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"Damn Seekers," Ratchet grumbled, spotting the extremely smug look on Skywarp's face as he slept with his mate Thundercracker. It was early the next day and Ratchet had just started his shift, relieving First Aid.

Thundercracker looked very peaceful and serene unlike his mate who appeared to have fallen into recharge with a stupid grin on his face. He was tempted to swat the silly Seeker but decided against it. The purple Seeker might try to interface with him again and that would never do. Sure, it had been nice but he couldn't afford to become so distracted when he still had patients to take care of.

Starscream still hadn't woken up but Skyfire should be any time now so at least he could keep a close watch on his friend. Ratchet decided to check on Sunstreaker who that wretched Seeker Skyarp had been interfacing several joors before. Ratchet did not like his patients being messed with, even though Sideswipe had assured him that his brother was sleeping more soundly.

Said red Mech was sleeping curled up against his brother although Ratchet couldn't see how he was doing. He carefully walked around the berth and saw that the yellow Mech's face wasn't screwed up in discomfort and he looked completely normal. Perhaps that Seeker had known what he was doing...not that he'd ever tell him. Ratchet smiled sadly and stroked Sunstreaker's forehead, he would still have a time recovering from what Megatron had done to him but hopefully this was a start.

"Now, for Starscream," he murmured to himself, striding over to his most urgent patient's berth and scanning him. Starscream had been suffering from nightmares and unsettled recharge but had refused to wake up. If the Seeker didn't wake up soon, he might have to induce the end of recharge. They had no idea when the Decepticons might retaliate, Starscream needed to start his recovery therapy as soon as possible.


"Morning," Ratchet greeted as Skyfire came out of recharge. "Sleep well?"

"Yes thank you," Skyfire said with a nod, stretching his stiff joints. "How is he?"

"Pretty much the same," Ratchet replied. "I haven't detected any change but he could come out of recharge any time."

"I see... My... I just hope he can deal with all that trauma... No one deserves that torture and being prolonged for so long..." The shuttle whispered sadly caressing the tri-coloured seeker's head.

Ratchet looked at the two sadly. "You know, he's been sleeping for far too long time, eventually he needs to awake."

"Yeah, but he doesn't want to, he... he just want to sleep off his depression... and honestly, who can blame him?"

"Not me, and it happened with Sunstreaker too." The medic sighed.

Frowning in thought, Skyfire looked up at the golden twin sleeping with his brother next him... but something was different about him... he seemed more... relaxed... somehow. "Ratchet?"


"I might have been recharging yesterday, but... I think there was a lot of noise here, right?"

The medic gulped. "I don't know what are you talking about, it must have been a dream."

Lifting an optic ridge, the shuttle looked up to Skywarp and Thundercracker as they recharge, and said purple flier wore something like a goofy grin in his recharged face.

"Do I wanna know?"

"Believe me, you don't." Ratchet answered quickly and seemed to be working hard to keep his cooling fans off. Skyfire, however shrugged it off. Somehow he felt he really didn't wanted to know... right?

"Hmm, well at least it looks like Sunstreaker is sleeping more peacefully," Skyfire commented on as he gently stroked Starscream's head. "I wish there was something I could do for Starscream but I don't know what."

"Well," Ratchet said, considering the problem. "Above all others, he trusts you so you being near when he wakes should help a lot. But I think perhaps if you lie down with him, maybe place him against your Spark, he might relax enough to come out of recharge."

"You really think that might work?" Skyfire asked with interest.

"It's worth a shot and it won't make things worse," Ratchet confirmed, giving the Seeker's still form a quick scan. "Go ahead and try it, it might also be worth talking to him. Maybe about an area of science you're both interested in, something that he knows and enjoys."

"Very well, I shall do that," the Shuttle said warmly, carefully gathering up his friend and laying him against his chest before getting onto the berth.

"Starscream?" he said softly. "Do you remember that time we explore that organic planet? The one with giant reptilian creatures not unlike the dinosaurs of this world? You were so fascinated by them, especially the winged ones. Some of them were almost as big as me, you could not believe that something without thrusters or any kind of mechanical power could grow so large and yet achieve flight."

While Skyfire talked, Starscream's whole body seemed to relax, even his expression that almost appeared to smile. Skyfire actually barely noticed, he was becoming so absorbed retelling some of their experiences together. Slowly, as he described the reptile planet in more detail, Starscream began to come round, his systems coming out of recharge and powering up.

Until eventually, he opened his optics.

The shuttle chuckled as he seemed to remember something else. "Do you remember that day in the academy? That day when you made all your bullies sing like femmes each time they opened their mouths? I laughed so hard that I spit my energon by my nose."

"But I had to admit you made their voices a lot more pleasant, that Casius particularly, he loved to molest you... you know, I think he was in love with you," Skyfire joked and still didn't noticed the now fully awake seeker.

"I wish you can hear me, Star... I miss you..."

"But I'm here..."

Skyfire's systems froze at what he heard and it took him a while to look down at the mech in his arms... the now awake mech in his arms... in awe.

"Why you miss me, Sky? Was I... lost?"

Starscream asked and looked at his friend with such innocence that worried the shuttle to no end. "Star? A-are you... ok?"

