgin heat. "Well I'm glad you told me, even if you didn't mean to." he grumbled with a smirk, seriously Itachi's expression said him that Itachi was almost scared that he might change his mind. Silly Itachi.

Instead another finger joined the first one having to squeeze in tightly. "Try to relax..." he murmured kissing, sucking and simply using his mouth on the flawless neck under him, moving for the chest, paying some attention to the already reddened nipples.

He dared to bite one of them rather harshly and push his fingers deeply, Itachi arched and whined grabbing on his hair just as roughly as he was biting, Itachi's ass pushed back on his fingers and he took that as a permission to add another finger, forcing it inside with a growl, he seriously didn't know how much longer he would be able to keep his sanity.

"H-hurts." Itachi whispered so low that he almost missed it, for a moment he thought Itachi referred to his intruding fingers but when his hair were yanked hard he realised he should release the skin between his teeth before he let his mind focus on the heat and tightness around his fingers.

He pulled back his lips and tongue gently soothing the now angrily red little bud.

"Sorry, got carried away." He murmured pushing his tongue into Itachi's mouth before he started to thrust his digits into the tightness harder and spread them slightly just to widen the small space somewhat, Itachi's hips were bucking slightly on his fingers with their hot erections rubbing along each other.

Hidan was trying to find and rub the magic button, eager to see Itachi's reaction to it and when he got it he was sure he would never see something so beautiful ever again, Itachi arched, threw the head back the face flushed and the pretty mouth parted letting out a loud mewl of his name, Itachi's backside wriggled desperately making him groan and press his fingers hard into Itachi's gripping tightness, hands frantically looked for something to grab onto settling on his shoulders, digging the short nails into his skin.

Hard panting came from Itachi, the one of shock and surprise, the neat black eyebrows knitted together forming a pleading expression.

"Ahh Hidan, what...fuck, more, do it harder!"

He definitely liked the demanding and pleading tone, sure as hell only Itachi could combine an order with a plea. Smirking he retreated his fingers and then pushed them back inside hard and rough hoping that he really would hit the same spot.

"Like this?" he teased when he apparently did hit the prostate again, Itachi jerked and Hidan watched Itachi's eyes close and then roll back, mouth falling open producing a wanting sound.

"Yes...mhh, like that."

The fact that Itachi was actually answering was so erotically shocking to him, he liked his partners talkative and loud yes, but he had never tried to fool himself that the silent and always collected Itachi might actually be that way.

As a reward he repeated the moves with his fingers quite a few times fully enjoying Itachi's sounds and the body responding to him, he enjoyed Itachi growl too when he pulled his fingers out. It made him chuckle, needy Itachi was something he had dreamed about every other night.

By now he was shaking all through, he kneeled up once more grabbing the lube and squirting more than was necessary on his hand hissing and jerking as he smeared it over his burning length, he so wanted to close his eyes and just come right then, his neglected cock loving his own hand more than usual, but he let his now wet and slick cock go, his violet lusty eyes sliding over Itachi's body.

He laid over Itachi one of his hand guiding his cock for the prepared little, hole he pressed on it with the tip watching Itachi's face under his gain more of the red colour but the black eyes stayed locked with his this time.

"Itachi... ready?"

For an answer Itachi gripped his shoulders tighter and smooth legs wrapped around his hips high enough to give him easy access to the cherry he craved, Itachi's wet lips brushed on his ear. "Yes, yes I am, Hidan... I want it... you... I want you."

So he did, feeling like the luckiest bastard on the planet, he breached the tightness growling when the head of his cock popped inside forcefully, he didn't stop from then, hearing the sharp yelp he pushed on till he was almost completely inside.

He didn't mind the pain coming from Itachi's nails digging into his skin roughly or the pain coming from the teeth piercing into his neck or the pain of his cock being squeezed too tightly. He took it all with gritted teeth and scrunched up eyebrows but that all was simply to force back his orgasm wanting to take him over right then and there.

"Relax, Itachi." he gasped out, he was concentrating on Itachi who seemed frozen, never letting go of him, clutching on for all its worth. "...Breathe."

Itachi then exhaled sharply and hissed starting to tremble under him, the teeth and nails left his flesh as Itachi gasped for air hungrily, Hidan felt the impossible tightness around his length calm slightly.

"You okay?" he managed to get his words understandable but it was still all raspy and guttural, he was slightly concerned about Itachi's trembling never easing but getting worse.

"Y-yes... it just hurt more than I expected."

"It gets easier with time." He assured rocking his hips slightly.

"Mhh..." a tiny sound but it was a moan nonetheless he started to move faster, smiling down at Itachi cheekily when the raven started breathing heavily after a short while and the hips bucked to meet with his every so often, his pace was smooth even if it was too slow for his liking and his raging need to pound but he sped up only when Itachi's legs around him started to flex trying to get him to move faster... he couldn't deny someone like Itachi, now could he?

