A/N- Hey bros. This is going to be the best fanfiction ever. Well...I hope it'll be near that area. LOL. Anyway this is a story about Slenderman and my OC Sarah Drydsdale. You'll find out more about her in the story. This is the first chapter, I'll try to make it as wonderful as possible. :D So I hope you guys enjoy!

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-IHaveAwoken, the Omniscient Narrator

This was dangerous. This was absolutely foolish. This was going to wipe her off the face of this Earth. Sarah Drydesdale was positive of that final outcome. Her friend Louise's valley girl voice echoed within her mind mockingly.

'C'mon Sarah! Please, please, please? If you get all eight notes, I'll pay you..umm...twenty dollars!'

Being a completely broke individual, Sarah agreed. Thinking back, that decision she made was, and still is, the most idiotic one in all of history. She knew the stories. All of them. It was her obsession.

The Slenderman.

A being of what is said to be mythical origin. A kidnapper of children, and a killer of adults. There was a poem she happily memorized that had to do with the Slenderman.

'Oh, should I travel through the woods

Or should I not wishing I would

For above me lurks within the trees

No one could hear my deathly screams

The palest man, the blackest suit

Bigger than the tallest brute

Six black arms will grab you up

Or, stalk you till you just give up

A top hat bares upon his head

Makes your soul fill up with dread

He takes you when you least expect

Boil you up, and eat your neck

He'll leave your body not to eat

But staple your corpse on a tree

Fear the man, the slender man

For he can do, what no one can'

Admittedly, this poem fascinated her, rather than frighten her. However, reading about the Slenderman was not the same as seeing him in the flesh; or whatever type of body composition he had.Upon remembering these morbid words, Sarah rubbed at her neck.

'Boil you up, and eat your neck'

She shuddered, shook her head; her mid length, blood hued tresses swaying. Her flashlight gave off a beam of dim, yellow light. To some, this was not going to be efficient. To Sarah however, this was her salvation.

Something in the distance caught her intense gaze. Upon further inspection, this was one of the eight notes that Louise was talking about. Sarah blinked a moment, her forest green eyes widening, looking around, she rushed over to the note. Scrawled upon it in black ink was the ominous warning, 'Don't look or it takes you', as well as a poorly drawn stick figure with a scribbled in suit. "Don't look where?" Sarah asked the note as if it were a sentient being. Sighing, she put the note into her brown satchel, turning around in the process.

"Alright then-"

A figure in a shroud of cool fog up ahead silenced her mid-sentence. She spoke fearfully, staring absent mindedly at this stranger.

"The palest man, the blackest suit...B-Bigger than the tallest brute..."


It just had to be him. He did not wear a top hat upon his head, Sarah noted this automatically. She kept her composure on the outside, while on the inside, her heart was pounding, and her veins turned ice cold. Taking wavered breaths, she took a step back, and another, ever so slowly; until her backside was against a tree.


She shouted the last word, moved away from the tree, pivoted swiftly on her brown Converse's heel, and sprinted away.

Slenderman let out a sigh of loneliness. They always ran...Always. For once in his demonic life he wanted to have at least one friend. That's why he kidnapped children. Although, they constantly died whenever they were within his care. Dismemberment, starvation, dehydration, and sickness were usually the causes. Adults were no better. They ran away and screamed, much like the woman he had just seen. That woman...Slenderman saw but a glimpse of her. Blood red locks, fierce green eyes, moonwashed skin...He shuddered slightly. She was lovely. Perfect...so perfect...A fraction of his skin split open, revealing a mouth filled with sharp teeth and a slippery black tounge that brought serpentine creatures to shame. He smiled eerily and licked his lips slowly. That woman would become his...He was absolutely sure of it...

"It's time to have some fun..."