"Bullies Can Have Soft Spots Too"

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Chapter 3

This was a nightmare. Anne Maria couldn't believe that her crush actually had dissed her like this. After she overheard Lightning and Beth's talk to meet with each other at a restaurant, Anne Maria was just livid and just pissed. So having to take Beth out of the picture so that Anne Maria would get a chance to be alone with Lightning wasn't enough. She knew that Lightning was just like the rest of the boys. He was now a love 'em and leave 'em type of guy. That was sooooo typical of Lightning to do this. And to think she instantly liked him!

Having to shake her feelings off and the pain that was given to her by Beth, Anne Maria went right to the bathroom and rubbed some chapstick just to soothe the painful lip marks that was made by Beth's fist. She then ran some warm water and began to wash her face. She then looked right in the mirror and began to calm herself down.

"Okay, Anne Maria... get it together. Sure ya may not get a chance to talk to Lightnin', but you're stronger than that." Anne Maria talked to herself in the mirror with a sigh, "The first day might have been a little crappier than this, but ya still gotta move on one way or anotha'."

As soon as she dried off her washed face, Anne Maria, who was wearing her perfect sexy magenta nightie, soon approached her bedand started to cover herself up with her perfect white covers. The kind of covers that when she was sleeping on them, the fine silk sheets would mold to her perfect figure.

"Maybe... some sleep... would help..." Anne Maria said in a very dazed state as she closed her eyes real slowly. In her opinion, some nice sleep would be nice to get rid of her feelings about Lightning. Let's hope it might work.

Her sleep sure felt like forever indeed. It almost felt like a few hours, heck maybe days, or perhaps weeks. Now she was really starting to look so much like Rip Van Winkle, only so unattractive and so unhealthy. Soooooo not cool.

But then suddenly, as a cheesy effect, the wind started to blow all across Anne Maria's room. Somehow, Anne Maria could feel a very cold shiver come across her beautiful pouffe. She was just so shivering like hell itself. Except that hell just froze over way too many times and Anne Maria was just receiving the cold hard punishment.

"Uggh, since when did it ever become cold in the fall?" Anne Maria complained a little in her sleep, "I thought I really shut tha window."

Seeing her warm smooth body shiver out in the wind for so long, Anne Maria just got out of her bed a bit weakly and just approached the window.

But before she could come close to the window, a hand suddenly seemed to appear on the top ledge. Seeing this as some sort of weird burglar, Anne Maria had grabbed a baseball bat just to protect herself.

"Okay, whoeva you are, stay back!" Anne Maria exclaimed to the burglar as she gripped the bat very hardly, hoping that the burglar would step back in fear, but boy, did it come to a surprise to Anne Maria, that the burglar in disguise...

...just happened to be Lightning. Okay, was this really real? Lightning in her own house? Okay, this was really impossible. How on earth could Lightning ever know where she lived. This was just maybe a strange coincidence, but it didn't matter much to Anne Maria. The only good thing about it was that he was here, in her own eyes. But somehow, he was wearing a white long-sleeved buttoned shirt instead of his football jersey he always wears. This was really weird

"Lightning? Wha-what are you doin' here?" Anne Maria replied, hoping to get a response from Lightning himself.

"Isn't it sha-obvious?" Lightning responded back, but his tone of voice became much more husky, perhaps much more sexier. "Lightning came to see you..."

"Okay, I'm certainly obvious this isn't a dream..." Anne Maria said in such amazement, knowing that Lightning looked very real, but somehow, Anne Maria needed to be sure, "Okay, if this is some sort of dream, how can I know you're real?"

"You really wanna sha-know? Come and feel Lightning..." Lightning spoke to him a bit sensually as Anne Maria slowly moved closer to him.

Without any caution whatsoever, Anne Maria sent her fingers, just caressing Lightning's rock hard facial features. They were so smooth than a single pond of lotion. Anne Maria suddenly let out a shudder just feeling that incredible sexuality of his.

"You're... you're real. You're actually here..." Anne Maria said as she felt so much lost in Lightning's brown eyes. He had the most sexiest feature of it all, besides his abs, his butt and his smile. He was like some sort of model/strongman.

"Indeed. Lightning's your sha-destiny." He said before he somehow wrapped Anne Maria in his arms. She just let out a blush when he felt him through his strong embrace, "And I'm here to make sure of that..."

Anne Maria felt her blush brighten just like a lightbulb suddenly. Normally, she would get her mace and just spray Lightning right in the face, but she couldn't help but be breathless. The Jersey babe felt like she was gonna faint just looking at Lightning and his handsome gaze. She hardly believed that this whole day just went fast like that. How weird.

But something else caught her by surprise. Lightning's face soon drew closer to hers and just in a matter of seconds, he passionately kissed her lips. Pretty much, Anne Maria's insides just stopped functioning. Well, only for a little while until she tilted her head a bit and closed her eyes, therefore their kiss suddenly got deeper. She could feel every ounce of his sweet oxygen just send her satisfying chills right through her spine. But it was definitely worth it to her.

But only did she realize her mistake that when she opened her eyes...

...she realized she was kissing her own pillow by mistake. It was realized that Anne Maria was in fact dreaming all along. Lightning was no longer there, nor did he act so sexy in the Fabio kind of way, in which she felt a little disappointed.

"Dang, it was none other than a dream..." Anne Maria said as she shook that little embarrassment off. Dragging herself like a zombie, Anne Maria slowly approached the bathroom.

She once again washed her face with soap and water for a second time. As she finally did, she looked right at the mirror once again. She began speaking right to it as if she was talking to her conscience.

"What is up with me? I know Lightning ditched me, but..." Anne Maria said to herself with a sigh, "...I know that's not the real him. I know I shouldn't talk to him after what he did to me, but... I should try giving him another chance. Maybe he still wouldn't be that bad..."

Hearing this from herself, Anne Maria then left her bathroom and turned the light right off. Today was just so much of a mixed bag, but maybe tomorrow will be a better day for her. She would be hoping for it.

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