Chapter 5: Honeymoons and Debts

Hey guys. Sorry for the late update. This chapter was harder to write than the last. My muse was acting up. But I finally got it. Enjoy.

Delia woke up to the smell of a good breakfast. She sat up and pulled the sheet up to cover her body and looked around. She was in a plain bedroom of a beach house in San Diego that Buffy had offered to her and Liam. It was her father's, but he was in Spain and wasn't using it, so they used it for their honeymoon. Delia got out of bed with the sheet covering her body and made her way to the kitchen, where she found the source of the breakfast smell. On the table was a stack of pancakes and a bowl of strawberry's with syrup and cream. Beside her breakfast was a note. Delia picked it up and read it.


Went out for a swim. Be back soon. Enjoy your breakfast.

Love, Your Husband.

P.S. You are more than welcome to join me

Delia smiled and sat down to eat her breakfast. After finishing her breakfast, Delia walked out on to the deck that looked out to the ocean. She saw the vast array of the sea and felt a wave of calm flood over her. She loved the beach. She used to go to one near her home where she grew up. The beach always calmed her and gave her some of her best ideas in the past. She looked out to the beach and looked for Liam. She didn't see him. She got a little worried. She looked out to the ocean to find him swimming, but he wasn't there either. Panic started to flood. What if he drowned? It wasn't like they went to the beach a whole lot. With a splash, Liam suddenly appeared, rising from the water. Delia watched mesmerized, as Liam's wet body rose from the sea, the sun shining off the water droplets as they ran down his naked chest. He walked up to the deck and stood staring at Delia who was staring at him. They stayed there staring for a moment.

"What?" He asked smiling.

"Nothing." Delia replied, also smiling. Liam continued to stare at her. "What?"

"Nothing." They both laughed. Liam went up the wooden steps and stood right in front of her. They just stared at each other some more. "You know, when we're outside, we have to cover up. But inside, no one can tell us to wear anything." He had a raise eyebrow. She raised her eyebrow too.

"I see your point." She grabbed his hand and led him into the beach house. Once inside, she dropped the sheet covering her, revealing herself to her husband. He looked her up and down with a smile. "But you know the rules. If I'm naked, you have to be naked too." In a second, Liam took of his swim shorts. Delia looked at him up and down and smiled evilly. "You know what I feel like doing now?"

"What?" Liam asked stepping forward.

"I feel like," She leaned into him as if to give him a kiss. He closed his eyes, expecting it. "getting a tan." She finished. Liam opened his eyes in confusion. She smiled and turned to go back to the bedroom to get her bathing suit, swinging her hips along the way. Liam watched her and sighed.

"She drives me nuts." Liam said to himself putting his swim shorts back on. "But if she does that all the time, I'll go insane." Without anything else to do, Liam made himself some eggs for breakfast. Delia came back in a black bikini, flip-flops, a towel, and sunglasses, carrying a bottle of sunscreen, and a fold-out chair. Liam looked at her and stopped chewing for a second and started back up.

"I'll be out on the beach if you need me."

"Good to know." Delia walked over to him and bent down to his ear.

"P.S. You are more than welcome to join me." She whispered into his ear and left. Liam felt a shiver go over him as she whispered into his ear. He watched her leave and looked back at his half-finished breakfast. He hurriedly, finished his eggs and got his towel and a fold-out chair and followed Delia. She was already on the beach in her chair, stretched out, soaking in the sun. Liam came over and set his chair down and sat next to her. "I see you took up my offer."

"Well after your show this morning, I'll take what I can get."

"You got a showing many times last night."

"It's a good show." Delia punched him in the arm, making him wince in pain and rub his arm. "What do you expect? I haven't had you for over a year. There's a lot of pent up excursion."

"Now you know the consequences of leaving me."

"Yes I do. Never again." He grabbed the sun block and put a lot of it on his body and started rubbing.

"I don't think you need that much."

"But I do."

"Why is that?"

"My dad passed on something much worse than his demon to me."


"Irish genes." Delia looked confused. "We Irish men come in two shades. White and red. No in-between."

"Then why come out here?"

"Because you're here."

"Aww. That's sweet." She leaned and kissed him. Liam and Delia sat on the beach, talking occasionally, but enjoying the sun, the sound of the waves, and the slight breeze that they were lucky to have that day. Usually, Liam would have thoughts about what to do next for some mission he was on. But today, he had no thought but to enjoy the company of his wife. He fell asleep shortly afterward. Letting his mind clear for the first time since his mother comforted him after experiencing all of his worst days of his life.

