"Bullies Can Have Soft Spots Too"

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Chapter 1

White Pines High School. Truly a breeding ground for reputation. There were pretty much a group of gangs that there just basically everywhere. There were jocks, nerds, stoners, and perhaps bullies. No one was really safe around the schoolgrounds.

Especially if one of the bullies also happens to be one of the star players in high school. He was very popular with the ladies, but to every nerd infested in this high school, he was every nerd's worst nightmare, no doubt about it. His name was Lewis Stevenson, but he was better known to his fans and players as Lightning. His father gave him that name because he was destined to be the best at what his father excelled, and that was football. His father was a running back who led his football team to four Super Bowl championships before a broken back took him out of the game, but he left at his prime nonetheless. But when Lightning was born, his father looked at him and he noticed a future champion in his eyes. He was destined to make it to the top.

And pretty much, Lightning was building a reputation. But he was never that nice. He grew up to be mean and nasty. It was all of the fact due to his strong size. And not to mention the fact that he was not to be taken seriously that easily. It was also due to the aggression he was showing through the years of playing football with his older brothers. He was now 17 years old, the star linebacker, and so far, he was still a mean ol' son of a bitch. His father was like that in his high-school days, so why not him?

It was 8:00 a.m. and the students were still busy getting ready for class. Nothing but kids just running around with just an ounce of confidence to make it through the day. And here walking around the hallways was Lightning himself, and his entourage, Duncan and Scott. Duncan of course was the main delienquent at school and he had always took his time making alone time for his girlfriend Gwen whenever he got the chance, and Scott, just like Duncan, was also a troublemaker. He was always stirring the pot wherever he went and he always harassed the school's neighborhood moonchild Dawn for being such a 'hippie-freak'. Lightning didn't need love, knowing that he wasn't ready to fall in love just yet. In his opinion, love is for sissies. Well, he was always checking out the hottest women of this school, knowing that he always popular with women because of his natural good looks, but he was gonna wait whenever the time was right for him.

But this day was going to be unlike any ordinary day, it all happened when Lightning and his entourage looked for some fresh nerd meat to school on.

"Hmmmmm, what's on the agenda today, Lightning?" Scott smirked as he looked around the group of students.

"Just the same old, same old. It's all about Lightning kicking some tail out of some poor sha-sucker until he finally wimps out and gives Lightning what he wants! Because that's what Lightning does!" Lightning exclaimed as he bragged about himself being able to talk in the third person.

"Can't wait to see that!" Duncan exclaimed as he suddenly set his eyes on a nerd who was practicing with his clarinet, "Wait a minute guys, I smell fresh nerd!"

"Fresh nerd, huh? It's sha-feeding time!" Lightning exclaimed as he cracked his knuckles, just staring at the nerd, "Come with Lightning, boys!"

"Man, is this gonna be classic..." Duncan smirked with his hands rubbing all over.

The main nerd, who was named Cameron, was at his locker who was trying hard to hold the song sheet and play his clarinet at the same, was suddenly startled when Lightning slammed his locker with his hand in a very threatening tone.

"Well well well, if it ain't toothpick!" Lightning exclaimed with a scary smile as Cameron just gulped, "Okay, you sha-know what you gotta do!"

"Oh, come on, Lightning... this is getting way too old! Why can't you just let me get a break for once?" Cameron sighed depressingly knowing that his little session was interrupted.

"Lightning don't allow no breaks for the sha-weak!" Lightning exclaimed, "Now if I was you, I gently get my money and put it on the floor, so that Sha-Lightning can pick it up and keep it for sake. So you gonna do it or not?"

"I-I-I wish I could, but you see, I s-sorta left my wallet in my own house, s-s-so it looks like I won't be able to get you m-m-my money today, so sorry!" Cameron exclaimed nervously before Scott just decided to sniff him out for weird reason.

"Hmm, what's that smell, I see?" Scott said as he was still smelling Cameron, "I know that smell. Boys, we got a full-fresh liar in our hands. Lightning?"

"I can't believe this..." Cameron sighed as Lightning started to pick the nerd upside down and just shook him loose, "Oh, c-c-c-come on, guy-uy-uy-uys..."

As Lightning began to shake him, amounts of quarters began to fall on top of Cameron. After the shaking was done, it was revealed that Cameron had now lost an amount of $5.00. Not much of what Lightning wanted, but he'll take what he can get after all.

"Okay, toothpick, you're done!" Lightning exclaimed as he finally let Cameron down, "Looks like you still have $30 dollars to go for that nice little tail-light you owe Lightning. That way, that shiny little sha-golden image would look good for your broken face one of these days."

"Boy, I can't wait..." Cameron muttered sarcastingly as he just slowly walked away and muttered at him far away as he was walking from the damage that was done. "Man, why can't Lightning ever be nice for once...?"

As Cameron walked away with almost empty pockets, Lightning just counted the five dollars of quarters just like a greedy 12-year old cheapskate.

"Boys, this year is gonna get better as it sha-gets. Sha-Lightning!" Lightning exclaimed as he bragged once again to his friends.

"Yeah, I hear ya..." Duncan chuckled as the school bell finally rang out. "Oh, time for class. Anybody up for putting a thumbtack in the History teacher's seat?"

"I'm way ahead of ya!" Scott exclaimed as he showed a little box of thumbtacks to his friends and the three of them had finally left for class.

