As Hawkeye packed his belongings, he flipped through his collection of magazines that he'd amassed during the time he'd been at Korea. Suddenly Nude Volleyball didn't seem so interesting. He tossed them onto Charles' bunk and then kept on going.

A hat. One of Henry's hats. There was no way he was leaving Korea without that. There was a photo of he and Trapper. As much as he was angry with Trapper he knew he couldn't leave that behind. suddenly dawned on Hawkeye that he didn't have anything that belonged to his best friend.

He started angrily tossing through his stuff, desperate to find one thing that would remind him of the cheesy mustached friend. Finally he found a drawing that Erin had made for him. Apparently B.J. Talked way too much about Hawkeye.

Speaking of the devil, where was B.J. Anyways? He looked around, suddenly very afraid he'd have to pull a Trapper on him. His jeep had arrived and the plane taking off would be leaving soon...very soon.

He refused to end things this way, so he scribbled a thank you on the back of Erin's letter and left it on BJ's bunk. This was not the way things were supposed to be.


Once he was safely in the plane all sorts of thoughts came to his mind, namely Henry. It was as if the thought of going home to face life without Daniel Pierce was too unbearable, so his mind was working overtime to not think about it.

But it was a long plane ride so time was all he had. Dead. His father was really and truly dead. This blasted war...he'd never gotten a chance to tell his dad just how much he meant to him. War was hell, and whoever coined the phrase deserved a special place in history. They had no idea just how much of a hell Korea was, especially for Hawkeye.

True he hid behind the jokes, the drinking and the nurses. But even Hawkeye knew there was more to life than that. Obviously he wasn't going to find the meaning of life in Korea, where life was no guarantee. But what had he learned from the police action? Anything? Something?

No, nothing made sense, and for the first time since joining the army he wished he were headed anywhere but home.