"I'm okay... why? What happened? Why are we in the med-bay?"

Skyfire stared at his friend, this wasn't what he'd been expecting at all. It was like Starscream did not remember what Megatron had done to him...

"I...there was an accident," Skyfire said cautiously. "You were hurt, I've been staying with you until you recovered."

Starscream looked confused for a moment before shrugging and leaning against the Shuttle.

"Thanks Sky, you're a real friend."

"Of course," Skyfire said, gently holding him to his chest. "How are you feeling?"

"Good...I'm good," Starscream said, nodding as he considered this question. "Did I hit my head or something, I don't remember what happened?"

"I don't think so," Skyfire told him. "But I only arrived just in time to save you, the whole place almost went up?"

"I was in an explosion?" Starscream exclaimed, looking completely shocked. " did that happen? Was I exploring a bad part of Cybertron? I know there are some rebels stirring up trouble, was I involved in something relenting to them?"

"Rebels?" Skyfire repeated dumbly, he was feeling rather confused himself.

"Yes, those rebels from Kaon," Starscream exclaimed as though his friend was missing the obvious. "Primus Skyfire, I've told you that you've got to pay more attention to the newsreels. There's talk their protests might become more violent if the Senate keeps ignoring them."

Starscream suddenly smiled and said.

"You'll be happy we've got that expedition coming up eh. We won't have to worry about any rebels or stuffy politicians there, just asteroids, electrical storms and hostile aliens. Not that exciting really."

"Expedition?" Skyfire wondered if his suspicions were right. Was his friend with some kind of amnesia?

"Yeah, our first deep space expedition, it took us a while for the scientific council to give us permission to go; remember?" The seeker tried before noticing his friend's unresponsive face. "Sky, what's wrong?"

"Eh... Star... you... you really can't... remember?"

"Remember what?"

"The accident? ...Megatron?" The shuttle tried.

"What accident? Did I hit my head so hard? And what's Megatron?" Starscream innocently tilted his head to the side wondering what was going though his best friend's processor.

Skyfire really have no idea how to respond now that his suspicions were confirmed. "Why don't you wait for me here; I'll go and bring Ratchet... the medic." Watching his friend nod, Skyfire lift front the berth in search of the CMO.

Meanwhile, Starscream stared around and noticed two other seekers recharging on a nearest berth. His optics frowned in thought as he remembered them. Those two possessed interesting abilities and were still trineless, he wondered why, after all, who wouldn't want to have trinemates like them?

"What were their names?" Starscream wondered himself out loud as he watched the purple one stir and online his red optics before stretching himself and take a deep breath.

The purple wings waved and quivered before the owner turned his head noticing him and his optics widened. "Scree!" The purple seeker vanished from his position and re-appeared in front of the stunned Starscream before hugging him tightly against his chest. "Oooh Screamer, I missed you SO much! Please forgive my stupidity!" He cried out loud like he making a scene. "I was such an idiot, me and TC, please forgive us, I promise it won't happen again, I swear!"

"What?! What's happening! Let go of me at once!" Starscream yelled trying to get free from this strangers' grip.

In that moment, Skyfire returned with Ratchet and his optics widened in fear. "Skywarp! Let go of him!"

"Noooo! Don't wanna, he might suffer again!" Skywarp cried. "I won't let it happen again!" He continued holding Starscream as this one tried to get free from this stranger's dead grip.

"Starscream will be fine but your scaring him," Skyfire tried to explained but Ratchet took a different approach.


"Oww," Skywarp wailed, letting go of Starscream to clutch at his forehead. "What did you do that for?"

"You'll find out," Ratchet growled. "Now off the berth, now?"

Skywarp shot him a pitiful look but when the Medic's expression didn't change, got off the berth. Starscream was staring at his fellow Seeker as though he were totally mad and instinctively moved over to Skyfire who placed an arm around him. Ratchet chivvied Skywarp back over to Thundercracker who was stirring slightly before grabbing a screen and dragging it around the Seekers, hiding them from sight.

"What was that all about?" Starscream said in disbelief, still staring at the spot they were behind.

"He was worried about you," Skyfire said softly. "You've been in something of a coma for a couple of cycles."

"I have?" Starscream said in amazement. "I didn't realise my accident was so serious. I suppose head injuries can be quite difficult."

Skyfire nodded his agreement, wondering how on Cybertron he was going to explain everything to Starscream. The Seeker now turned to him and asked.

"Who are those two, I've seen them before but we're not really acquainted..."

Skyfire mentally winced at this, the two Seekers would be devastated at this. But all he said was.

"That slightly crazy one is Skywarp and the other is his mate Thundercracker. Their actually quite nice but Skywarp tends to act without thinking, he is a very passionate individual."

Starscream flushed slightly, when you mentioned that a Seeker was passionate, that usually meant they were very interface mad. And since Starscream currently thought he was a virgin, it wasn't surprisingly he was a little shy about that sort of thing.

"So you know them?" he now asked Skyfire who nodded.

"We've gotten to know each other the last few cycles while you were out of it," he explained and he could have sworn Starscream looked a little...jealous?

"Oh..." Was everything Starscream muttered.