Meanwhile, outside the school, there was a car parked outside. Knowing that she was nonetheless late for school, it didn't seem to bother her since it was now in the fall and this was gonna be her first day ever since she moved here in this city.

She was riding in a nice violet Corvette and sported some nice stylish sunglasses. She was decked out in a nice magenta halter top which was showing that perfect cleavage, nice curvish hips that would make the boys drive so crazy, such seductive eyes covering with purple eye-shadow, such feisty red lips, and a perfect pouffe of hair that was flowing all the way down to her hips. She was just like Lightning's age, but it was unbelievable that a 17-year old could have such a hot body just like a full grown woman. She was stepping out of the car which was driven by her own mother. Her mother was pretty much in her early 40's and talked just like her daughter.

"Okay, so you gonna be okay for your first day of school?" Her mother said right to her daughter, who went by the name of Anne Maria.

"Mom, ya don't hafta worry about me. I can get through very well on my first day. I'm not 6 years old, ya know." Anne Maria spoke with a bit of a snarky attitude. No wonder her mom was like that.

"I know ya ain't 6 years old, that's why you're my baby and I need ta see that no boys aren't gonna grope ya. Remember back at that old school, you had so many 16 years olds groping you, I had to lay out my mace on those frikkin' pervs. It was like a protest rally!" Her mother spoke a bit sternly.

"Mom, there isn't gonna be a protest rally! That's why I'm covered!" Anne Maria exclaimed as she showed her the mace that her mother gave to her, "Thanks fa the mace, ma."

"No problem. I'll pick ya up after I get off from work. Let's hope I don't see any fingaprints from the bottom of your jeans..." Anne Maria's mother replied once again.

"Ya won't..." Anne Maria muttered to her as her mother finally drove away.

After she finally entered the building and found the principal's office so that she could finally get her schedule, Anne Maria was trying to read out the schedule just like she was reading some sort of book.

"Let's see... 1st period is English class so I think that I can find it in Room 301." Anne Maria followed as he looked up at each number of doors. Geez, she wondered how many doors there was! There were like 400 rooms around this high school that she was gonna end up being lost not knowing on which way to go. If only she could look for assistance to see where 301 was. "Geez, is this gonna take for-evah..."

She walked for pretty much a good mile around this school and yet it was like only 10 minutes before school just started. Man, time really went so fast! Anne Maria in her opinion felt like her feet was just about to explode with so much hurt. That's what she gets for walking around in such high heels.

"Man, this is a big school. Not one single help around. Why couldn't I just go back ta my old school instead? But then, I just shudda of the fact that my butt's gonna get grabbed again..." Anne Maria sighed, feeling a bit depressingly that this was a big high-school. Geez, this high school was bigger than the Mall of America itself and yet Anne Maria could still get lost on which way to go. "Forget it, I'm still gonna keep lookin' if my feet bleed like gangbustas..."

Soon, as Anne Maria took a corner right, Lightning suddenly came out of the bathroom, just having finished his #1 session after laughing waaaay too hard about the butt-tack that was now lodged inside the History teacher.

"Man, that was soooo sha-classic! I never seen so much blood in my entire sha-lifetime!" Lightning laughed to himself, "I gotta give it to Scott, he never fails to impress Lightning..."

As Lightning was laughing to himself with a hall pass in hand, what he didn't realize was the point that...

...he felt someone's body being shoved down due to his size. Not to mention, Lightning also felt the collision as well. He tried to hang on with such perfect balance, but Lightning fell down with a nice thud. Anne Maria soon felt it, and just landed right on her butt, just not looking to where she was now going. Feeling that Lightning just got shoved, he talked right to the mysterious female figure.

"Hey, man! Can't you sha-watch whenever you going? You knocked Lightning's hall pass out of distance! What's wrong with ya?" Lightning spoke a bit loudly to her.

"I'm sorry! I am so sorry! I'll go get it!" Anne Maria exclaimed as she rushed by and picked the big man up right after she picked up his hall pass for him. After he was soon dusted off, Anne Maria handed the hall pass to him. "Sorry, I didn't see ya, it's only my first day here."

"That's no problem, at least let Lightning know-" Lightning said as he mirrored his face right at her. But when he looked right at her, he just couldn't believe the sight of her.

In his mind, he drooled and drooled because of that fine, tight luscious figure that Anne Maria had. She was like a Jersey Barbie doll come to life, not to mention that she looked a little like Snooki from Jersey Shore. He enjoyed his little moment in the sun as the school bell seemed to rang on him.

Anne Maria then walked off, whispering with such a smile, "See ya tomorrow..."

Lightning shuddered a bit. He liked her alright, knowing that Anne Maria couldn't help but stare at the handsome features Lightning Scott and Duncan snorted looking at Lightning who stood on the spot, mesmerized.

"Skipping class, eh?" Snorted Duncan, "Thought you were gonna stop."

Duncan joked, not expecting him to actually stop. Knowing that his friends nearly saw him like this, Lightning muttered incoherently.

"Actually I will Sha- go." Lightning muttered as Scott and Duncan looked at him very suspiciously. "For the honey's!" He added quickly as Lightning walked away from them with a smile.

And Anne Maria was definitely a honey, and one of the best, indeed. Lightning thought about Anne Maria as for the first time as he made his way to class, despite being 10 minutes.

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