Stiles hummed slightly along to his ipod as he made his way through the store quickly picking his way through his mental shopping list as he pushed his trolley around the supermarket. He was just turning into the bread aisle when he caught sight of a familiar head of curls further down the shop.

Frowning slightly he looked around as much as he could but he couldn't see tall, dark and glaring or any of his other puppies in the shop which was a little unusual. Shrugging to himself he meandered down the aisle trying to find the loaf of bread he wanted and trying to ignore the urge to go over.

"Oh damn it!" Stiles grumbled to himself grabbing two loaves and throwing them into his trolley before stomping over to where Isaac was standing looking completely lost as he stared at the freezers. "Heya what you up to?" he grinned.

Isaac started and turned around with wide blue eyes to look at him uncertainly, but Stiles was more horrified when he saw the packs of ready meals in Isaac's hands.

"Oh dear lord, please do not tell me you are buying them!" he exclaimed snatching them from Isaac's hands and shoving them back into the freezer as though they had offended him. Isaac looked from him to the meals and back again shocked.

"Erm, yes?" he asked rather than answered.

"Do you know how unhealthy they are? And how many horrible, fatty additives are in there, not to mention the unhealthy chemicals doing who knows what to your system. Just because you're all grr doesn't mean that you don't have to eat well, I'm sure that even with your metabolism those additives are unhealthy, and well no one wants to see an obese werewolf now do they!" Stiles shook his head.

"But I need food!" Isaac whined staring down at the ready meals.

"What do you normally eat?" Stiles frowned.

"Well…Derek can cook pasta and…egg and chips and…cheese toasties and…steaks and…erm…bacon, but he's not here for the next week and I need something to eat," Isaac was full on pouting, complete with puppy eyes, which Stiles realised to his dread were actually doubly more impressive than Scott's and three times as lethal.

"Alright, fine, come on," Stiles grabbed Isaac's hand and started pulling him further down the shop back to the fridge sections.

"Erm, Stiles I can't cook! Like Derek has banned me from using everything but the microwave and kettle, I'm not even allowed to use the toaster after I electrocuted myself sticking a knife in it!" Isaac protested.

"What? oh geez, no I'm going to cook you something, and I'll do you a few meals for the next couple of days so just tell me if I pick up something that you don't like," Stiles sighed shaking his head.

"You can cook?" Isaac perked up making Stiles have to smother a laugh at the image of him with puppy ears and a wagging tail popped into his head.

"Yeah, my dad I reckon is on about the same skill level as Derek for cooking, so it was either learn myself or survive off the same five meals with only a slight variation every now and then when we have take away," Stiles smiled as he started piling stuff into the trolley. He had experience with werewolves, he knew around about what a werewolf sized portion consisted of.

"Stiles?" Isaac asked halfway around, actually tugging on Stiles sleeve in a way that made the slightly older boy want to pounce on him with hugs.

"Yup?" He managed to reign himself in. Barely.

"Do you know how to cook shepherd's pie with melted cheese on top?" Isaac asked hopefully.

"Yes actually, it's one of my speciality dishes, I swear my dad drools when he smells it cooking. You want me to make one?"

"If you don't mind, you don't have to you're doing enough and…"

"Run back to the fruit and veg and get a medium sack of potatoes, some carrots, peas and onions," Stiles smiled giving Isaac a nudge.

Watching the youngest werewolf hurrying off, that imaginary tail wagging happily again Stiles shook his head as he turned to find mince. It had been nearly three weeks since the whole Gerard, Scott, Jackson thing and things were a little strained between him and Scott. He tried to act as normal as possible around Scott, and the little he didn't manage the werewolf didn't pick up on anyway. But Stiles was seriously hurt by the crap that he had pulled in not telling Stiles what he was planning, not telling him about any of the plan, not noticing that his best friend had been kidnapped and was being beaten up, not even asking where the bruises came from. Yeah Stiles was feeling more than a little bit hurt by Scott's behaviour.

And he hadn't really known what to do about Derek's pack either, he liked them all and he liked hanging around with them when they weren't on their power trips, even Derek! But after what Scott had pulled he reckoned that he wouldn't be very welcome around Derek's pack. The look on Derek's face when Scott had told him that he wasn't his alpha was sitting heavy in Stiles' stomach. This was the first time he had really seen any of them since then.

He started a little when Isaac dropped his armful of vegetables into the trolley and looked at Stiles expectantly.

"Erm, oo good job these all look really fresh," Stiles grinned inspecting the items Isaac had brought, when he looked back up Isaac looked as though he had just been told he got an A++. The rest of the shop was Stiles gleefully mentally coming up with different meals that he could make for Isaac and collecting the ingredients that he needed. The only problem came when they reached the tills and Isaac pulled out Derek's bank card at the same time that Stiles fished out his wallet.

"Its all stuff I'm making you buy though," Stiles frowned.

