Author's Note:- Finally, an update for this story! Don't worry, everyone. I haven't abandoned it. I had a serious block on this story, and I wanted to do a one-shot of them before they were 'grown up' as it were, but I couldn't think of an idea for one.

However, I hope you like it! And feel free to send in your suggestions for one-shots! I'm crap at thinking of ideas most of the time.

"How do I look?"

Cinna looked up from where he was sitting on Portia's bed, and smirked. She looked absolutely perfect, in his opinion. Not too Capitol. Rather than wearing a wig, she simply had red highlights through her dark hair, and she was wearing a short, red dress to match.

"Well…I wouldn't wear it, but on you it looks…" He paused. "…okay." He teased. Portia took no offence, which was one of the things he loved about her; he didn't have to watch what he said, because she knew that ninety nine percent of the time, he was just trying to wind her up.

"Oh shut up. I look better than you." Portia retorted, turning to look in the full length mirror. She paused for a few seconds, twisting her face into something that looked like a grimace. "There's something missing." Cinna raised an eyebrow.

"Like what? You look fine." He wanted to tell her she looked beautiful…but it really wasn't his place. Despite what others believed, he and Portia were not a couple. Just very close friends; though secretly, he hoped that she would leave her abusive boyfriend so that they could become something more. He wanted to protect her, and he did try…but he also knew that pushing her too hard would drive her away eventually, and that was not what he wanted.

Portia suddenly crossed the room and rummaged around in her already very full jewellery box. Cinna reminded himself that he really must buy her a new, bigger one. When she finally found what she was looking for, Portia smiled and slid the object onto her wrist. Of course, Cinna recognised it immediately; it was the charm bracelet that he had given her for her eighth birthday. When he had given it to her, it only had one charm on it; a small, diamond and silver letter 'P'. In the ten years since she'd had it, it had accumulated at least fifty more charms, collected from various places, such as presents from her best friend, Effie, presents from him, or charms that she had bought herself from shopping trips.

He was actually surprised that she still had it.

"That bracelet is still your favourite?" He raised an eyebrow, smugly, though secretly, he was very touched. "You have much more expensive ones, you know. That one only cost me a couple of dollars." He shrugged, casually.

"It's not about the money." She responded, cooly. "I like this one because the charms all mean something. For example…" She scanned the bracelet for a specific charm, and her finger rested of one of a dolphin, "…I got this one when me, you, Effie and Seneca went to the aquarium around seven years back." Cinna chuckled at the memory.

"Oh yeah…I had to protect you from the sharks." His smile broadened when Portia shuddered at the thought. "I don't know why we had to invite Crane, though." He frowned, changing the subject.

"Well I was taking a guy with me…there was no reason why Effie shouldn't." She shrugged, looking in the mirror again to apply finishing touches to her hair. "And Crane was who she chose, I suppose." She muttered, before deciding that she looked okay. "Ready to go?"

Cinna just nodded. They were going to a house party of someone from school. He wasn't one for drinking and parties, considering that at only eighteen and twenty, they were both still underage, but he wanted to accompany Portia. Clay, Portia's current boyfriend, wouldn't be there, and Cinna rarely got to spend time with his best friend these days. Clay was the jealous and possessive type.

"Yeah. I'm ready." He replied, instinctively, protectively taking her arm and leading her out to his car.


It was just as Cinna had expected; smoky, noisy, and crowded. He wanted to turn and leave, but he couldn't abandon Portia, who had pushed through the crowd to go and get herself a drink. Honestly, he didn't like Portia drinking, especially as it wasn't even legal for her to drink, but he didn't like telling her what to do. Clay did enough of that already, and he wanted her to enjoy herself on her one night without him.

With a sigh, he pushed through the crowd and found an empty table in the corner, close to the drinks so it wouldn't be too hard for Portia to find him.

A couple of minutes later, Portia sank into the chair beside him.

"Damn. The line for drinks is long. I wish I'd snuck some vodka into my bag." She sighed, before taking a sip of her drink, and offering the glass to Cinna, who, predictably, shook his head. Portia rolled her eyes, taking another, longer sip out of her glass. "You never drink."

Partly because I want to be the one to look after you when you're too drunk to walk, he told himself, silently, and just shrugged.


The hours passed slowly for Cinna, and by 11pm, he was desperate to leave. Eventually, he took out his sketchbook and doodled, occasionally chatting to Portia when she wasn't heading to the drinks table for a refill or mingling.

"Cinna!" The voice made him jump a little, and he looked up. He managed a weak smile as Effie Trinket came striding towards him. Luckily, she was sober; like him, she wasn't a big drinker.

"Hello, Effie." He said, politely, as she sat down opposite him.

"I've been looking for Portia everywhere." Effie frowned. "I haven't seen her yet. I was stuck talking to Maxwell." Cinna didn't know who Maxwell was, but by the look on Effie's face, he could tell that she was glad to get away. He turned to where he thought Portia was sitting, and frowned when he didn't see her there. Actually, he hadn't seen her for at least twenty minutes. He stood up.

"I'll be back shortly." He headed to the stairs and mounted them. He looked inside the first bedroom on the right, where he knew the coats were kept. He walked over to a huge pile of coats on the bed and began to dig through them, until his hand felt something warm.

Removing the rest of the coats, he saw that she had been under there. She was curled up in a ball; fast asleep, with her high heels still on. When she'd had too much to drink, she usually found the noise too much and went and curled up somewhere quiet. He carefully lifted her into his arms and downstairs to his car, where he drove her to his apartment without saying goodbye to anyone.


He stared down at her, sprawled out on her stomach on his bed, where he had laid her almost an hour ago. He had been watching her ever since. He knew she had nightmares about her past, which very few people knew about, and he wanted to be with her in case she woke and panicked. For now, he was happy watching her sleep peacefully, running a hand gently through her hair.

He didn't understand why Clay treated her the way he did…if he had been dating someone as special as Portia, Cinna would never lay a hand on her to hurt her. He sighed, and ran a finger gently along the side of her neck, where there was a large, hand shaped bruise. Shamefully, he hadn't noticed the bruise until now, though he suspected that she had used make up to hide it, and now the make-up had worn off.

At his touch, Portia whimpered, and turned on her side to face him. "Cinna…" She murmured, without waking up. He lay down on the bed beside her, pressing a gentle kiss to her forehead.

"I'm here. I'm right here. I love you more than he ever will." He whispered to her. "Don't ever forget that."

Author's Note:- Aww poor Cinna. Being 'friend-zoned' is the worst! I wish Portia would leave Clay, but she's probably scared.

Anyway, enough of my rambling.

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