Ok, so if any of you have read some of my other stories then you'll know that I don't really like making AN chapters but I felt like this was important.

When I got home today (in a GREAT mood BTW coz we won the footy!) I found that I had two emails, then when I opened them I found that they were both mean reviews. One about my story 'Too cold for comfort' and one about this story. Now I don't mind getting reviews that say they don't like my stories coz everyone has their own opinion but these simply seemed spiteful and just went too far.

One stated that by reading my story their night was ruined - hello! If you really hate it that much then don't read it! They also said that their 3 year old brother could do what I've done - I'm not saying they can't (although it's unlikely that a 3 year old can even understand Shakespeare) but world wide famous directors and writers have used the same technique so you clearly haven't got a clue what you're on about.

The other (about too cold for comfort) said that I deserved a U for it - we don't have the same marking system over here but I know that I didn't get a U. If you are going to try and mark my writing without even using a critia then you should at least explain how I can improve.

I'm not sure if it's jsut these two people who think this or if it's everyone so I've decided to pose a few questions to you guys.

1) Do you think I should leave this as a one-shot or continue it?

2) Do you enjoy reading my converted English assainments or should I stop posting them?

3) Do you like the plot line for this story?

It would mean a lot to me if you replied in the reviews.

Thanks! :D x