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Spring time. Where snow melts and the temperature rises. Plants grow back and animals wake up from the long winter. What was the only reason Jack liked spring? Messing with the Kangroo's Easter egg hunts, that's what.

Laughing, the spirit of Winter rocketed down into Central Park where he made small trails of ice on the side walks and strong winds to blow around street venders merchandise. Yep. Spring is the season for pranking.

Hundreds of kids ran through the park on their Easter Egg hunt, looking for the chocolate treats that have been hidden. Jack skimmed the park looking for a particular red-headed 8-year-old genius.

He finally found her talking with two other children he had met not to long ago. They where her first friends that where her age, which made Jack very happy she was finally coming out of her shell.

The little girl, Eri Odenson, (who is also the youngest of the trio) had white blonde hair and sky blue eyes. She was wearing a plaid blue and white sundress with a blow in her hair to match. The boy, Daniel Rogers, was Kat's age. He too had blonde hair, but darker than Eri's, to go with his ocean blue eyes. He was wearing a white collared shirt with khakis. Kat, much to his surprise, was wearing a nice green shirt that matched her eyes with flower patterns on it with jeans and sneakers. Even her hair was down with a green headband to match her shirt.

"Wonder how much Pepper bribed her to dress like that." Jack thought while flying down to the group if kids.

"Jack!" Kat called happily forgetting the eggs they had found and went running over to the spirit of Winter. "Hey, kiddo!" He said while she hugged him. "Happy Easter." "Hi, Jack!" Eri said happily while giving him a hug as well. "Hey, blondie." He said while ruffling her hair. She giggled at her nickname. "And hello to the man of the group." Jack said while giving Daniel a fist bump. "Hi-"

"Oh no! You ain't ruining another one of me Easter egg hunts, Frostbite!" An angry voice yelled. Jack rolled his eyes while the kids jaws dropped.

Standing on two large feet was a 6'0 tall rabbit with blueish-gray fur and symbols on his forehead and arms. He had battle armor on his arms and a belt with colorful eggs looped over his shoulder. In his hand he was carrying a basket with more eggs in it.

"Chill, cottontail. I'm just here to see the kids." Jack said defensively while waving a hand at Kat, Dan and Eri. "And you're still mad about that? it was one Easter blizzard." Bunny scowled at the winter spirit before turning to the trio of kids. His mood lightened up a bit and he smiled.

"And who are these little ankle biters?" He asked in a lighter tone. "I'm Eri." The 6-year-old said cheerfully. "That's Katherine, but everyone calls her Kat, and he Daniel but people just call him Dan."

Kat furrowed her eyebrows at Bunny while he gave her, Eri and Dan one of his special chocolate eggs each. Finally she piped up: "If you're the Easter bunny why do you look like a human-kangaroo hybrid?" She asked tilting her head a little. "Kaaat." Dan whispered while elbowing her softly.

Jack snorted loudly trying hard not to laugh while Bunny scowled at him. "You told her to say that! Didn't ya?!" He snapped. The winter spirit put his hands up in defense while shaking his head, but the fact he was still laughing didn't make it believable.

Eri giggled. "He's not a kangaroo! He's a bunny!" She corrected Kat while scratching under Bunny's chin. The Easter Bunny's scowl vanished and he smiled slightly as he stomped his foot on the ground. "O-oh that's good- Oi stop that!" He said taking a hop away from the six year old.

The kids only laughed at Bunny's reaction. "You're right. He is a cotton ball." Kat laughed. Jack judged by Bunny's threatening look that he should leave before things got worse.

"Well I got to go. There snow days that need to be created." He said as he started to fly up into the air. "Bye!" The three kids chimed together. "Good riddance..." Bunny grumbled.

XXXX time skip to next day XXXXX

After the amusing Easter egg hunt yesterday, Jack had came back to hang out with Kat. The 8 year old had introduced the winter spirit to the DS during the process. They played variety of games but Kat had easily found Jack's favorite.

They where currently sitting on the kitchen counter thumbs Pressing buttons like lightning while both of their faces remind scrunched up I'm concentration.

"What?!" Jack exclaimed angrily. "Again?! What the heck, Kat?!" The 8 year old only smirked. "You only use Ice types, Jack. I don't know what you where expecting." She replied while collecting her wins.

"Best 23 out of 45?" He asked. Kat grinned. "More wins for me!" She cheered and starting the match over again. "Not this time, kiddo!" Jack cheered over her and got ready for the match.

"Agh!" "Haha! Victory remains mine!"

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