BTR: Kendall's fantasy comes true!

This is my first fanfiction. First story and I'm from Holland so my English isn't that great but I think it is a really nice story to read. I do not own any of the characters or BTR.

Warning: Gay sex/porn is the case here. That's the whole story actually.

Kendall was lying on the bed. He was completely naked. You could see on his chest a lot of little chest hairs. In his left hand he had his huge dick. In his other he had a dildo. Yes, Kendall was gay and he was fucking himself with a dildo. He was the last few weeks so horny and he wanted to fuck each member of BTR, but first he had to find out if they were also gay. He imagined Logan fucking him when the dildo entered his tight hole.

KNOCK, KNOCK… "Shit" he said. He covered his erect cock and dildo with the blanket. Logan entered the bedroom. "Hé, man" he said. He looked at Kendall and saw a bulge through the blanket. He started to get a little bit horny. "Uhm, were you busy, Kendall?" he asked. "Yeah, I was right in the middle of…" "Ow, sorry man. You were jerking off right? Since you broke up with Jo you have to get yourself satisfied" Logan said. "Yeah, I have hormones too" Kendall said embarrassed.

Maybe this was the good time to tell Logan he was gay.

"Logan, can I tell you something?" he asked hopefull. Logan nodded. "I broke up with Jo because I don't like her anymore. I like guys now…" Logan looked relieved. "That's fine man. I guess I can say now why I broke up with Camille too. I like guys too". Kendall's erection was growing back. "And I also like you more as a friend" Logan confessed. Kendall made a gesture that Logan should come and lie on the bed. On the way that Logan was walking to the bed he pulled his shirt off. Kendall saw his incredible body that he was fantasizing for weeks now. He looked at Logan tight pants that had a huge boner in it. Kendall threw the blanket away and Logan saw Kendall's monster cock. He took his pants and underwear off. They were both naked now. Logan saw the dildo and said: "You won't need that anymore. You can have my dick in there. It's bigger and better!" Kendall rolled over en laid on Logan. He leaned his head forwards and when he was in front of Logan's mouth they both opened there mouths and their tongues touched each other. They kissed roughly. Then Kendall kissed downwards to Logan's chest. His hands were rubbing on Logan's chest and went through Logan's chest hair. He loved it when men had a little chest hair. He kissed more and more down and then he was there.

Logan's dick was huge and ready to get a blowjob. Kendall took the head in his mouth en started to work his way down. It was a little large but not impossible to fit all of it in Kendall's mouth. Logan moaned. "Oh my god, Kendall. You're fucking amazing with that mouth. Don't stop! Go faster now! NOW!" Kendall moved his head upwards and downwards and with every stroke Logan moaned.

"I'm close so I think we should stop" Logan said. Kendall let Logan's cock out of his mouth. "I want to fuck you and then come in your ass" Logan said. Kendall nod. "Wait. I have a better idea. We can ask if Carlos and James want to come to here now. I know they're gay because I saw them kiss last night. " said Kendall. "We could have an orgy! That's so much better". Kendall took his phone from the nightstand and called Carlos. "This is Carlos" Carlos said. "Emergency in the apartment. And take James with you".

In no time Logan and Kendall heard the door of the apartment. Carlos en James ran to the bedroom and opened the door. They saw Logan and Kendall standing with a full erect cock in front of the bed. "That's an emergency indeed" James said. Carlos unbuttoned his shirt and James took off his pants. James had the biggest cock of all. Carlos was bending over and pointing to his tight hole. "James, I think this one needs your huge cock" Carlos said. "I think you're right horny beast" James said and he ran to Carlos. Logan put Kendall on the bed. Kendall lay on this back with his legs up. Logan was close with his cock by Kendall's hole. "I'll go slow allright. At least for now" Logan said.

James was just entering Carlos and Carlos screamed because it felt so fucking great. Kendall felt Logan's big dick enter and it felt amazing. First slow but then Logan pushed hard. "Ugh" Kendall said. "Go on Logan. This is fucking great. Feels so good. Come on I can take harder" Logan began to push in and out of the ass and it looked great.

Carlos and James moved to the right side of the bed. There were doing doggy-style. Logan and Kendall were fucking from the left side of the bed so when Carlos bent over he was staring at Kendall's face from upside down. Carlos went down so he could kiss Kendall. Kendall was so happy at that moment. In his ass was a big cock and he was kissing another boy with tongue, but his ultimate fantasy was not fulfilled.

"Ow, yeah, GOD. Guys, do you want to make my fantasy come true?" Kendall askey while he was still getting fucked in the butt. They said all at the same time "YES". "My biggest fantasy is getting fucked in all three places. So a cock in my ass, a blowjob and a cock in my mouth. And that all at the same time. "We could do that" Logan said. Logan pulled out of Kendall's hole. "You are tight men" Logan said to Kendall. "Thanks" he said back. Kendall turned 90 degrees and was now laying on the bed how it's common. James went on his knees at Kendall's asshole side so he could fuck him in his ass. Logan went to the pillow area to let his cock get fucked by Kendall's mouth and Carlos sat on Kendall's stomach to give him a blowjob.

"This is great guys…. On three. ONE…. TWO… THREEEEE! James pushed his monster cock in Kendall's super, beautiful, tight hole. Carlos took Kendall's cock and licked the tip of it. Then he moved forward, fitting the entire cock in his mouth. At the same time, Logan pushed his cock in Kendall mouth. Kendall moaned although he had a cock in his mouth. Logan moaned because Kendall was giving suck an incredible blowjob. Carlos's cock was getting stroked by Kendall and it felt great. James was pushing super hard in Kendall and he felt that his orgasm wasn't miles away. "I'm gonna c-c-cum!" James said. Carlos said: "Me too". And Logan was also almost there because he was moaning harder the usual. "Omg. This is so amazing. It feels so fucking good. James your cock is so huge, Carlos your blowjob is so fucking amazing and Logan your dick I so tasteful. Then they all came. James came in Kendall's ass. Carlos came of Kendall's stomach, Logan came in Kendall's mouth and Kendall came in Carlos's mouth.

James pulled out and the sperm was dripping out of Kendall's hole. Carlos swallowed Kendall's load and Kendall swallow Logan's juice. Then Logan went to the stomach of Kendall and licked every cum of Carlos with his tongue and swallow it.

"That was the best guys!" Kendall said. "We are going to do that again!" Carlos said. "Yeah" James said. "Absolutely" said Logan.

My name is Pim. I live in Holland and I'm 18 years old. If you guys like this I can make more chapters of Big Time Rush. I love reviews and I hope you guys will.