"WHAT! NO WAY! HE DOESN'T REMEMBER..?!" Suddenly a mighty scream filled the room before the same black and purple seeker materialized in front of Starscream out of nowhere. "Star, Star! You... you remember me, right?

The huge and shinning pleading optics almost made Starscream to say 'yes', but he couldn't lie, even if he saw him before. He shook his head in denial.

"Skywarp, you're not helping!" Ratchet barked stomping his way to the purple seeker and tried to grab his arm to pull him away. However, he just teleported himself in front of Starscream again.

"Please..." He whispered pleading in border of tears to the tri-coloured seeker.

"Warp, please, let's go..." The other blue seeker tried looking sadly at Starscream.

"How can he not remember us? This is all Megatron's fault! I'll kill him! I'll kill that bastard!" Skywarp started making a scene out of rage and it was obviously the first time he did it because his mate seemed very worried holding him tightly as if he might do what he promised right now.

Starscream just got closer to Skyfire as his massive arms seemed to shield him from the crazy purple seeker. "Ratchet!" Thundercracker yelled the CMO to do something and this one took a syringe and inserted it in Skywarp's neck, and before the full contents were downloaded in him, the mech fell to the ground with his mate crying and muttering "Why?" all the time. Warm and fat tears ran by his cheeks.

Sideswipe, who awoke from all the noise, watched in a sad amazement the scene; he just couldn't believe this seekers' bad luck. Well... at least Starscream didn't remembered Megatron, right?

"Let me help," He said once he reached Thundercracker and helped him to get the crying Skywarp back to the berth. "Everything will be ok, 'Warp, you'll see." He whispered caressing his helm.

"What's wrong with that idiot?" Starscream couldn't help but ask. "Can't he see this is a med-bay? And that silence is required?"

Skyfire and Ratchet shared a worried glance.

"I'll make sure he doesn't disturb you again," Thundercracker said in a soft but still audible voice. "I'm sorry for my mate's actions, he can't always control himself."

"See that you do," Starscream stated, he did not want that deranged Seeker near him again. "Primus."

Sharing another look with Ratchet, Skyfire said.

"I uh...I think we need to talk Starscream?"

"What about?" Starscream asked, confusion and concern entering his optics.

"Well," Skyfire began. "You only had your accident a few cycles ago but it appears to have given you more than short term memory've forgotten a large part of your own life."

"What?"Starscream exclaimed in disbelief. "What are you talking about Skyfire, I remember everything perfectly except the accident it's self."

"You remember everything just before our first major deep space expedition," Skyfire told him gently. "But you've forgotten what happened during and after it."

" hasn't happened yet," Starscream said, even more confused now.

"It has Starscream," Skyfire said, bringing a holo cube from sub space and activating it. It contained images of their expedition before they reached Earth and he knew Starscream would not recognise them. But the tri-coloured Seeker was clearly visible in many of them, thus validating their claims.

"Those...those are of us," Starscream said incredulously. "I don't...I don't remember those at all."

"I know," Skyfire said gently, looking to Ratchet for help.

"Your memories aren't permanently gone," the Medic spoke up. "They will return but I'm afraid I do not know when. We will not force them; you can stay with Skyfire until you regain them."

"Oh...thank you," Starscream said with a nod before looking at Skyfire. "Can we get things from my apartment?"

"We're not on Cybertron," Skyfire told him as Starscream gaped at him. "We're on an organic planet named Earth and...I do not know where your possessions are. If we can, we will find a way to retrieve them but there is a room for us here. Is that acceptable?"

"I...yes," Starscream said, sounding a little dazed. "This is all so...overwhelming for me Skyfire."

"I know Star," the Shuttle said with a smile. "But don't worry, everything will be okay, I'll look after you until your memory returns."

The Seeker nodded before glancing over at the other two Seekers and Sideswipe. "Do I...know them?"

"Yes! You know us, ME! How could you forget your bestie?!" Skywarp moaned loudly as Sideswipe and Thundercracker were unable to keep his mouth shut.

Ratchet frowned. "That seeker... how many doses do I need to make him sleep?!"

"Bestie?" Starscream lifted an optic ridge, not really understanding what the term means.

"It's a human term for 'best friend'," Sideswipe helped and Ratchet frowned at him to quit it.

"Human? What's a human?" He asked, and then shook his head fast. "How can you be my 'best friend' if I don't even know you?!"

"Starscream..." Skyfire started uneasily and the seeker gave him his full attention. "They are your trine."

Starscream's optics widened. "What?! A trine? How...? When...?" He tried to ask. "I don't have a trine!"

"Yes you do, Star, you befriended them and then become trine," Skyfire tried watching his friend's shocked face. "Star?"

"How long I was out? How much of my memory have I lost?!"

An awkward silence followed as everybody shared uneasy looks

"Tell me," Starscream demanded heatedly, looking from one face to another, almost waking up Sunstreaker. "I want to know."

"About...about nine million years," Ratchet said finally, knowing the Seeker wouldn't rest until he got his answer.

Starscream gaped at him; he'd lost that amount of time? How could he have possible had forgotten that much, just what had happened during that time? Well, apparently he now had a Trine which included a very crazy Seeker. And ended up on an organic planet with a species that sounded intelligent...humans?

