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-IHaveAwoken, the Omniscient Narrator

There before her very eyes stood him. The infamous, the devilish, the towering, Slenderman. Her heart skipped a single beat. He stood there in discomforting silence. His eyeless demon's stare practically froze her soul in place. His ebony hued suit standing out like a black sheep amongst white sheep against his smooth porceline skin.

So beautiful.

So dangerous.

So mesmerizing.

Sarah wanted to look away.

She couldn't.

Her next action, whether made up by bravery or sheer stupidity, showed the Slenderman just how she felt about him.

She raised her right hand, as if to strike; the left hand clutching the note.

Her eyes shone with courage.

She smiled...

And waved.

"Um...hello...I'm Sarah Drydsdale," she stuck her raised hand out towards the Slenderman.

He cocked his head to one side, in confusion.

He did not understand this.

Was this a trap?

A human trick designed to maime or impale their enemies?

He was not sure.

He wouldn't take his chances, beautiful or not, this woman would not destroy him with her trickery.

Sarah frowned. "What? I'm not going to kill you, it's just a hand shake."

She grabbed his hand.

He froze. What in the Lord's name had this woman just done to him?

Sarah shook his hand.

"See? Harmless. Just a hand shake..You have such a weak grip..."

Although he hated to admit it, she was right...This was harmless...Maybe too harmless...

The Slenderman jerked his hand away from her's quickly.

"Well...jeez...if you didn't want to touch me then fine..." Sarah snapped slightly, feeling insulted, turning her head the left.

The Slenderman became even more perplexed.

What had he done to her?

Was she offended by his actions?

If so...why?

Where all humans like this?

He never bothered to observe human kind since all humans usually perished when they were in his hands.

He stood there in silence, wondering about all the things he knew about the human species.

Sarah stared up at him, creasing her brow. Her feeling of offensive having passed, she now felt worried.

"Excuse me..."

He snapped from his daze to look down at her; or rather Sarah assumed this, for he tipped his chin downward.

"Yes..um...Mr. Slenderman? Are you feeling alright?"


No one had ever asked him that. Actually, come to think of it, nobody had ever asked him anything.

He thought about it for a moment, then nodded.

The red head grinned.

"Oh good! For a second there I thought you were having an Absence Seizure..."

Absence Seizure?

It would be wise, he decided, not to question this woman.

Very wise.

"Do you have a mouth? Can you speak?"

Another question.

About him, of all things.

Oh why couldn't she be normal and ask about the weather?

Then again...he wasn't all that normal either.

Again, he nodded, after another moment of deep thought.

Her eyes glowed.

Her grin became even wider, if that were possible.

"Really? Can I see it?"

The Slenderman shook his head quickly the milisecond the inquiery flew past her lips.

Her stature and even expression drooped.

"Really?" She nearly whined.

He nodded.

Sarah narrowed her eyes, determination swirling within them.

"Ohh...so that's how you are going to play it are you? Well...I'll find some way to get your mouth to make an appearance..."


He did not like the sound of that...

Once again, Sarah reached out to touch him.

Her hand brushed the spot where his lips should be.

He shuddered.

Her hand felt warm.

But cold.

So unusual.

She was...different.

In a good way, of course.

The Slenderman wanted to move away, from this devil of angel's gravitational pull.

His heart beat became faster.


A long black tounge wrapped itself around Sarah's hand.

"What the hell!?" she exclaimed with surprise. She tried with all her might to pull her hand away. It felt strange. Warm, slippery, and yet comfortable.

As she attempted to pull her hand away, the Slenderman realized what he was doing and uncoiled his tounge from her flailing appendage.

"My apologies..."he murmed softly.

Sarah stopped wiping her hand on her emerald hued sweater.

"Excuse me?"

"I said.."

"No..I heard you...its..just your voice is...incredible..."


That was a word he had not heard before, at least not when it was directed towards himself.

What should he say?

What should he do?

He felt so idiotic...

He gritted his serrated teeth against one another in frustration.

He felt a hand on his chest.

Sarah stared up at him once more.

"Its okay..."

He nodded.

Yes...everything was okay...

And it was about to get even better.

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