Fashionable Love (Rose x Kanaya)

"Ms. Maryam! Your model has just arrived!" yelled Ms. Paint on the loudspeaker. It was a rather cool summer day over at MSPA Studios. Kanaya just joined the fashion crew, after a few freak outs, and was now about to start with her new model. Even though Kanaya was just a new recruit, her fashion was beyond what MSPA Studios has ever seen. She was their only hope to win the national Fashion Among All award.

"Bring Her Up Here. I'm Just About Ready To Start." Kanaya replied back. She was currently fixing a picture of a dress her friend Terezi sent her over Pesterchum. Terezi worked as a Police Guard over in the northern United States. She had similar problems to joining, but she joined never the less. Even then, her artwork still stunk to high heaven to Kanaya, while it smelled awesome to Terezi. It was a fairly simple no straps dress, red obviously, with a few floral touches of glistening green. But what Kanaya planned to make this dress perfect was to make it swap through the entire hemospectrum, including the cursed Candy Red.

As Kanaya finished up getting the supplies, her model came into the room. Her name was Rose Lalonde, a new girl that just arrived in New York a few weeks ago. She wore pretty simple attire: White t-shirt with a purple squiddle, and a lavender short skirt. "Hello…um, sorry if this sounds a bit rude, but are you Kanaya Maryam?" Rose asked, rather confused at the looks of the designer. With her horns, gray skin, and yellow gleaming eyes, who wouldn't be confused about who or what Kanaya is? "Yes I Am. Don't Worry About Rudeness, I Get That A Lot As It Is." Kanaya replied in a rather annoyed matter. "So You Are The Model They Sent Me?" "Yes Ms. Maryam. I am known as Rose Lalonde." Rose replied. As she spoke, Kanaya couldn't help but blush at how beautiful her model actually was.

Even though she look beautiful, her current outfit was too plain. Kanaya instantly started on measuring the dimensions needed for a dress. Rose body shape was perfect for your average woman. Not too skinny, not too fat, and average breasts size. As Kanaya made quick work on her dress, they got into conversation. "You seem to really know what you are doing." Rose said patiently. "Is all of your species this good?" "And What Makes You So Sure I Am A Part Of A Different Species?" Kanaya asked in an annoyed, but soothing, tone. She knew she was beginning to have a crush on her model, and didn't want to start off on a rough start. "Nothing, I mean we all know humans have horns and gray skin and all that obviously." Rose replied sarcastically. It seemed she wasn't into not sounding like a bitch, but Kanaya didn't care. "Well No Not Every Troll Likes Fashion As I Do." Kanaya replied as she tried to cut the last bit of fabric.

As the day continued, Rose and Kanaya found to have similar interest in other than fashion. They seem to enjoy consuming exotic drinks, and also enjoy being in the sun a lot. As Kanaya finishes the dress, she asks Rose to go put it on. A few minutes later, Rose comes back in the brand new dress. Kanaya is in awe.

"How do I look?" Rose asked. It wasn't how well her work looked, but instead how it looked on Rose. Kanaya could not have found a more beautiful person, even if she tried. "I…You…" Kanaya stammered. Rose giggles. "Too beautiful for words hm? Then let us not try words, and instead try this." "What Do You—" But she was cut off quickly, as Rose grabbed her face, and left one final trademark, a kiss. This is what set it off for the both of them. It wasn't the colors of the dress, but the power of love in a person that made the two fall in love, even if one of them was an Alien. The day ended with the results of the Fashion Among All contest. MSPA won the big award, Rose won most colorful, and Kanaya won a new girlfriend.