"I can't believe this," he said faintly, sitting back down on his berth. "I've really lost all of that?"

"Well, you're not...," Sideswipe started to say but Ratchet sent him a glare and he shut up. He was about to point out that Skyfire had lost that amount as well except he had no lost memories. Only a deep long sleep which Starscream had awakened him from.

"I want?" Starscream questioned and Sideswipe said. "'s nothing."

Starscream eyed him before saying. "Are you a friend as well?"

"Sort of," Sideswipe said, feeling so guilty about the marks of Starscream's back. "We've only become properly acquainted recently, we kinda just knew about each other before."

"I see," Starscream said although he didn't look like he did. "Well...perhaps you could all tell me a bit more about your relationship to me."

He sent Skyfire a smile and said. "Except you Skyfire, I already know enough about you."

"Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" Skyfire teased, making his friend laugh.

"A good thing... I just hope I wasn't some kind of evil villain who killed innocents and eat them as breakfast," The seeker chuckled.

Sideswipe however gulped and looked away. "Nope, you've never eat anyone... But you were... An awesome flier!" He finished after Skywarp gave him a particular harsh look.

"And you are..?" Starscream started. "Sideswipe, nice to meet you... again," The red car answered.

"Ok... How did we meet?"

"Well... I always practiced jet judo and that is how we met... You said you wanted to learn from it too," He lied and everybody, even Skyfire, frowned at him.

"Oh... Interesting... And you?" Starscream looked up to the CMO.

"I'm the medic that treated your injuries," Ratchet pointed out and make sure he was not questioned again.

Then Starscream looked up to the two seekers in the next berth. "And you? How did we meet?"

Skywarp and Thundercracker shared a sweet smile and nodded to each other before the purple one answered. "You have an awesome aft that I wanted to get."

Everybody's optics widened. "Warp!" Thundercracker barked at his mate before hitting him in the back of his helm.

"Whaaaaat~? I mean it." He stated innocently. "And still do." he bit his lower lip making Starscream flinch and Ratchet face palm himself.

"Does that means that... that... we... f-faced?" The tri coloured seeker shuddered.

"Yeah! But you always enjoyed it, I swear!" Skywarp quickly added. "We would never hurt you."

Those words sounded so sincere that Starscream believed him... somehow.

"But honestly... How have we met?" He tilted his head to the side trying to remember them.

"We met properly almost nine million years ago," Thundercracker gently explained. "Through mutual associates in Vos and we really liked you. We courted you to be our Third Trine mate and eventually you accepted, you actually became our Trine leader."

"Really?" Starscream said in astonishment.

"Yes...although we did not interface until about two million years into our partnership. And we only ever interface when you want to; we all strengthen our bonds together. I know that right now we seem like stranger and you probably can't imagine being close to us but we both love you very much. And I know you do too, even though you don't remember yet."

Skywarp nodded eagerly as Starscream looked thoughtful.

"I...I'm sorry I don't recognise you yet but I would be willing to get to know you until my memory does return."

"That's all we ask," Thundercracker said very warmly, adding. "And I will keep a leash on Warp, don't worry."

"Hey!" Skywarp said indignantly but Starscream looked very relieved.

"Is there anything else I should know about?"

This caused Skyfire to gently place his hand on Starscream's shoulder and said. "Starscream, there is a reason we are on Earth instead of Cybertron."

When Starscream looked at him, Skyfire indicated his badge.

"We are at War, our population has been split into two, Autobots which are us...and Decepticons. The Decepticons are trying to take over both Cybertron and this planet and we are fighting to stop them."

"At war?" Starscream repeated in horror. "You mean...those rebels?"

"Yeah, the rebels," Ratchet said grimly. "They became the Decepticons and almost destroyed our planet. It has barely any energy yet so they are trying to steal all the resources from this planet."

"But that's insane," Starscream stated. "That doesn't sound sustainable at all, what will they do when everything is gone from this planet?"

"Move on to another one," Thundercracker said in disgust. "A never ending cycle of war, conquest and devastation."

"Primus..." Starscream whispered covering his mouth. "They are crazy!"

Ratchet and Sideswipe both lifted an optic ridge at the seeker's statement. It was hard for them to believe that this was the same Starscream they have met. The one who cared about nothing and no one, but himself. Finally they could see the mech Skyfire claimed have met and still remembered.

They wondered what had Megatron done to him to transform him into the monster he was... and then into the shivering mass of terrified mech, afraid from his master's wrath.

The Nemesis...

Megatron paced his quarters in thought. The news Soundwave provided him were very interesting.

The new SIC's new brat seemed to come from a very... Unorthodox scientist and that is what he needed right now to... Fix his problem. But for that he needed Soundwave's brat's help into finding her creator which caused another problem.

Said brat seemed to have run away from the scientist because Primus knows the reasons, and Soundwave will be very protective of her if she didn't desired to return. However...he just needed her to show him the right path and that little detail he must show Soundwave.

He was debating with himself if he should call his Second now.

Soundwave was always very protective with his young and would not want to push that brat since she was so newly adopted. He supposed it made sense to have the brats loyalty ensured before you started asking things of them but he was loathed to wait any longer than he needed to fix the 'problem.' If that brat was going to become a Decepticon, then she needed to learn how things were run very quickly.

