Kendall's fantasy comes true (Chapter two):

Kendall opened his eyes. He was lying on his side en saw Logan lying right next to him. Logan was nude and was lying on his stomach. The blanket wasn't on him so Kendall could see Logan's beautiful butt. "He had the best but" thought Kendall.

Kendall went out of bed an recognized that he was nude to. His plan was to take a shower so he walked to the bathroom. James was showering and Carlos was shaving his face. "Is Logan still in bed?" Carlos asked. "Yeah, he is" Kendall replied. "Kendall, do you also want to shower, because I think we can do it together. It will be hot!" James said. "Kendall walked in the shower and although he had seen James's dick he was still blown away by the size. "I have to admit, James. You have the biggest dick I have ever seen. It makes me horny" said Kendall. His dick started to grow when he said that. "Well, you can choose my friend. Do you want him in the butt or in your mouth right now?" James said horny. "I had it in my butt yesterday. I want to blow it now" Kendall replied. Kendall went on his knees and grabbed the monster cock. James moaned.

It was so hot because the water was still running and the hair on James's chest was wet which made it for Kendall ever more sexy. Kendall licked the tip of the cock and James moaned again. "KENDALL, TAKE IT IN YOUR MOUTH NOW!" James yelled.

In the bedroom.

Logan woke up. Carlos was sitting next to him and looked at him. "He man. What was that scream that woke me up?" Logan asked. "Kendall is giving James a blowjob" Carlos said. "I am in the mood too, you know" Carlos said hopeful. Logan turned over and was now lying on his back. "Kiss me, Carlos" Logan said. Carlos sat on Logan and bend over to kiss the black hair guy. Their tongues were in each other's mouths. Then after a few minutes of kissing Carlos felt the erection of Logan against his back. "Is your cock ready" Carlos asked. "For what?" Logan asked back. "For my tight hole!" "Hell yeah" Logan said. Carlos sat straight up. His hand went to Logan's dick and he pushed the cock against his hole. Then he sank down on Logan's dick. "Ugh. Ow yeah. Ummm. FUCK" Carlos said and Logan moaned at the same time. Carlos went up slow and then down. "Oh, Carlos. You are so amazingly tight. My dick is having the best time!" Logan said. Then Carlos went down and up. He was going faster and faster. "Ow Logan, your dick is the BEST". "Ugh" Logan moaned. "Car, I'm close…. I'm gonna c-c-c" Carlos just went faster and faster and then Logan screamed. Carlos felt his hole stuffed with cum. "Now that you came you can give me a little hand job to finish the job right?" Carlos asked. Logan took the penis of Carlos and gave it a big stroke. The juicy dick was still in Carlos's hole. Logan stroked it again and Carlos moaned. "That hand, that cock. Fucking amazing" Carlos said. Logan stroked more and more. Carlos's face began to go red. With Logan's left hand he was stroking and with his other he was touching and rubbing Carlos's body. He was still stroking. "AW. BEST HANDJOB EVER. HARDER, LOGAN, HARDER" Logan was stroking as hard as he could. Then Carlo's came very hard. Not only was he squirting on Logan's stomach but also a little bit of cum flew in Logan's hair. "Thanks, men" Logan said. "Sorry, but you are so good at that" Carlos said.

Logan and Carlos walked near the bathroom. When they opened the door they saw James fingering Kendall. "Guys, can we shower?" Carlos asked. James took his finger out of Kendall's hole and nodded. Kendall stood up and James and him walked to the bedroom for part two. Kendall lay on the bed and turned around so he was pointing his hole towards James. James wouldn't have to think anymore and placed his finger against Kendall's hole. "Go on" Kendall said. James let his finger enter the small hole. Then he saw tube of lube lying on the nightstand. While he was fingering he took it. Then he took his finger out and put a little bit of lube on Kendall's hole and on his fingers. He inserted two fingers now and Kendall yelled: "OW, THAT'S IT. ANOTHER FINGER WOULD DO IT MISTER" James listened and did what Kendall asked. "You're an anal slut, Kendall Knight" James said. "GIVE ME YOUR COCK JAMES" Kendall moaned. James pulled his fingers out and pushed his monster cock as deep as possible in Kendall's hole. Kendall wasn't prepared for that but it felt amazing. Then James pushed harder and harder. Faster and faster. "Oh. My prostate, yeah, right there" Kendall said. James moved forwards in Kendall. Kendall loved every push in him. "I'm about to cum, James. Do you want a facial?" James nodded. He pulled his dick out and Kendall stood up. James was on his knees and he was waiting for the blond haired boy's juice. Then Kendall came all over James, but mostly on his face and hair. "Ugh" Kendall said and James licked his lips. "That was great buddy" James said. "I think the next time should be a little bit more dangerous. You know. Like… Uhm.. in Rocqué Records" Kendall said. "Yeah. In Gustavo's office!"

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