Just a short fic I thought of. This pairing makes me almost as happy as your reviews do.

Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Naruto. If I did, this would be included.

One Last Goodbye

He appeared as a shadow in the darkness of the room, weightless and drifting, for his remaining time in this world dwindled with every passing second.

A mere ghost of their previous power, his Sharingan eyes found the shark-man's sleeping form.

A weightless hand stroked back the spike of blue hair before tracing the line of his strong jaw. His eyes shifted down to Kisame's hand resting on his chest. He took it gently and uncurled the fingers, pressing the blood-red ring he'd worn in their time together into the man's palm.

He brought than hand up to his face, his lips brushing ever so gently over the calloused knuckles.

"Ita-chi," the deep voice murmured, still veiled in sleep.

He moved his fading gaze back to Kisame's sleeping face. Like so many times before, his curtain of black hair dropped around them, shielding their secret affection from the world, as the Uchiha placed a soft kiss on his lovers lips.

"Goodbye, my Kisa-chan. I have a feeling we'll meet again soon." He whispered these words as the last of Kabuto's jutsu diminished and he returned to the spirit realm, just as the shark-man's eyelids slid open slightly, finding the ring in his hand.