Frag it, he was leader of the Decepticons and he didn't care if some brat of a cassette didn't feel up to talking.

"Soundwave," he barked over the comm. "I require the location of Fiber's creator, get the information from her."

There was a pause before Soundwave said. "I will try lord Megatron, she is very reluctant to talk."

"Then use your abilities on her," Megatron snapped. "How difficult is that."

Soundwave didn't answer and Megatron knew it was because he didn't like to use his abilities on his own creations. Megatron however couldn't give a damn.

"If you want her to remain here Soundwave," he began dangerously. "You will do as I say or I shall have her transported to Shockwave."

The threat was enough for Soundwave to say. "As you command Megatron."

"Yes," Megatron said as the connection was broken. He now smirked, Soundwave would get the information even if she was unwilling, he would rather take the information and protect her than respect her silence and allow her to be sent away.

He idly wondered what his little whore Starscream was up to. He dearly hoped he was having a bad time of it, he hoped his every waking moment was a nightmare and his recharge was constantly disturbed. Because he never wanted that whore to be free of him and he wouldn't be, this was merely a temporary separation.

Oh yes... he could remember very well his seeker; the way he moaned, squirmed and screamed as he filled him over and over again. He wanted that again, needed that again.

He was an addict to that seeker, to everything he was...

Also, he remembered all the times they did it, such beautiful and perfect creature under him. There was no better lover in the universe for Megatron than Starscream. And now... thinking about those sessions was starting to make him aroused fast.

His little whore, his porn star...

He let out a moan as his panel snapped open revealing his very much wet interface port. "Oh... what do I got here?" He said before inserting two of his own fingers inside and pumped them in and to throwing his head back enjoying his own touch as he masturbated in the darkness of his room.

However, it was not nearly half of what he really needed... he wanted more!


Fibers cried silently as Soundwave finished taking the information from her processors and a huge wave of guilt hit him hard as he watched the fat tears that run by her cheeks.

"Is ok, my dear, it was for your own sake, now Lord Megatron will leave you alone." He assured stroking her face to dry her tears and brought her closer to him to hug her, but the little one squirmed out of his grasp and run to the safety of Rumble and Frenzy's embrace instead.

Soundwave felt how his spark was split in two, one side to his duty to his leader, and the other to his duty to protect them.

Finally, with a long and sad gasp, he got up and left his quarters and comm-ed Megatron.

"Lord Megatron, I have the information you require."

"Good job, Soundwave. I want you to come and give it to me personally in my quarters:"

"At once," He finished noticing Megatron's odd tone. If he was correct his leader sounded... frustrated? Ignoring it, he headed for his leader's quarters as was ordered.


Megatron's quarters...

The Decepticon leader snarled in protest at his inability to bring himself to overload, no matter how hard he touched himself. But when his new SIC called, an idea formed in his processors. "Soundwave..." He moaned before hearing the door being knocked and a evil smirk formed in his face.

Soundwave liked mechs in his berth after all...

"My lord," Soundwave said quietly as he entered, stopping when he saw the state his leader was in. He seemed rather surprised but composed himself before saying. "I have the information for you."

"Excellent Soundwave, bring it here," Megatron ordered as though he hadn't spent the last while self servicing.

With a certain amount of reluctance, Soundwave moved over to the berth and politely offered the data pad. Megatron moved a hand as though to take the data pad but instead his hand closed around Soundwave's wrists. Before the navy blue Mech could do anything, Megatron had pulled him onto the berth, turning him around in the process. Soundwave found himself flat on his back with his leader straggling him.

"M-my lord?" he gasped in question as Megatron smiled down at him.

"Soundwave," he purred. "I require your assistance with something rather important."

" not understand," Soundwave exclaimed and Megatron chuckled.

"Oh I think you do my loyal new second. You like Mechs and I need a Mech right now...and your that Mech."

"My lord...I do"

"You don't want to leave me unsatisfied," Megatron said in a soft but deadly voice. "And do not forget I am letting you keep that Femme...I do not normally allow children on my base. You wouldn't want me to send her away."

Soundwave offlined his optics briefly as mental torment flooded over him. If he didn't submit willingly, not only would Megatron take Fibers away but he'd probably force himself on him anyway. He had no choice.

"I serve you, my lord," he finally answered as Megatron smiled and stroked his face. "Good Soundwave, I knew I could count on open up for me."

Soundwave was confused but knew very well what his leader meant, so, he forced his codpice to open to reveal his soft spike. He was not in the least bit excited by this.

"Oh, Soundwave... I also meant your facemask and visor, let me see that handsome face of yours." Megatron purred stroking said facemask and waited for the other to obey. "Well? I'm waiting."

Soundwave was terrified, this wasn't happening to him! And now Megatron 'asked' him to reveal his face to him! Definitely this day couldn't get worse... right? He thought that this was just an interface... but now...

"Soundwave...!" Megatron growled in a threatening way.

The telepath had to use his full self control to not shake like a leaf and then opened his facemask and visor. His optics betrayed his emotions and Megatron smirked at the sight of them. "Don't be shy, my Second, I just want us to have some fun together." He purred then learned down to kiss, lick and nip at those lips as he caressed his chest.

