;the idea hit me and made me wonder how Jack Frost would've reacted if he knew such a young child was traumatized and orphaned in such a crule way. My first crossover fan fiction! I dont own the Avengers or ROTG just the plot and any OC's;

Summer time. The one time of the year Jack Frost left the city of Brooklyn untouched by snow.

The spirit of Winter flew over the city hoping to get to the town of Burgess in time so Jamie and his friends could "cool off" before the heat became to much.

"Woah!" He yelled as a small plane went zooming past him. "Watch it!" The small plane started to decent to the earth at top speed. "Where they going in such a hurry?" He asked aloud flowing the small air craft.

The plane had landed on the parking lot sized front lawn of a large white mansion. The place looked like a wreck.

The front doors had been blown clean off and all the windows where shattered. Large chunks and cracks in the white stone and a gaping hole in the side destroyed the walls.

Several small planes where resting on the lawn while dozens of people walked or ran around. Some of them where armed with rifles and other weapons while others wore white medical robes or simple police uniforms.

"What happened here?" Jack asked walking around trying to get a better look if the situation.

A man wearing a black suit walked out of the mansion wiping his hands off with a towel. He was probably the size of Jack with dark brown hair that swooped to one side and probably the most unique beard-mustache combo the winter spirit has seen.

The man walked strait up to a much taller African American guy with an eye patch. Even though it was 90 some degrees out side he was wearing a black trench coat, gloves, shirt, pants and boots.

"Where is she, Fury?" The burnet man demanded the moment he was in ear shot. "I'm surprised you showed up, Stark." Fury said waving off the question. "I thought you'd be back at your tower working on your suit."

"Don't give me that bullshit." Stark practically growled. "Where is Katherine?"

"Kat," Fury corrected him. "Is getting checked over and cleaned up by the medics." "I swear to god, Fury." Stark threatened. "If anything happened to her I'll-" "Calm down, Stark." Fury said waving a had.

"Calm down? Calm down? My sister and brother-in-law where just murdered under your watch!" Stark barked jabbing Fury in the chest.

"That's a tough day, pal." Jack said walking behind Stark. "But who's-?"

"Uncle Tony!"

A little red headed girl with a face full of freckles came running towards Stark. She looked no older than 4.

Tony picked her up and instantly death hugged her. "God damnit, Katherine..." He muttered. "Are you alright?"

The little girl pulled away from her uncle so she was looking at his face. Her large moss green eyes seemed to be on the verge of tears. She nodded in reply before asking: "what's going to happen to me now?"

"You and I are going to go home." Tony told her giving her a weak smile. Katherine's lip quivered. "I don't want to go home." She cried. "I want my mommy and daddy back!" At that, the four year old shoved her face into her Uncle's shoulder and started to cry.

Jack watched in horror as four men wheeled out to large body bags on top of stretchers.

Her.. her parents are dead? But...but shes so young...

"I know Kath- Kat. I know." Tony told her while ruffling her hair. He stared at the two oversized bags, probably wondering which one contained his sister's body.

"Your going to come live with me now." Tony told her while he walked to the sliver car parked at the end of the driveway. "At the Tower. It'll be like a big sleep over. Pepper will be there too." Kat sniffed. "A-and Rhodey?" She asked.

"Of course. Rhodeys there right now even." He told his niece while buckling her up into the car. "We'll make cookies and play hide and go seek like we do every time you come over."

Jack stood where he was, expression still in horror as the silver car pulled out of the drive way. The whole situation sunk in at once. Her parents where killed. Who would've done something like this... to a little kid.

The winter spirit shook his head, snapping out of his horror and flew after the silver car.

Jamie and his friends could wait. Right now, this little girl needed help more than anyone.

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