"And you're going to cook it for me, Derek told me to buy whatever I needed, and he'll be much happier that I ate healthily than not. Plus he'll get really upset if he knows you paid for it," Isaac hissed quietly, aware that the checkout girl and the couple behind them were eyeing them.

"Oh…" Stiles should have guessed Derek wouldn't want him buying things for his pack.

"No, no, its an alpha thing, providing and looking after the pack and all that," Isaac said quickly, reading his expression right.

"Oh, ok then," Stiles shrugged not entirely sure if Isaac was lying but willing to give in as it made sense and they were starting to be given the evils. They quickly had everything packed into bags and Stiles led the way out and over to his jeep where they piled everything into his boot.

"You should come cook it at the house, if you really like cooking then you will love Derek's kitchen!" Isaac grinned as he scrambled into the passenger side of the jeep.

"Are you sure he won't mind?" Stiles frowned, though he was really quite eager the see the Hale house now that Derek had had it repaired and done up.

"Why would he?" Isaac asked looking so genuinely confused that Stiles turned automatically for the turn off to the Hale house.

"Wow, it looks…so completely freaking different!" Stiles exclaimed parking into front of the house in a sort of parking area Isaac pointed to and stared up at the house. It had all its walls and a roof, all new windows, it even had a new porch! It actually seemed to make the area less dark and foreboding, looking quite homely.

Isaac had hurried around to the boot and had already started running backwards and forwards with the shopping nearly emptying the boot before Stiles even got out. Grabbing the last couple of bags he followed Isaac into the large entrance way and then down a small corridor to a kitchen that he was fairly sure he was going to drool over.

"Apparently his mum had a huge kitchen with all the best stuff in it, I think he wanted to make sure the house had that, even if none of us really use it," Isaac said quietly from the doorway watching Stiles stare around dreamy eyed.

"Well, let's break it in a little," Stiles grinned rolling back his sleeves and made his way over to start unpacking the bags. He made a slightly mournful noise when his poking around the cupboards came up with nothing but junk food and easy meals, the freezer was empty except for a box of ice lollies and a bag of ice cubes. Isaac laughed at him from where he was sitting on the counter watching Stiles with an expression that Stiles couldn't quite decipher but he seemed happy so he didn't worry too much.

As soon as everything was put away that he wouldn't be using he set to work making several different meals that could be frozen or refrigerated for Isaac to eat. He chattered away as he worked and managed to get Isaac talking, he spoke about his interests and the things he liked at school - Isaac was a huge Tolkien fan and loved English Lit - he spoke about how he was dealing with being a werewolf. He also spoke about Derek and how amazing he had been, taking Isaac in and claiming guardianship of him when someone had been making noises about putting him in the foster system, buying him more things than he knew what to do with, helping him with his homework and generally trying to make a home for Isaac. Scarily Stiles both picture this Derek and not at the same time.

Stiles laughed as he fended Isaac away from the cupboard as the smell of supper cooking spread through the kitchen, the younger werewolf groaning about how amazing it was and how hungry he was. He pouted when Stiles handed him an apple with a stern look but then before Stiles could do anything he dodged forward and nuzzled Stiles' cheek before he hurried back to sit on his counter and watch Stiles cooking eagerly.

Two hours later he had Isaac chopping vegetables for him and the two of them were standing side by side with a growing number of bowls, plates and tubs filled with food. Isaac had devoured pretty much an entire pan of Stiles' cottage pie to himself, making an almost continual happy growl as he ate that Stiles sort of recognised from Scott as a happy food growl. Now they had music on and were talking easily as they worked together, Stiles was entertaining Isaac with stories from his childhood of some of the things that he and Scott had got up to.

"Honestly?!" Isaac laughed holding his side in pain as a stitch started to form.

"Swear down, my dad handcuffed us together and then attached me to the hospital bed," Stiles nodded.

"You…how do you even blow up a sink?" Isaac choked through his laughter.

"We still have no real idea how we managed it, but a word of experience, blown up sinks give out a lot of water, and my mum was no help, she was practically rolling around on the ground laughing," Stiles grinned at the memory.

"It would have been awesome if we could have introduced your mum to Derek," Isaac grinned. Stiles paused for a second before he collapsed to his knees roaring with laughter, tears dripping from his eyes.

"Oh I totally had an image of my mum smacking Derek on the nose with a rolled up news paper for being too grouchy!" Stiles managed to say, which of course reduced Isaac to the floor beside him.

He let out a groan as his sides ached as he flopped onto his back on the floor trying to get his breath back. Isaac crawled over and rested his head on Stiles' shoulder snuggling close and pressing his nose to the spot behind Stiles' ear. He was a little started, but he had seen Derek's pack doing this to each other a few times, he felt kind of…honoured that Isaac would do it with him, so he just smiled and wrapped his arms around Isaac in a good old Stilinski hug and lay on the floor with him for a bit until the buzzers went and he had to stop Isaac from devouring all the cookies he baked in one go.