His spark raced at a terribly fast rate terrified as he was and had to close and lock his bond with his creations... His beloved creations... Megatron knew they were his weak point and was using it against him now.

Finally Megatron stopped his assault as his lips and looked at him with a frown. "Well... I'm not kissing a corpse, right Soundwave?"

His optics widened and he just shook his head. Megatron wanted to be kissed back. The mere thought of it made his tanks twist in revulsion... But he had to suck in those misgivings for the welfare of his creations... And this time when Megatron learned back down, he kissed him back.

Megatron approved it by moaning in the kiss and thrusting his glossia in Soundwave's mouth and rubbed it against his own asking him to dance with his. Soundwave couldn't complain and obeyed the unasked command.

"Ohhh... Yesss... Touch me, Soundwave...," The leader moaned as he learned down to kiss and nip at the telepath's neck, and with his hips he rubbed his wet interface port against Soundwave's spike trying to make it hard.

The SIC had to imagine that he was with a lover he actually cared for and loved as he stroked his leader's back with his now shaking hands as this one worked him to full arousal... But it was hard to think that his now rapist was a caring lover he tried to reciprocate.

Megatron then reclaimed his lips in a hungry and aggressive kiss and took hold of his spike, which made the owner jump and cry out more in fear that pleasure, and started pumping it fast and hard trying to make it hard enough to penetrate him.

"Ahhhh... Come on, Soundwave! Don't tell me that you're frigid and dysfunctional!"

But still, Soundwave could sense how his member reacted to his leader's ministrations and this one quickly and finally stood by its own.

"That's better..." Megatron approved before positioning his hungry and very much wet port to the tip of the spike before slowly, slowly lowered his hips engulfing the fat and hot member with his heated core.

The Decepticon leader moaned in utter pleasure at the intrusion and Soundwave barely gasped at it not feeling pleasure at all no matter how hard he was.

But he knew what he was expected to do so he began to move his hips, gently thrusting in and out of him. Megatron groaned and clutched tightly at the back of his neck, claws digging in slightly. Soundwave supposed he should be grateful he wasn't being spiked, that would have been even more awful...and probably rather painful. He grimaced, how had Starscream done this for so many cycles, it was pure torture. It didn't matter that Megatron wasn't using violence and was making Soundwave spike him, he still hated every moment of it.

"Faster," Megatron growled, he wanted his pleasure to be raised to the highest level; his overload would be more satisfying that way.

" wish," Soundwave gasped out as he picked up the pace, thrusting hard into his leader but somehow barely feeling any pleasure.

"Oh yes...yes...that's what I want," Megatron snarled, digging his claws in more as his body crackled with electricity. His usually emotionless officer wasn't half bad in the berth, perhaps he'd request this more often.

Soundwave dearly hoped he'd be able to overload, otherwise Megatron would be furious and might make him do again. Or punish his cassettes...

"Just as well you can't get me Sparked, eh?" Megatron said in what was for him a teasing tone. The very idea made Soundwave shudder; he could not imagine Megatron being any sort of Creator and to actually have a Sparkling with him? The thought made him want to purge his tanks...something he'd probably be doing anyway.

If only he could be with loving and eager to have a bit of fun.

"Uhhh..." Megatron moaned long and loud and Soundwave could feel the first ripples of his port around him... His leader was close.

However the worst of it all was that he was not even half close or aroused to overload. And he knew his leader liked his victims... Uhh... Lovers to overload first, but no matter how hard he was bouncing Megatron or how tight his port was around him, he just couldn't do it!

"Soundwave...," Megatron moaned his name and the telepath had to swallow back the purge that was threatening to come out and continued his ministrations. "I want you to come first... to feel your burning seed filling up my tight little port!" He groaned.

Soundwave was even more terrified because no load was ready to be shot into his leader and this one will refuse to overload without him... And will continue riding him until he did so... even worst... he might lose the charge and end up frustrated without his very much needed release.

He needs to do something... But what?! Then an idea formed in his processor as their pace become faster and erratic, the telepath send a powerful wave through his body to Megatron's and this one...

"A-aaah! S-sound...! Aaahhh!" Overloaded hard with a mighty roar around him that shook his entire body and he lost control of himself for almost a minute riding the intense sensations as his port tried to milk the other harder.

It was powerful, amazing, but there was something else needed to make it delicious... His partner didn't come with him... he actually tricked him to come first but he didn't come!

Once the last waves were coursing through his body, Megatron looked down at the worried optics of his SIC. "I think I know what you just did... And you know it too."

"I am... S-sorry, lord Megatron," Soundwave stuttered.

"You're still hard, my loyal servant..." his angered frown turned into a smirk and Soundwave's optics widened before Megatron reached down again and crashed their lips together in another fierce and hungry kiss.

This time, however, Megatron clawed harshly at his armour leaving slash marks on its surface and started riding his spike again with long and deep moves.

He was right... Megatron won't release him until HE overloads... No matter how many times he makes his leader overload... He wanted him to overload with him!

He couldn't understand how did Starscream managed to suffer his leader's attentions all this millennia!