Liam woke with a start and rubbed his eyes and yawned.

"Man. How long have I been asleep?" he asked sleepily.

"About two hours." Delia answered. Liam sat up and blinked a few times looking out to the ocean.

"Another dip should wake me up." He got up out of his chair and turned to Delia. "Care to join me?" Delia looked out to the ocean and back at her husband.

"Sure. Why not?" She set her sunglasses down and took Liam's hand. He led her to the water and let go to go in. He ran and dove into the blue water. She half laughed, half cried as the cold water sprayed on her from his splash. She looked out at the water, expecting him to come immediately back to the surface, he didn't. She called his name, and thinking he was playing an evil trick on her as revenge for what she did to him this morning. When he didn't come back up after a minute, she began to worry. She half-wadded, half-ran into the cold water and called his name again. She got no response. She screamed as he erupted from the water behind her and grabbed her. He lifted her and plunged her, head first, into the water. He let her go and she swam up to the surface. She breathed in some air as Liam laughed at his accomplishment. She glared at him

"What?" he asked innocently.

"You nearly drowned me." She said.

"Well I had to get back at you some way, didn't I?" She splashed a lot of water on to him. He splashed back. They just stayed there splashing at each other for a good minute. When they stopped, Liam had his back to the beach and Delia had her back to the ocean. They both smiled at each other. Liam's smile faded as he looked behind Delia. She noticed and turned around to see a particularly large wave charging towards them. As it bowled them over, Delia was grabbed from behind. The wave pulled them both under the surface. Delia felt herself being dragged through the water and held. The next second, she was lying on top of Liam on the beach as the wave receded. She panted for air.

"Well…that…was fun." She said sarcastically. Liam spat out some salt water and made a face.

"Maybe fun for you, but I had to taste salt water." He spat out what ever salt water he could that was in his mouth.

"Well, I wouldn't know what that tastes like."

"Really?" He said with a raised eyebrow. Delia was a confused for a second before Liam brought her lips down onto his. She tasted the saltwater and made a disgusted face but didn't pull away. They stayed there kissing before both of them had to come up for air. "Now you know what it taste like."

"It's tolerable."

"I think it was better the second time around." They both laughed before getting back up. "I don't know about you, but I had my fair share of swimming today."

"Seconded." They both walked back to their chairs and grabbed their towels. They dried themselves off and grabbed the chairs. They walked back to the beach house and Delia dropped all her stuff. "Man, got sand all over me."

"Especially right there." Liam said and gripped her behind. She gasped. Liam laughed a little.

"I'm going to go take a shower." She went up the stairs and stopped, looking at Liam. "P.S." she said smiling and walked the rest of the way up.

"P.S.? P.S. what?" He thought about what she meant by P.S. Then it hit him. His note. He hurried up the stairs after her.

For the next few days, Delia and Liam's honeymoon was pretty much like that day. They would swim, eat, go out, stay in, play fight. During those few days, Liam had no other thought but have fun.

Liam was walking through a cave tunnel. He was shirtless. He kept walking, cautiously, until he got to an open area of the cave. He looked around the cavern and heard a growl behind him. He looked and saw a Van-tal. He growled at him with piercing red eyes. Liam tried to shift, but he couldn't. He was confused at first, and that's when the Van-tal attacked him. It slashed his chest, making him scream in pain. Me composed himself and readied for the next attack. The Van-tal attacked and Liam blocked a few blows, but the Van-tal swiped at his feet and he went down. The Van-tal towered over him and sent his claw into Liam's chest. He screamed in pain. The Van-tal took its claw out and morphed into Liam. But this Liam had yellow demonic eyes and smiled a wicked smile. Liam stared scared at his evil twin before him.

"Daddy's home." Evil Liam said. But it wasn't Liam's voice he heard. It was the sound of his father's. But he could tell the difference between his father's voice, and his demon's. He just heard Angelus' voice. Evil Liam laughed.

"Go to hell." Liam said through gritted teeth.

"Already been." Evil Liam laughed again and a figure appeared behind him. He looked at the figure behind evil Liam and saw its face. It was a demon with pale white skin, white eyes, and long hair. It possessed natural scars and self-inflicted tribal marks. It also looked like it had battle scars. Liam's eyes grew wide as he knew that demon. "And I can't wait for you to join me, little brother." Liam was confused at his evil twin's statement. He was the older brother, not the little brother, in this situation. Evil Liam morphed back into the Van-tal form and bit Liam.