Could not.

When Itachi whispered a shy 'harder' he complied varying his moves searching for Itachi's sweet spot, he was sure he hit it dead on when the Itachi cried out grabbing the sheets pulling him inside hard with the strong legs, Hidan gasped sharply as he was now buried to the very hilt and Itachi wriggled on his cock hard letting out a rather animalistic growl when it seemingly was rubbing Itachi the right way from inside.

"Oh that feels amazing... Hidan."

Itachi's voice drove him mad, he couldn't wait to experiment with his beauty when they would be more used to each other, he sure as hell would enjoy Itachi talking dirty some day... he could wait.

Grinning at the thought he pushed himself up on his arms hooking one of his arms under Itachi's leg pressing the slender limb to Itachi's side as he started a new pace making sure he's hitting the prostate, judging from Itachi's cries and loud moans and the drool sliding down Itachi's cheek he was managing just fine.

"Fuck, Itachi you feel so...fucking good." He growled well into this amazing sex, his strong body was starting to sweat, his moves got harder and sharper, his hips snapping forward roughly without worrying of hurting Itachi. The sounds Itachi was producing was his guide and he was sure as hell he was doing nothing wrong.

"Hidan ...ahh! I'm-ah, close... don't stop." Itachi mewled the pretty face red as red one could get naturally, sweat covered Itachi as well now, the pale lean body writhing under him, Itachi's head started to move from side to side as if he wouldn't be able to handle it anymore.

Hidan almost regretted pulling his weeping erection out of Itachi when that one growled and whined opening the black eyes clearly asking what the fuck, like some kind of beast and flipped Itachi over on the stomach using his strong hands, Itachi gasped and then yelped when he pulled Itachi's hips in the air and pushed back in the welcoming heat.

From then when Itachi pushed up on all fours Hidan wasn't able to keep his own pleasured sounds at bay, he let it all out, hissing, growling and groaning his hips moving fast and hard, his eyes sinfully watching his hard cock repeatedly glide into the pretty pink hole stretching it further and slicking it further with his pre-cum, his hands were gripping Itachi's hips just as tight as Itachi gripped the sheets below pushing back on him wriggling and arching perfectly to show Hidan the curve of the spine, Itachi's silky hair falling over the pale sweaty shoulders and Itachi's pleasured cries filling his room and his ears.

This sex was pretty much perfect for him... he knew it all along, Itachi was just perfect all through.

"Mmm Itachi, I hope you're close... fuck, I'm losing it." he really was losing it, he leaned over Itachi biting on a pale shoulder supporting his weight with one hand on the bed as the other refused to let go of Itachi, parting the cheeks to get deeper as his moves got harder yet slower, he was so close.

"I'm... Hidan... ah...nnnnghh!" with the last desperate sound Itachi was pushing back on him hard denying him to move grinding and rolling the hips, all Hidan could do at the moment was growl and grab unto Itachi's cock feeling it already emptying itself, he made sure he pleases it properly as he himself was coming and he honestly didn't remember the last time he had come so damn hard, his face scrunched up and he bit down on Itachi's neck once more, feeling Itachi shiver under him still rocking the perfect backside unto him hard, they rode it out, there was no other way to say it, they both didn't stop until there was just no reason to move and if they would it would probably hurt.

Gasping for air he pulled out and away pretty much falling on the bed and helping Itachi to turn on the side, he wasn't about to let Itachi move away even an inch, he was pretty content with nuzzling his face into black hair as Itachi rested the sweaty cheek on his shoulder.

"Itachi... you okay?" he asked when he had managed to catch his breath and Itachi sounded breathing calmly too.

When Itachi didn't answer he moved upwards chuckling when Itachi mumbled his name and snuggled closer...

Well... he was kind of happy as he fell asleep.


One year later.

"Fuck Itachi...that's right baby, ride me harder, mmh... fuck."

Itachi chuckled the slender legs flexing as his beauty bounced on his rock hard erection, Itachi's chest was exposed but the black shirt was still hanging on Itachi's shoulders and arms.

Hidan had demanded the same present and he got it, except that they had been together for a year already and had admitted to each other their love.

Kakuzu and Suigetsu were their closest friends, Itachi got along better with Suigetsu and Hidan of course still thought Kakuzu was his best friend, but anyway...around him life was rather good.

Sasori was more energetic lately than ever before having the too lively blonde kicking him left and right into action.

So yes, he was rather happy with his life.

His back arched on the bed when Itachi fisted his hair and pulled them hard making him snap his hips upward knowing all too well that it will make Itachi scream at the ceiling in bliss.

He smiled ecstatic when Itachi did just that...

Itachi was perfect... Itachi made him happy every day, made each day feel special.


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