Megatron knew that Soundwave wasn't having half of the fun he was having, and proof of that was how his SIC was reacting. It was like if he was fragging a cold iceberg or a dead corpse! He didn't have the beautiful reactions his gorgeous whore had... Those screams, cries, moans, the way he moved and his face twisted in either pain or pleasure...

...with Soundwave he had none of that... Not even a moan or a sign that he was enjoying it! Just those scared optics... The only reaction he got from his partner was fear, so big that he was unable to do otherwise.

But he will fix that... He had all night to ride his partner into submission... Total submission until he was spilling so much of his burning transfluid in him that he will leave him dry.

A thread of those thoughts were caught by Soundwave and he gasped as now his neck was assaulted... If he wanted to get out of this situation, he better overload... Or else his leader may want more than one from him.

He tried to picture Blaster...or any other past lover, trying desperately to work up some pleasure so that he could overload but it was almost impossible when Megatron was biting at his neck. He was normally the dominant partner and while he enjoyed a bit of kink, he was not into rough sex. This was just torture, he was lucky to be hard but it was almost like his spike was disconnected from the rest of his own body.

"Come on Soundwave," Megatron growled into his audio. "You're going to overload and I don't care how long it takes but it will happen."

Soundwave mentally groaned, he already knew that and Megatron wasn't helping. Oh Primus, if he didn't overload soon he might lose the hardest that he thankfully had and then Megatron would really go crazy. Gripping Megatron back, he started to thrust back, desperate to end this as quickly as possible. He was not staying here all night; he was not going to be assaulted like this anymore.

"Uhh," Megatron grunted as Soundwave started to go faster. "Much better...frag me Soundwave...frag me hard."

"Yes," Soundwave growled, using his telepathy to flood his own processor with images of Blaster in so many sexy poses...condensation running down his hot, panting frame...oh yes, that was good.

Megatron felt Soundwave go harder and hot and smirked, it seemed he was finally started to warm that frigid Mech up. Things were looking up.

"Ooooh!" Megatron groaned as another powerful charge was built up in his lower region, this time much more powerful than the one before and it was good. Definitely he will do this more often with Soundwave, the mech could be really passionate when he wanted to and lost his fear.

But with time he will make him lose that fear too.

Soundwave let out a small gasp as his spike was sucked and pulled by that port... The port he imagined being Blaster's... The one he desperately wanted to be with.

His lord was close and he better gave him a stronger overload that will let him tired and will let him go back to his quarters...

...his quarters... No! His creations are there!

No... He needed to think in something else so he might overload within his leader... Blaster...

"Come on, Soundwave, I'm close! I'm comming! Faster! Harder!" Megatron demanded riding his berth partner roughly and digging his claws in Soundwave's shoulder so deep that it caused energon to leave from the wounds.

Finally Soundwave felt his overload approaching fast and the transfluid collect itself, and with a few more thrusts he came with a long moan that he still tried to keep quiet as his burning load was shot into his leader's port who was still riding him desperately.

"Yesssss, Soundwave, yes!" He moaned as he was filled so deliciously. But his partner, besides filling him, send him again the same wave through his body that made his whole body shudder and his port clamp tighter against the intrusion one more time as he came, hard.

He was left panting and moaning the last waves of his afterglow atop Soundwave and with said officer's soft spike still in his hungry port.

"Hmmmm..." He moaned in bliss before kissing and licking at the wounds he caused in his SIC's neck. He really wanted to continue with this but it seemed his partner was tired.

"L-lord... M-mmegatron...?" Soundwave's almost broken voice sounded in the dark of the room. A room that was filled with the scent of what the Decepticon leader forced him to do. "I-I need to return to my creations." He forced himself to stop his stuttering.

"Hmmm... They are old enough to take care of themselves, stay here for the night." Megatron stated and he cursed inwardly. It seemed he wanted to continue this... But he won't let him. Even if it was considered treason he will use his abilities to get rid of Megatron tonight.

"I really need to go... I apologise," He tried.

Megatron growled and lifted himself up looking at his uncovered face with a frown. Then said frown vanished to be replaced by a smirk before he lifted his hips and disengaged himself from his Second. "Very well... You may go, Soundwave...," He purred his officer's name before learning down and kissed him fully and deeply on his mouth one more time, then he let go.

"Appreciated, lord Megatron." Soundwave said lifting himself from the berth and recovered his facemask, visor and codpiece and walked away.

But before he could leave, Megatron stopped him. "I really enjoyed that, I want it to be repeated, Soundwave."

Soundwave stood still, frozen. "I live to serve you, Megatron."

"Mark your words.." Megatron said and his SIC walked out. Him, still with a smirk that now was transformed into a big grin. Yes, Soundwave was good, a little too shy and reclutant but very passionate if you can force him.

Force him... That idea suited Megatron's ideals.

Soundwave really thanked that no one was in the passageways that lead to his quarters. He was a mess in every sense and wished no one to see him like this ever!

When he finally reached his quarters, he didn't even glanced at his creations and stormed to his private wash racks, turned on the shower and entered... And once the warm fluids touched his body, he couldn't help himself but let his own weight fall on the opposite wall and then fall on the ground.

Once he uncovered his face, he finally broke in tears and quiet sobs still not wishing for his creations to hear him and take conclusions on what might have happened to him.