Liam woke with a start. He was panting and was sweating all over. He looked around at the dark bedroom of the beach house he and Delia were staying at. He looked at his wife, who was still asleep peacefully. He rubbed his hand over his sweat covered face and got out of bed. He put on his pants and went into the bathroom. He turned on the light and looked at himself in the mirror. He looked like shit. He had bags under is eyes, he was really sweaty, and he looked pale. He could probably pass as a full vampire now. He turned on the faucet and cupped some water into his face. He turned off the water and dried his face. He looked at himself again. He still looked like shit. He slid his hand across his chest where the scar marks from the Van-tal attacks were. But there weren't any scars and marks at all. He had healed really fast after the attacks. He thought about his dream he just had. He thought about himself turning into that demon. He thought about the Van-tals he fought and defeated. What if he lost control and went all out. He could feel that he had control over some of the demon in him. If he let go and it all came out, he knew that he wouldn't come back. Even if Delia was there to bring him back. Liam looked at his chest and felt where there should have been a scar from his fights with the Van-tals. Liam closed his eyes and felt himself morph willingly. He opened his eyes again and saw the demon in the mirror. Blues skin, slight horns coming out of his face, ears elongated, yellow eyes, and sharp teeth. He snarled at his reflection and smashed his hand into the mirror.

Delia woke up with a start. She looked to her husband, but he wasn't there. She grabbed the sheet of the bed and covered herself. She looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:24. It was sunrise. She didn't smell any sign of breakfast being made so Liam wasn't cooking. She looked in the bathroom and turned on the light. She saw the broken mirror and a bit of blood. She began to get worried. She walked out of the bedroom and made her way to the kitchen. She didn't find Liam at all through the house. She looked out to the beach and saw Liam sitting, staring at the night that was leaving. Delia walked out to the beach and stood behind Liam

"Usually when people wake up early, they look at the sunrise." Delia said. "Not the night leaving." Liam didn't move.

"It's symbolic." He replied.

"How so?" Delia asked sitting down next to him.

"People look at the sunrise because it's light. It's warmth. It's peaceful. It's what we all crave for in our lives. But no one looks to the night leave. See the darkness leaving this day. Feeling the cold wash away. It makes you think about yourself."

"And what are you thinking about yourself?" Liam didn't reply. Delia looked at him, then out to the dark sky and understood. "You're thinking about your demon inside you."

"It scares me Del. I've seen a vamps face in this dimension. But what I can turn into is ten times worse."

"You can control it."

"But only enough so that I don't go crazy." He said looking at her. "I can feel that I don't have total control. I know that if I allow myself to lose it, if I let my demon free…..I'll never come back. Whether you're there or not, I'll never come back." He hugged himself. Delia felt sympathy towards him. She wasn't with him to experience every horrible moment of his life, but she was there for enough of it to know how Liam felt about himself.

"Liam, you are not evil. You are far from evil. You have done nothing but good in your life. So you're more demon than you want to be. That doesn't change the fact that you do good with everything that you have."

"So does my dad. But if he let his demon-self go, he may revert back to Angelus. He almost did in our time." Liam chuckled a little. Delia looked confused. "The more I attempt to not become like my dad and his demon, the more I become them both."

"But you haven't done anything evil."

"I sired two people."

"That wasn't you."

"Now you're sounding like my mother."

"Because she's a smart woman. And I know you Liam. I know that you hate this thing inside you. You want more than anything to get rid of it somehow. You want to be like how you were before because back then, you didn't have something inside you that you had to monitor. You didn't see the thing inside you kill people. Now you have and you want out." Liam looked down. "You're right. You're more like your father than you know. You have his brooding face too." Liam sighed heavily and kept his head bowed. "I'm feeling a little cold. I'll be inside if you want me." She got up and walked just a few steps before Liam lifted up his head.

"I know what to do." Delia stopped and looked back at him.


"I know what to do about it." He got up and faced her. "I know how I might be able to get rid of it."

"You just figured out a way to get rid of the demon side of you."

"No. Just reverse what happened."




"Yes. If they are able to restore a soul to a vampire, maybe they might be able to reverse the process of my mutation and bring me back to what I was before."

