"Give that back to me!"

"Its mines now!"

"Jackson I am serious! Give it back!"

"Or what?"

"Or I'll break your arm!"

"Don't think you will!"

"Jackson give me it!"




"Yes! Ah…ew STILES JACKSON LICKED MY BISCUIT!" Isaac shouted through.


"Sorry Stiles!"


"Sorry Isaac," Jackson's huffy voice came through from the living room.

"Isaac is getting half your dessert for that Jackson," Stiles sighed. There was silence for a few moments before a loud crashing noise echoed through to the kitchen. "Derek!" Stiles yelled.

His mate jogged down the stairs and into the kitchen, pausing to give Stiles a kiss before he made his way into the living room and let out a loud threatening growl that had the puppies freezing every time, even though they knew that he wouldn't do anything.

Danny wandered into the kitchen holding the empty plate that had held the biscuits that the pack had taken through while Stiles made a start on cooking supper. He was looking amused which meant that as normal the puppies had jumped to attention like they had been scolded and were sitting in various spots of the room pouting while Derek stood there smugly.

"Every time," Danny chuckled putting the plate down before returning to the living room, smiling a little nervously at Derek as they passed in the doorway. Danny had known about werewolves for two months now and while he was coping with it well, knowing what Derek was, knowing that he was the most powerful of their group still made Danny a little nervous sometimes.

Derek made his way over to Stiles, emanating snugness and alpha…ness as he rounded the counters and wrapped his arms around Stiles from behind, resting his chin on his shoulder where it fitted perfectly. As had become his habit he nudged his nose into the join of the human's neck and shoulder, scenting himself on Stiles' skin, scenting himself on his mate.

Stiles leant back into Derek's hold, turning his head to brush a kiss to Derek's cheek and nuzzling slightly against him, knowing now that he was scenting Derek himself, that any werewolves around would know that Derek was as claimed by him as he was by Derek.

"My dad ok in there?" Stiles asked pulling back after a moment of just breathing in Derek's comforting scent, something he had started doing more and more over the time that they had been together. He wasn't sure if it was something to do with the Alpha Mate thing that Derek kept together about, or if it was just prolonged exposure to people that could smell everything teaching him to be more aware of his own senses. He moved to carry on the supper while Derek snuggled a little closer.

"He's doing fine, I think he was a little overwhelmed but now they have calmed down he's fine again," Derek shrugged. Stiles had also been spending a hell of a lot more time at the Hale Pack House since he had told Scott about him and Derek nearly a month and a half ago, to the point where the Sheriff automatically came to the house for his meals and to see his son daily now. Most nights Stiles would just stay over with Derek, something that they hadn't thought that the Sheriff would agree with, but it would appear Stiles being kidnapped by the alpha pack and Derek literally ripping his way through the pack to get to Stiles had gotten him on the Sheriff's good side.

"I think he manages to forget the whole werewolf thing, even with the flashing eyes until they start throwing each other around like rag dolls," Stiles said amused.

"Mm what are we having?" Derek started sniffing as he removed himself from Stiles' shoulder to lean over it slightly to peer into the pan simmering on the stove.

"Meatballs, a creamy garlic beef gravy and spaghetti," Stiles smiled as Derek hummed happily, smiling that little smile that he only really gave Stiles, the pack sometimes when they were together.

"It smells really good," Derek hummed kissing Stiles' neck and jaw line.

"I'm cooking, stop trying to distract me!" Stiles complained weakly shoving at the Alpha's chest with his elbow, laughing when Derek unwrapped one arm from around his waist to grip his wrist and spin him around, pinning him against the counter with his body.

Stiles glared at him when he smirked, clearly hearing the change in his heartbeat and the scent of his arousal, Derek just leant forward and nudged their noses together before lightly brushing their lips together, not trying to deepen it, just enjoying the contact until he went to pull away and Stiles followed, pushing their lips together firmer and reaching up to hold the back of Derek's neck to keep them together.

Like flicking a switch Derek pressed into him, dominating the kiss and kissing him so deeply that Stiles understood where the phrase your toes curling came from. He moaned slightly against Derek's lips and pressed their bodies closer together clinging tightly onto Derek.

"Oh! Gross! Come on!" Erica shouted through from the living room.

"Mind your own business and keep your ears to yourself!" Stiles shouted through huffily as he and Derek parted.

"I would really rather you didn't burn supper and waited until I left for work," The Sheriff shouted back.

"Sorry Sheriff!" Derek shouted quickly, standing back and straightening his shirt. Stiles shook his head at his mate amused as he straightened himself up.

"You can stir that," Stiles grinned pointing to the gravy he had made as he turned to check on the rest of his soup pans that held the food for the pack.

"Yes sir," Derek smiled that smile again for him as he did as he was instructed. "How was Scott today?" He asked concerned, his green blue eyes watching Stiles concerned as he sighed tiredly.

"He was civil, we talked, he tried to convince me you were after something, I tried to make him understand, trying to use Allison as an example. He get grouchy, we stepped outside to talk where there wasn't the danger of any teens hearing the words werewolf – because we seriously cannot afford to have any more hormones around this place – he caught scent of you on me got all pouty and basically said that you were using me to try and get him into your pack and as soon as you had managed to trap him you would drop me," Stiles winced and grabbed Derek's arm as he snarled and made an aborted movement to do what Stiles didn't know.

