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Katherine sat at the counter in Stark tower eating her dinner while telling Pepper about meeting Jack Frost.

"-and then Rhodey walked right through him! I don't know how but Jack said he couldn't see him and he couldn't! Then Jack had to go and he promised he'd be back." She finished while munching on a chicken finger.

"Sounds like you had a crazy dream last night, Katherine." Pepper said while filling out work papers.

"It wasn't a dream." Katherine said defensively. "He was really there." Pepper looked up from what she was writing and smiled. "Of course he was." She said. "And tell me, did Jack let you try on his hat?"

"Jack doesn't wear that fairy costume." Katherine said matter-a-factly. "He prefers his hoodie instead. And to be bare foot. Oh! Oh! And he uses his magical staff the moon gave him to make it snow!"

Pepper shook her head and smiled. "He sounds like a very fun guy." She said getting back to her papers.

"He is! He's the guardian of fun! He told me himself! And he fought the boogieman!" Kat said jumping up and down in her seat.

"Who fought the boogieman?" Tony asked while walking into the kitchen. He grabbed two of Kat's chicken fingers off her plate and walked out of her reach before she could snatch them back. "Jack Frost." Kat said pulling her plate closer so Tony couldn't take anymore.

"Didn't Katherine tell you?" Pepper asked. "Jack frost came while we where gone and gave her a visit."

"What the little guy in the blue tights?" Tony asked with his mouth full of chicken. "He doesn't wear fairy costumes." Pepper said resisting the urge to laugh. "Apparently he wears a hoodie and carries a "magical staff" that makes it snow."

"Does he?" Tony asked. Kat nodded. "Wow he sounds cooler already. I'm heading down into the lab be back up when ever I feel like it." He said stuffing the last but of chicken into his mouth.

"Can I come too?" Katherine asked turning in her seat. "Absolutely not." Pepper said sternly. "You are not going into the lab. Not until your older anyway." Kat scowled but nodded.

"Don't worry Kat." Tony called while walking down the steps leading to his lab. "I'll bring you a repulser-ray gun to play with." "Tony don't you dare!" Pepper snapped while Katherine giggled.

After a few minutes, Peppers cell phone started buzzing. "Hang on." She said walking away to answer the call. Kat took her empty dish to the sink and placed in dishwasher before she heard a tapping on the window.

"Jack!" She exclaimed happily while running over. Sure enough, the guardian of fun was kneeling on the window ledge grinning at the four year old.

She opened the window and he hopped inside only to be instantly bear hugged by the four year old.

"I missed you too". He laughed while ruffling her red hair. "So where's your aunt and uncle?"

Kat cocked her head sideways and furrowed her eyebrows. "Uncle Tony is in the lab. And who?." She replied. "You know the red haired woman that was sitting with you a few minutes ago." Jack said.

"Pepper isn't my aunt." Kat said. "Oh." Jack said running a hand through his silvery hair. Better make a mental note of that.

"So." Jack asked changing the subject. "What do you want to do? How about we go make a... a fort?" Kat's bright green eyes lighted up at once. "Can we? can we?" She asked jumping up and down.

"Yeah." He replied laughing a little. "Do you have any blankets?" Kat nodded and took Jack's hand and dragged him to the upper floor.

The four year old opened a closet door at the end of a hallway to shelves full of blankets and pillows.

"Uncle Tony keeps them in case we have guests." She said trying to pick up 3 large blankets and a big pillow. She hobbled backwards and almost fell over.

The guardian of fun chuckled and helped her grab piles of blankets and several pillows. Kat lead him to a large room with a boxing ring in the center along with other boxing equipment. The room had a lot of extra space for a decent sized blanket fort.

Jack stuck a large pole into the center of a pile of pillows in the center of the boxing ring. Kat helped him make sure it was sturdy before grabbing blankets and giving them to him to tie around the top of the pole.

Within 5 minutes they had successfully turned Tony's boxing ring into a giant blanket fort. Katherine snuck down stairs and came back with large bowl of chips and two sodas for the both of them.

"-and then I created the largest snow storm I ever made sending Pitch flying out of the sky!" Jack find her while making the scene out of ice in his hands.

"Wooooow." Katherine muttered in awe while stuffing a handful of BBQ chips in her mouth. "Then what happened?" She asked practically jumping in her seat of pillows.

"Then we had a to figure out a way to keep the kids believing in us. So Bunnymund reminded us that Easter was the next day. So we had to go to the Warren and paint all the Easter eggs before the next morning." He continued making Easter eggs out of ice appear in his hands.

"It must be awesome being a guardian." Katherine said picking up one of the ice eggs and tossing it up and down in her hands.

"Yeah it has its ups and downs." Jack replied. "What's the down side?" Kat asked tossing the egg to him.

"Not getting believed in." He thought.

"If I was a guardian there wouldn't be any down sides." Kat mused eating another chip. "I'd get to be immortal and fly around the world and protect little kids and their parents from men with claws and guns. That way they don't have to worry about getting blood on their hands from their mommy and daddy's shirts."

Jack stared concernedly at the four year old. How much gore had this kid seen?


Half an hour later, Kat fell fast asleep, her head on Jack's lap. He rapped a blanket around her and ruffled her hair again.

She'd probably wake up sooner or later. Kat hasn't lasted a night where she hasn't had at least one nightmare.

But she didn't.

An hour or two must've passed and Kat still didn't wake up. She just slept peacefully turning over or twitching in her sleep every once and a while.

"Guess someone's finally getting a good nights sleep." He said quietly.

The door opened and he heard a sigh of relief. "Tony she's in here." Pepper's voice said quietly. "Finally." Tony's voice replied. "I told you she was still in the tower- what did she do to my boxing ring?"

"Guess she's catching onto the family tradition." Pepper said opening the hole in the blankets Jack and Kat used as a door. "Oh, she's fast asleep."

"Right well crawl in a get her." Tony said coming into view. "It's your boxing ring." Pepper shot at him. Tony stared at her for a minute before crawling inside. He picked up Kat in one arm, making sure she wouldn't fall and crawled back out.

"God she's getting heavier." Tony heaved as they left the room. "Tony you don't say that about a girl!" Pepper snapped closing the door.

"And yet another productive day." Jack said opening one of the windows in the work out room and jumping out into the night sky.

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