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The night is cold and ominous, set in the mood of a horror flick and stubbornly clinging to it. Upon a hill nearby is the destination, the gray clouds cast over a sickly pale moon. They send shudders through the form approaching. He's worked here for a few years now, yet this continuous visual still unnerves him. The building that employs him has a vast history soaked in death, not the best fact to shake the gut wrenching feeling it gives him. While it was built as a prison and was used for many other things, the asylum is now owned by the government. Michael Kalapos was chosen out of so many to work here… sometimes he wishes someone else were in his place.

"One more day," the blonde male sighs. "One more day in the clutches of death himself… soon I'll be able to retire and leave this place behind."

In truth, that's just wishful thinking. The government would never allow a mind such as his to get away if they can help it. The blonde man is one of few that can blend well with the world around him. His body is lithe and his personality is very friendly, those gray-green eyes seeing so much more than they should with just a glance. He was eager to be promoted to such a secretive area, hoping the supernatural forces here would give him a challenge… he had no idea what he was in for.

The ground is nearly black beneath Michael's feet, any grass crunching sickly underfoot. The grounds have been like this for centuries now, trees darkened and gnarled as any foliage seems to have the life sucked from it. Nothing has grown here in years. The summer breeze, warm upon the blonde's skin outside the gates, has turned frigid once within the grounds. It was so quiet before, now howling like lost wolves. Yet another thing that has Michael's skin crawling. He's a scientist of the supernatural, logic should hold little place with him if any, yet explaining the activities of the asylum is impossible with or without rationality.

The stone path that leads to the large front doors is ignored; gravel shifting noisily as the scientist heads toward a side path. By now his course is routine, he could walk it in his sleep. Owls hoot in conversation within the trees, their shining golden eyes following every movement made. A snapping twig stills Michael, his heart speeding up in panic as he slowly turns toward the sound. Nothing is there, nothing at all. Just another noise made to scare any who enter this area. Sometimes the blonde thinks the asylum is the cause of it all, reaching out with a plague of paranoia and hallucination.

The door Michael looks for is hidden within a small graveyard, disguised as the entrance to a catacomb. He flips a 'brick' upward to reveal a built in keypad, dialing in his code quickly. The door is released with a hiss of air, swinging open to allow access to a metal stairwell. The young scientist makes his way down, relieved to finally get away from the creepy scene he was forced to walk through.

Through the pitch of the stairway he travels, though it still seems like forever after so many years. All at once light spills onto the floor below him, another metal door awaiting his code. Michael dials it in there as well, sighing with a small smile as he enters. His place of work has been home for a long time now, as the scientists are rarely given breaks. The blonde man practically glides through the halls, metal clacking with each step forward. The setup is so much like a navy ship it's easy to get lost. It took the blonde a year to stop getting turned around in the halls, something he does loathe to admit. He turns into the locker room on his left, no hesitation in his footfalls anymore.

Within the room are three of Michael's fellow workers, the trio chatting up a storm. The blonde attempts to listen to them, yet their tones are dulled and distorted. With a raised brow of question, he takes in what he can. He approaches them, yet they don't seem as though they notice him.

"Hey, Cory," he greets happily. "How's the archive department?"

The light brown haired man named Cory turns to face him, a bright smile stretching on his lips as he opens his mouth to answer. Once more, the sound is garbled and quiet. Michael hums to himself in confusion, grabbing his white lab coat from the locker assigned him. His job is fairly simple for the most part, it has two parts and within these underground walls he only has to focus on the later. The blonde scientist picks up a manila folder and a clipboard, tucking a pencil behind one ear and heading off.

Inventory is his first stop, the one job no one seems to want. He doesn't want it either, but somehow it always lands in his locker for the day's assignment. It normally goes quickly, though it feels like it takes hours. Today, however, he has someone helping him. They're faceless, which startles Michael for a moment. Their voice is just as garbled as everyone else when they make small talk with the blonde.

"… joyous day… so excited," they state.