"I…I…you know that…" Stiles cut Derek off before he could finish, guiding his hand to his chest over his heart.

"Derek, listen to my heartbeat. I know that that is not why you are with me, I know. I know not a word of that is true," Stiles said firmly.

"You are everything to me. I l…I love you," Derek said softly pulling Stiles into a hug. Stiles was aware of the living room going completely silent. But his focus was on Derek, and the open, and worried eyes staring into his own, nervously awaiting his response.

"I…I…seriously?" Stiles stammered.

"Stiles," Derek winced starting to pull away.

"Woah! Woah! Stop Derek! Its not…I love you, completely and totally, madly in love with you! But I mean, you're you and I'm me and the chance of you even wanting me, the chance of you wanting to be with me is completely unbelievable and something that I still haven't got my head around, because you're all…you and hot, and muscly, and doing pull ups on the doorframes and running around topless and looking hot enough that I want to lick you all over and I mean all over. The idea you could love me is…" Stiles blinked comically when his rant was cut off when Derek sealed his mouth over his and stopped him mid flow.

"I love you. I love you more than anything else. You're my mate Stiles and I love you, so much," Derek swore softly.

"I…" Stiles' voice failed and he pressed his face into Derek's shoulder as he hugged him tightly the words sank into his soul and soothed the worry that had been lingering in the back of his mind since he and Derek had gotten together.

"I'm always going to love you Stiles Stilinski," Derek said softly to him.

"Genim," Stiles said softly.

"Hmm?" Derek pulled back to blink at Stiles confused.

"My name, its Genim," Stiles told him.

"Gen…im," Derek repeated before smiling widely at him.

"I'll always love you too," Stiles smiled softly at Derek.

"Aw!" Lydia cooed from the doorway just as they were leaning towards each other for another kiss. They looked up to see the entire pack plus the Sheriff peering around the doorway clearly watching them.

"There is nothing private in this house from you lot!" Stiles groaned pressing his face into Derek's shoulder knowing he was blushing.

"Nope!" They cried back cheerfully.

"Is supper nearly done? I'm starving!" Isaac pouted sniffing the air.

"Go and set the table," Stiles rolled his eyes pulling away from Derek to give the gravy a good mix.

"I'm not setting the table,"

"Well I'm not,"

"I set the table yesterday!"

"I set it the day before!"

"I do it!"

"Someone do it!" Derek roared. They all jumped and running away, but the sound of laughter and giggling quickly followed after.

"Don't break anything!" Stiles yelled after them.

"I'm happy. For you both," The Sheriff said gently looking between them.

"Thank you," Derek nodded his head eyeing the Sheriff as though he was expecting him to add a but onto the sentence, but the Sheriff just smiled at them before turning to go try and keep control in the dining room.


"How long will supper be?!" Lydia yelled through interrupting Derek before he could even really start.

"Your Pups are hungry, we'll talk after supper…maybe get an early night?" Stiles laughed kissing Derek's cheek before he wrapped a tea towel around the handles of the pan holding the meatballs and nodded towards the pan holding the sauce. Derek pouted at him put moved to pick up the pan and trailed after him into the dining room, barking at the Pack to sit down when Stiles shot him a look at the sight of Isaac apparently trying to wrestle Boyd to the floor by climbing onto his back.

Stiles slipped his fingers through Derek's as they sat at the table listening to the pack chattering and talking, the occasional growl here and there, his father was sitting talking softly to Erica about joining the police force and how she could go about it. Boyd and Lydia were talking over their English homework. Jackson was talking to Isaac with a faint blush on his face as he talked to the younger wolf.

His mate…His Mate squeezed his hand also listening to their pack. The contentment was practically humming through the air, the acknowledgement of the change, the strengthening, the furthering of the bond between their alpha and alpha mate giving them all a sense of comfort and happiness, even the Sheriff could sense the air between them.

Stiles shifted sideways slightly in his seat and rested against Derek's shoulder with a smile. Months ago he had been in love with Derek and sure that he didn't have any chance in hell of being in love with him, wanting to belong to Derek's pack and 'knowing' that he didn't have a place with them. And now he was sitting here, with Derek somehow completely and madly in love with him, his dad knew everything about werewolves so he didn't have to lie to him anymore. And their family, their Pack were sitting around them, happy and content with each other, getting on and getting closer by the day. And this was something that they were all willing to fight for to keep, willing to fight to protect.

This was something that Stiles was willing to fight for, to protect with everything he had. This feeling of belonging, of someone having his back as much as he had theirs. The feeling of Derek wrapped around him, going to sleep in his arms, waking up snuggled against him, because Derek might be an alpha werewolf but he was snuggle bunny in his sleep. The feeling of Derek's love and loving Derek. This was not something he wouldn't ever fight with everything in him to protect. They might be a young pack, still learning their places, Derek still learning how to be the Alpha, but they were strong. And they would face everything that came their way. Together.