"And you think that they're just going to do this for you? Free of charge?"

"I have some very good convincing powers. All I need to do is do a locator spell of where the Kalderash clan is and ask them."

"Aren't they the same ones that cursed Angel with his soul and had the whole loophole happiness clause?"


"Do you not see how that could go wrong?"

"It's the only shot I got." Delia looked uncertain. Liam walked over to her and held her arms. "Del, if it gets out, you could get hurt. I'm not leaving you. I just want to be able to have the opportunity to live the life we both want." Delia looked at her husband and hugged him. He hugged back.

"You know, that's the first time I ever heard you say anything that sounded remotely selfish."

"That's because there isn't a whole lot out there that I want. But I really want you. If that means I have to be selfish for a little bit, then so be it." Delia hugged him even more. She truly loved this man she married. Sure, he had his principles and focused on other people's needs then his own, but that's why she loved him.

"Does this mean our honeymoon's over?"

"Maybe not. We'll be traveling to another country. Seeing the sights. Then we can come back here and finish it up."

"How, if we are traveling to another country? We only have three days left."

"I can teleport us there. Then have a locator spell ready and track the clan down." Delia pulled back and looked at him.

"I guess you also got your mothers smarts." They both laughed. "When should we go?"

"Whenever you're ready. This is your honeymoon too." Delia smiled and kissed him.

"I'll be ready to go in about 15 minutes."

"I'll be waiting." Delia pulled away and went back to the house. "By the way," Liam called back to her. She turned back to him. "I looked at the date today and noticed that next month is the month we got married in in the future. To make up for this, I'll plan a getaway weekend for us."

"No Paris." She said. "Remember last time."

"Vegas?" he shrugged.

"Deal." She went back into the house. Liam had a plan brewing. He was going to talk to the Kalderash people and have them reverse his 'curse'. Then memories of what happened the night he took control came to him. He saved Delia from a Van-tal. He fought with her and defeated a group of them. Then he remembered his dream last night and the demon that was behind his evil self. He knew who the demon was and how strong it would be. He could use his demon to fight it. But what if he had to lose himself and let it take over. How was he going to come back? He was conflicted.

Liam and Delia materialized with Delia's motorcycle on a dirt road in late afternoon. The sun was just setting. They rode along that road for the next few miles until they come upon a maintenance station and stopped. Liam got off the bike and looked at his surroundings. Delia got off and checked the bike to make sure that it was still in working order.

"You know, I'm grateful for what you're doing." Liam said.

"Anything to get you to stop brooding." Delia said. "I love you, but a girl can only take so much of you in a depressive state."

"Are you sure you're not related in any way to Cordelia Chase? Cause you act like her sometimes."

"No, and all girls acted like this."

"Ah. I'm going to find a map to help us out." He walked into the maintenance shop and found a map of Romania. When he went out of the maintenance shop, Delia had finished checking the bike.

"Found them yet? She asked standing up.

"I need to do the spell." He placed the map on the ground and did the spell. A dot formed in a vegetative environment not too far from where they were. "Got em. We should get there in an hour."

"Better get a move on then." Delia got on the bike and Liam climbed on back. He had the map with him to give direction. Delia started up the bike. "What are you going to do when this is over?"

"Get back to my mission. Save the future."

"Oh." Delia turned back to her bike and was about to ride off until, "And when I'm done, retire to a nice life with you." Delia looked back at him. He smiled at her. She smiled back. She turned back to the road and rode off. They rode on that road for hours. Taking side roads and cutting across fields to save time.

A little under an hour later, the sun had set completely and Delia and Liam stopped near a Cliffside. Liam got off the bike and looked at the map. The advantage to his new vampire status was the night vision he got. He could see well in the dark and could see that the dot was nearby.

"This way." He directed Delia and they walked for a few minutes towards where they believe the Kalderash Clan was. They stopped when they came before the Cliffside. "Well this is odd." Liam checked the map again. "According this, it's says that the clan is beyond this cliff."

"But it doesn't look like there's any way through it." Delia said. They both looked at each other.

"Boulder covering cave entrance." They said together.

"Cliché." Delia said shaking her head.

"But clever." Liam said. Delia took a few steps forward.

"Ok. So they are beyond this big boulder. How do we…" she was cut off as the boulder covering the entrance suddenly moved on its own. It levitate a few feet above the ground and moved away. Delia looked behind her and saw Liam with his arms raised, struggling. He was lifting the boulder with his magic. As soon as the boulder was cleared away, Liam dropped it and lowered his arms, panting slightly.

