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-IHaveAwoken, the Omniscient Narrator

The duo stood there in an awkward silence, Sarah's delicate hand still placed upon his chest. She brought her hand back to her side after a moment of stillness.

"Im afraid Slenderman..that I must be getting home now..Miranda will be worried about me.."

The Slenderman stiffened, he didn't want her to go. He felt curious about this woman, he wanted to hold her, to feel her warmth. As Sarah turned to leave, she felt a pair of lanky arms pull her back.

"Wh-What are you doing?!"

He did not speak, he stared down upon her wriggling form. She stared up at him, returning his gaze. However..she appeared to be agigtated.

"Let go of me...PLEASE..."

The Slenderman frowned slightly. This was not the reaction he had been expecting. He thought people liked to be in a loving embrace. At least that was how it worked way back then. Or maybe this woman was defective. Defective...He shook his head, memories flooding into his mind. Painful memories that he wanted to block for the rest of eternity.

Sarah continued wriggling in his grip, she finally restorted to pulling him off of her.

"I'm truly sorry..but I must go!"

She rushed out of the bathhouse, taking the notes with her, and leaving a bewildered man behind her.

"Come back..."

Sarah couldn't hear him, she was already too far ahead. Her cell phone buzzed in her bag, she took it out and answered quickly.



The red head flinched.

"Miranda please I-"

"Don't Miranda please me! I've been trying to call you for the past two fucking hours!"

"Miranda..I was out for a walk.."

"For two hours!?"

"I met someone."


"...Was he cute?"


"Whoa whoa...Sorry..Alright fine..but get your ass back here...I made dinner!"

Sarah sighed, "Okay..see you soon.." As Miranda hung up, the pale skinned woman groaned.

"I hope this won't give my face a one way ticket to the toilet bowl again..Bleh.."

Miranda; Sarah's elder sister; was never the best cook, and Sarah was usually in charge of meals around the apartment they shared. She did work at Olive Garden, she knew her way somewhat around the kitchen. Key word being somewhat.

Sarah looked behind her as she heard a noise behind her.

"Oh hello again Slenderman..do you need something?"

Again, the awkward silence.

"Umm...shouldn't you be going home by now?"

Sarah suddenly realized something.

He had no home.

"...Would you like to come with me?"

Before the Slenderman could reply, Sarah interrupted him.

"You could live in the basement, there's a spare room that Miranda never uses..I could keep you there and then you could go out to hunt whenever you wanted..And...I would give you whatever you needed.."

He stared at this strange woman in shock. No one had ever offered him anything before. Of course he accepted, without any thought of it. What could go wrong?

Sarah grinned happily as he nodded.

"Well...c'mon then! Miranda will kill me if I'm not home soon!"

She grabbed his hand and dragged him along to her car.

He stared at this as well. He shook his head, he truely needed to stop staring like an idiot all the damned time.

The car was a Taurus, it wasn't old, but it wasn't new either. It's paint was the color of wet beach sand and the lower part of the body was a tad dirty.

"Sorry..it's not really that great..um..you may have to crouch..."

Slenderman nodded.

This was easier said than done, it took the poor man a half hour to get himself into a position in which he could fit into the small space of Sarah's car, and he still felt cramped.

As Sarah drove, Slenderman's head hit the roof of the car multiple times as they went over bumpy roads.

He grunted in displeasure.

"Sorry! These damn roads need to be fixed..."

She grumbled more about the road for the rest of the time, until they reached a one story, baby blue house with colonial windows, a slanted driveway, and a small porch.

"Here we are! Um...hide behind something when you get out...Miranda will go ballistic if she sees you..."

She turned to find that he disappeared.

"At least he listened...Or maybe he was happy to get out of the car..."

The second Sarah stepped into the house, Miranda began to yell at her in worry.

"What took you so long!?"


"Dinner's cold!"

"I already ate."

"I worked hard on it!"


"I made it so you wouldn't starve!"

"I won't starve."

"...Fine..Rick and I are going out..."

Sarah sighed. Wonderful. Miranda was going out once again with that arrogant douche of a boyfriend that spent more time quoting Jersey Shore every ten seconds of the day. Absolutely fantastic.

"He's going to cheat on you...like Lance..and Jered, and Damien..and all those other guys..."

"No! He loves me, and I love him! He said so..."

Miranda's brown eyes were filled with passion, and possibly desperation, Sarah noted. She curled her auburn hair intricately so the long locks intertwined with one another delicately. She always spent too much time on her looks, but her job demanded it.

Sarah told her sister goodbye as she drove off in her bumblebee yellow smart car.

"Slenderman? Hello?"

A figure rushed past her creating a breeze. She turned and saw him standing there in the center of the living room.

"Oh there you are. Come along..I'll show you the room I was talking about earlier.."

The ventured downstairs, the tall man having to crouch once again.

The room had a tall ceiling much like the rest of the house, but it's floor was the color of charcoal and the walls were maroon. A large bed was on the left side and a night stand was placed next to it.

"Sorry if it isn't-"

"It's perfect..."

Sarah seemed surprised. She also noticed he had a faint German accent.

"Do you need anything else?"


Definitely German.

She blinked rapidly for a moment, and nodded turning to go upstairs.


He did not speak for a moment.

"Guten nacht..fraulein.."

She shuddered as she rushed up the stairs to her bedroom, feeling a fluttering in her chest.

She didn't realize as her head hit the pillow...

A new life was beginning for her.

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