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2 weeks have past since Katherine's first nightmare, and they've ceased to end since.

Jack made constant attempts to comfort Katherine, but every time she had a nightmare the four year old went running into her uncles bed room before he could do anything.

The spirit of winter sat on the window ledge like he had been for the past two weeks watching over Katherine while she watched old Christmas specials on TV.

Tony came walking into the room wearing a business suit holding something behind his back, a proud grin on his face.

"Hey, Kat, I got something for ya." He said kneeling down to her level.

The four year old scrambled off the couch and jogged to her uncle. "What?" she asked. Tony pulled a large doll out from behind his back.

It was a little larger than Katherine with gold "skin" with red patches around it like armor. In the center of the chest was a glowing circle, similar to the one Tony had in his chest.

Katherine squealed and instantly dead hugged the stuffed doll, then her uncle. Jack chuckled while she thanked Tony a million times.

"You know I'm going to be gone for a 2 days." He said while she backed away. "This is for you when I can't be here. Look, it's even got its own arc reactor in it."

"Come on, Tony." Pepper said walking wearing a pure white business suit. "We're going to be late for the meeting." "Pepper!" Kat exclaimed running to her and holding up the doll. "Look why Uncle Tony gave me!"

Pepper smiled and shook her head. "Another ironman doll? You better have not put laser beams in this one."

"Who the heck gives a little kid a doll with laser beams?" Jack asked taken aback.

"It was a rememberable Christmas, wasn't it Kat?" He asked standing up. The four year old giggled as Tony ruffled her hair.

"Be good for Rhodey. He'll be here in a half an hour or so." Pepper told Katherine while hugging her. "Be good alright? And no lab under any reason! Do you understand I do not want you to set off any explosives or getting into your uncles suit do you understand?"

"Yes." Kat said scuffing her heel against the floor.

"Lab with explosives and a doll with laser beams?" Jack thought smirking a little while Tony and Pepper left and Katherine went back to watching her Christmas special. "What kind of family is this?"


Few hours passed with out much action. Rhodey came a little after Tony and Pepper left to watch Katherine.

To pass the time He told her surprisingly interesting stories about his missions in the military and about Tony becoming a hero known as "Ironman". The way Rhodey described Tony, he sounded like a big-headed show off.

Later that night, Rhodey left to get him and Katherine some dinner. The four year old fell asleep again on the couch, this time cuddling her ironman doll.

Jack sat on the ledge making the windows frost over. She'd been sleeping for 30 minutes now. Maybe she'll make it through the night.

Not even 15 minutes later, Kat woke up screaming again. She hugged her ironman doll close and started to sob into the fabric.

Jack started to panic a little. Rhodey wasn't back yet and Pepper and Tony wouldn't be back for a few days.

Wait... Tony!

Jack suddenly had an idea. Using his finger he drew a rough drawing of Kat's ironman doll in the frost He had made.

The four year old looked up from her doll from the noise Jack's finger was making against the glass. Once he was done, the spirit of Winter made the ironman peel off the glass into a glowing blue figure standing on his hands. Just below his feet the window was opened just enough for the ironman to fly through.

Jack released him and the icy blue figure flew around the room.

Kat gasped in awe as the iced-ironman flew around the room leaving a trail of frost behind him. The four year old giggled while she jumped up and down turning in circles to keep up with the fast moving figure.

It spun around her several times before busting into a light snow. Katherine laughed while trying to grab the snow flakes.

"Kat?" Rhodey asked walking into the room a large pizza in his hands. "What's going on? Where'd all this snow come from?"

"Did you see it?" Kat squealed jumping up and down on the couch. "Did you see it? Did you see it? It looked like Uncle Tony and it was glowing and it flew around and it made it snow!"

Rhodey laughed and shook his head. "Yeah that's nice Kat. Come on I got us some pizza for dinner." "Yay!" Kat cheered jumping off the couch and taking Rhodey's hand while he lead her to the kitchen.

Jack sat back down on the windowsill and couldn't help but feel happy with himself. He had gotten Kat to stop crying and even make her laugh. Maybe next time he could even get her to see him.

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