"Things heavy."

"Nice job Luke." Delia said with a smile. Liam laughed a little and took of his coat. He then ripped off the sleeves of his shirt and tied them together. Delia was a little impressed at the now sleeveless Liam. "Not that I don't like the new look, but why did you tear your sleeves off?" Liam didn't answer. And picked up a fallen tree branch and tied the sleeves on to it. He put his coat back on and took out a lighter and lit the makeshift torch. "Oh."

"Follow me." He said and went into the cave. Delia followed behind him. His torch lit up enough the cavern so that they both can see. Liam stopped Delia and stared ahead. He saw flicker of light ahead go out.

"What is it?"

"Did you see that?"


"There was a light that went out up ahead. Someone's here."

"Or something." They went further into the cave and stopped when they came upon an open cavern. Nobody seemed to be inside. Liam went further in and stopped when he saw a pile of logs that made up a camp fire. Liam held his hand over the smoking logs.

"Fire's just been snuffed." He sniffed the air. "And they're still here." Liam waved his hand over the logs and they immediately ignited, showering the cavern with light. Instantly, both Liam and Delia were attacked by men with knives, swords, and simple farm tools. Liam used his torch as a weapon to block the attacks and delivered kicks and punches to send his attackers back. He had a feeling that these people were the Kalderash Clan and he didn't want to hurt them. "Don't kill them." Liam ordered to Delia who had just grabbed her sword handle, but let go after hearing his order, much to her annoyance. They fought the clan until they were back to back and the clan surrounded them. "Look, we didn't come here to fight. We came here for your help."

"Who are you?" An elderly man with a sword asked.

"My name is Liam. This is my wife Delia. We've come here to seek the help of the Kalderash Clan."

"Help with what?" Another man asked. "Help in finding our people and killing us of one by one?"

"What are you talking about?" Delia asked. Just then, a group of vampires came into the cavern from where Liam and Delia entered.

"They lured the army here!" Shouted a woman.

"No we didn't." Liam said. "Del, let's have some fun."

"Gladly." Delia said with a smile and pulled out her sword. The vampires attacked and the couple fought them back. Liam sent a blast of energy that sent the vampires back to the entrance. Delia rushed over and slashed whatever heads she could find before they got up. She got about six or seven before the rest got back up. Liam came into the scuffle and beat back a few vamps and staked two with his torch. Delia swiped and slashed and got two more. The two of them together were no match for the vampires. They beat the vampire army back to the entrance of the cave and fought by the light of the moon and Liam's torch. They dusted vamps everywhere they turned.

"Just like old times." Liam said and he burned a vamp from his torch.

"Ain't it just." Delia said as she chopped three heads off at the same time. Delia sent a kick and knocked a vampire in to another, then slashed at both of their heads, turning them to dust. Liam used his torch as a club and hit vamps over the head. Some of them would catch fire and burn. Others would be disoriented and Liam would stake them with the other end.

"Retragere" shouted a vampire and the rest of the vamps, which were about twenty left, fled from the scene.

"Yeah that's right." Liam shouted after them. "Keep running boo-boo." Delia looked at him with a quizzical look. "What? First thing that popped into my head."

"Right." Delia said nodding her head. "Next time, leave the punning to the slayer."

"Whatever." They both turned back to the entrance, only to be met by the clan of gypsies whom came out and watched them fight of the vampire army. The elderly man who they talked to early stepped forward.

"You fought back and defeated over half of their army." He said.

"It's kinda what we do." Delia said sheathing her sword.

"That would mean you do not serve him."

"Serve who?" Liam asked.

"Corneliu Brasov." They heard a small quite voice. A very elderly woman appeared out of the crowd with a staff in hand. She walked forward to the couple. "A warlord who wants to kill our kind."


"He despises us and our ways. We have fought back but this war that he started is greatly ending. More and more of our kind die at his hands."

"Let us help you." Delia said.

"We do not want help from outsiders." The man said.

"Call it a debt." Liam said. The man looked at him. "We came her seeking your help. Let us help you, and you can help us." They stood there staring at each other for several seconds. The elder woman looked to the man and then back at the couple.

"We will speak inside." She said and directed them back to the cave.

