WOW: Eden. Sam rarely gets to choose the brothers' dinner venue. Even when he does, it doesn't always work out in his favour.

Disclaimer: Not mine, I couldn't afford to feed Dean every day.


Sitting quietly in the Eden Vegetarian Restaurant, Sam grinned as he glanced over his salad to the brow-furrowing, nose-wrinkling lip-curling figure sitting opposite him; a picture of abject misery trying to choke down a nut cutlet.

"Jeez, how'd you eat this crap?" Dean grimaced, rolling his eyes theatrically; "tastes like I'm eating your boxers." He glumly forked another unappreciated morsel into his mouth, letting out a nauseous gurgle like he was drowning in his food instead of eating it.

"This is givin' me chronic gas," Dean groaned, stifling a portentous burp.

They had a six-hour drive tonight.

Sam's grin faded.