Michael turns to face them at the caught words, a sick feeling of déjà vu overtaking him. It's gone just as quickly as it manifested. They finish up the inventory and Michael makes tracks to see his lover. She's located in another section of the labs, probably waiting eagerly for Michael to visit her.

"About time you showed up," a teasing voice comments. "I thought you weren't showing up today."

"There isn't a job in the world more important than my cherry blossom," Michael grins.

He's shocked her voice isn't muddled as well, but perfectly clear. Michael immediately heads over and hugs the lithe woman, breathing in her scent of mint. She's beautiful and exotic, so much more than the scientist deserves in life. Her hair is violet, pulled back into a ponytail, and her eyes are golden. They seem to pop surrounded by her light brown skin.

"I'm so happy to see you, Yorouchi," Michael sighs out. "Today has been so strange."

"I missed you so much," she murmurs quietly. "You have no idea."

The comment is strange to Michael, as he swore he just saw her a couple days ago. He ignores it and relishes her company, kissing her neck happily. For some reason, he just can't seem to let her go. It's almost as if he'll never see her again. They hold one another tightly, sharing chaste kisses and whispering sweet nothings. Suddenly, an alarm goes off and Michael finds himself moving away from his love.

The labor is announced and the scientist finds himself moving away from the woman he loves. Her eyes are sad, yet she smiles and coaxes him forward anyway. Michael leaves, pulled into the rush of the others in the hall. He doesn't get a chance to close the door to Yorouchi's section, his eyes glancing to the side to find a white jaguar grinning cruelly from the lab it's kept. That subject rarely ever sees the outside of its cage, as it was taken straight from the wild and was never tamed. It takes five men and three tranquilizer darts just to subdue it. He thinks nothing of the grin, as that's usually the expression painting the creature's face, and follows the others to the infirmary.

Lying upon one of the beds is a woman, her eyes glazed over with death and her body slowly growing cold. In a bassinet at the bottom of the bed, however, are two children. One is a boy; pale like snow, with gold eyes and white locks. The other is a girl; her locks vibrant orange and skin tan, almost as though she lived in the sun these past nine months. Everyone melts at the sight of the twins. A scream interrupts the moment, a roar following it as everyone's hearts leap into their mouths. The déjà vu feeling grows stronger within Michael, his body backing away from the door as the sounds grow closer. Someone left the jaguar unsupervised… and likely left the door open.

People run about looking for an exit, the screaming echoing within the halls. Michael can hear the sounds of them being cut short, most likely by fangs or claws going in for the kill. He bumps the bassinet, startling the twins with the sudden movement. With a sharp intake of breath, the scientist looks back on the children. Pleading amber eyes stare up at him, scared by the noise and teary for their deceased mother. A child like this is so rare, it would be a shame for it to be abused or even killed by this creature. Within the chaos of impending death, Michael scoops up the baby girl and wraps her in a blanket. Just as he's about to do the same to her brother, the door is torn down by the jaguar's weight. It eyes the blonde with a look of pure bloodlust, licking its lips as it steps closer.

Michael does his best to block the other tiny child, braving that cold look with a shiver along his spine. The jaguar crouches, readying itself for the pounce. When it leaps, Michael turns to shield the baby and closes his eyes… but the feline's weight never touches him. Surprised, the man turns to see what's happening. Yorouchi is facing off with the jaguar, her face twisted in determination and anger.

"Go!" she shouts.

"I won't leave you."

"This isn't about me! It's about the baby!" she snaps. "Now leave! I'll be fine."

The blonde is hesitant, yet nods and moves behind Yorouchi. She's careful to keep between the jaguar and her love, the other baby waiting patiently for its twin to be returned. When Michael retreats down the hall and the baby realizes it isn't getting its sister back, he begins to cry. Michael closes his eyes a moment, tears gathering at the thought of having to leave the other child behind. The little girl is sleeping in his arms, oblivious to the panic and death growing around her. As Michael opens the door to the catacombs, he hears the agonized scream of his only love.

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