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On the stage of an acting collage stand two very popular actors called Ben and Beatrice. They are two of the 'most experienced' dancers at the collage and have had their fair share of heartbreak or as many people like to say…they're old. At the bottom of the steps inspecting their every move is their teacher: Claud

They perform to their piece of music with stone cold expressions and daggers slicing the air between them by the glares they send and receive.

Claud: Stop, stop, STOP! You are ment to be in love with each other! (sighs) Look, I…I know it's been difficult having to work together since you…broke up but just suck it up and deal with it! You have to respect that you are both good actors and therefore -

Beatrice: he is good at acting in front of women but what does that make him in front of a man?

Ben: Oh would you just admit that I'm a better performer than you?!

Claud: Shut up! Both of you! I can see passion and anger but I want to see you so overwhelmed by love that nothing else matters in the entire world – that your heart feels as if it's being pulled like a magnet towards the other person, like you can barely breath when they're not around for the fear that you can't ever see them again!

Ben: Woah mate you're going a bit deep there is there something you want to tell us?

Claud: no, I'm just going to ring Hero and when I get back I want you two to show me how much you are in love with each other.

Beatrice: I'd rather die then have him tell me he loves me!

Ben: Oh, Beatrice, are you still alive? (shrugs) Didn't notice.

Beatrice: Are you still talking? Nobody listens to you.

They argue for at least another half an hour before they realize that everyone has left. They decide to go home to but end up yelling to their friends on the phone about the other for the majority of the night anyway.

If only they knew what was their friends were planning for them...

AN: Sorry it was only short...I dunno if I should continue this and make it into a full on take of Much Ado About Nothing or if I should just leave it as a one-shot. Let me know what you think and I'll decide based on your reviews. Anyways this was probably rubbish but I needed a break from my English assessment yet I didn't want to feel guilty so here came the Shakespeare based story...YAY!? FAVIEW AND I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER! :D xxx