He'd always been strong for them, putting their needs before his. If one of them was injured or unhappy, he always encouraged them to come to him so he could help comfort them. However, he nearly always hid his own unhappiness and took care of his injuries unless they were serious enough to need Hook. Any encounter he had with Blaster was sadly rare and they didn't ever have enough time to talk about their problems but he still treasured those encounters.

He wished right now that he could confide in the Autobot cassette deck but that would never be allowed. He could not risk Megatron finding out about their relationship and besides, Blaster would just ask him to leave the Decepticons. Blaster didn't often ask except if things were bad and this was about as bad as things had ever been. But if he left, Megatron might promote a dangerous Mech to the position of Second and everyone would be in a lot more danger. Soundwave felt that his presence was needed to try and keep things under control with the Decepticons forces. They had always been of greater number than the Autobots and much more ruthless but their weakness was the lack of unity and being able to work in a team.

They were from the oppressed masses but most were just out for themselves and possibly their closest team mates. If Soundwave didn't help Megatron keep them in their place, there could be all out anarchy. Sometimes, Soundwave was tempted to let this happen but he knew many innocents would die if the Decepticons at large were allowed to do their own thing.

But how he wished...that he could join the Autobots. He'd be able to be with Blaster every single night, enjoying his gentle embraces and teases. Blaster wanted his own creations so badly but Soundwave had a feeling that he'd soon be having them. If he could be there when his lover sparked his first...

He shook his head, he couldn't leave. Megatron was always determined to have Starscream, if he left as well, his leader would probably fly into a rage no one could bring him out of. And there were his creations to think of, Soundwave was sure Megatron had some sort of plan to harm them should he ever leave. So for now, he'd need to stay and endure his...rapes with the same steadfast determination that Starscream had showed throughout the years.

But oh, it was going to be hard.

The Autobot base

Soundwave didn't know it but Blaster was indeed heading to the Med Bay, he required a very important check up with Ratchet. During the past few cycles, his Spark had been feeling very odd and he was hoping against hope that it meant his Spark had split. He knew if he was, it wasn't Soundwave's child but their last encounter had probably started the process. One day, they would have their own child, which would unite all their creations as siblings.

As he entered, he was amazed to see that Starscream appeared to be awake and he even looked good. A little bemused but nonetheless, happy.

"Hi Star, you're up," he greeted cheerfully.

The tri coloured seeker frowned at him in thought and before he could say the growing question that was about to push out of his mouth, Skyfire interrupted him.

"Blaster, hi, what brings you here so early?"

"Uh... Well...," He tried to answer but didn't failed to notice the questioning look in Starscream's face. "Ratchet...?"

"Come on; let's see what's wrong with you," The CMO said taking Blaster by the arm and walking away.

"Let me guess... We already know each other," It wasn't a question but an afirmation of what he saw. "Do I know everybody here?"

"Well... Star... Let's say you made lots of friends," Skyfire answered and Sideswipe nodded.

"So... Starscream lost his memory? And like nine million years of his life?" Blaster was still processing what the medic told him as this one finished scanning him.

"Yes, and that is the reason you ALL need to be careful around him and what you say. Especially since he can't remember Megatron and all that came with him... And I mean EVERYTHING," Ratchet warned the tape deck.

"I see... Ok... He can hang out with me... I'll make sure no one slips anything," Blaster pointed out his words by blinking an optic to the CMO.

"Good, because there's something you need to know and I'll go straight to the point now. Your spark split and you're going to be a creator."

It was more to say how surprised Blaster's face at how stunned and frozen he stayed was.

The nemesis...
Megatron's quarters...

"Good, this is good... This scientist is in a very faraway part of the galaxy." The warlord paced through the datapad Soundwave left him.

It made sense that this scientist was not in the main section of the galaxy, he would have been discovered ages ago otherwise. Likely, it would take quite a while to get to the asteroid belt he was hiding on and then he would probably have to stay there for even longer but it would all be worth it. He wondered who he should take with him, perhaps Soundwave? He would be really good for lonely days and nights through space but who could he leave in charge?

He could not risk anyone trying to take over, he would need to leave someone loyal in charge, who would not be tempted to take over. And at the same time, would not allow anyone to take over them and leadership of the Decepticons. He would need to think very carefully on that, perhaps he should consult Shockwave and see if he had any suggestions.

Once he had his full power back, he was going to take his whore back and fuck him into the next millennia And then fuck Soundwave too, he wanted to ride that Mech as hard as possible. He would teach his new SIC to enjoy it when he invited him back to his berth and not lie there almost like a grey corpse. Megatron had always preferred his berth partners to be lively and fighting back, not just lying there helplessly taking it. Where was the fun in that?

He leaned back in his berth, one arm behind his head as he idly read through the information that had been given to him. It was thorough and he was satisfied with its content, it would be simple to organise an expedition. He'd need to take one of the triple formers, either Astrotrain or Bliztwing, one of them would do. Gather enough supplies to and from the scientists hideout, and return victorious.

And then those Autobots would know what it meant to miss with Lord Megatron, leader of the Decepticons and soon to be ruler of the universe.

Author's note. While Megatron prepares to leave, Starscream gets reacquainted with the Ark and it's bots but how does that go. Until next time.