Inside the cave, the clan mother was seated by the roaring fire with two elderly men on both sides of her. Liam and Delia sat on the other side of the fire. The rest of the clan had dispersed further into the cavern.

"We are peaceful people." the clan mother said. "We do not socialize ourselves with so many others. But our ways are sometimes feared by those who do not understand. Corneliu Brasov is one of them. He seeks control over these land and we do not allow him to. He reacted with violence. When someone does an act of evil against us, who disrespects us, we retaliate by cursing them."

"As I've witnessed." Liam said. The clan mother looked to him. "One of your particular act of vengeance was the curse place upon the vampire Angelus."

"You know of him?"

"I've met him. He is nothing like what people would read in history books. He has embraced his soul and now fights for the forces of good. Seeking redemption."

"He was meant to suffer for all of his crimes." One elder man said.

"As he is. But higher powers see him as someone who can do a lot of good for good. But that's not why I am here. Why isn't Brasov cursed?"

"He wears an amulet. Preventing any magic from affecting him."

"Only magic can't affect him." Delia said. "That means he's open to ass kicken."

"But you must first get passed his army of vampires."

"Not a problem for us." Liam said.


"It's the reason why I've come to you. I am here for your help with another demon. Mine."

"Your demon?" the other man said.

"Yes. Four months ago, a portal opened up that would unleash chaos and darkens upon the world." Delia gave him a wary look. Liam continued. "A certain type of blood was needed to open and close the portal. I fought alongside the slayer that protected the blood. But we failed and it was used to open the portal. The slayer had the same type of blood and was willing to sacrifice herself to close it. But I found out she was pregnant and wouldn't allow an unborn child die. I too had the same blood type and jumped in to close it. But I am half demon, and my demon side kept me alive in a state of unconsciousness. I awoke months later, changed. The hell energy that made the portal mutated my demon side so that it would come out at its fullest. I have gained some control over the demon, but I fear that I don't have enough to control it completely. I come to you for help. Help to not control my demon, but get rid of it. Reverse the process of hell energy and restore me to what I once was." Liam finished his tail and request. The clan elder just looked at him, as if studying him to determine if he was telling the truth. She looked to the men beside her before looking back at the couple.

"We will discuss your request." She said, "For now, you are welcomed into our clan as honored guests for helping us tonight." She gestured for two women to come over and escorted Liam and Delia to the rest of the clan while she conversed with the men. Liam and Delia sat down before a smaller fire while the two women went to get them food.

"So what now?" Delia asked looking at Liam. Liam sighed.

"Now we wait." Liam said. "There isn't much we can do for the moment. And I doubt that they'll do anything to help unless we help them."

"So we come up with a battle plan?"

"Looks like it."

"Great honeymoon." Delia deadpanned.

"Look, I don't like doing this on our honeymoon." Liam said a little irritated. He knew that Delia didn't like going on some mission during their time. "I would have been fine with just doing it after. Why did you even say, let's go?"

"Because I want you to be happy." Delia said frustrated.

"I am happy. No I don't like what I am now, but it'll change once we save the future."

"Then why did you make a big deal about it?" Delia said angrily.

"Because it's new and I haven't had time to deal." Liam folded his arms and stared at the fire, brooding. Delia stared at him with an angry face and then stared at the fire. The two women came back with their food. They weren't hungry, but they didn't want to be rude so they ate. They didn't say a single word to each other for several minutes. But to them, it seemed like hours. After finishing their dinners, one of the two women came back and told them that the clan mother was ready for them. They followed her back to the clan elders and sat down.

"We have discussed your request," the clan mother began. "We may have a solution to your problem. We will help you, provided you help us."

"We will gladly help." Delia said. The clan mother nodded. "Where can we find this Corny Brasso?"

"Corneliu Brasov" Liam corrected her.

"Right, where?"

"You will find him here." The can mother answered. "He now knows where we are and will certainly come for us himself."

"Then we'll fight." Liam said standing up. "Delia and I can take him on while you all can escape. Delia will provide you with cover while you do so. I will attack head on and get to Brasov."

"You are just one man." An elder man said. "How do you expect to face the warlord's army and himself all on your own?"

"With my demon. I may not like my demon and don't want it, but it's got its perks. I will attack his army head on and fight him. You and your clan will escape." Liam pulled out his map and set it before the elders. We will set up and camping sight…here." He said pointing to a clearing about two miles from where they were. "Delia will help you out, I will meet you all there when the task is complete." The elders looked at the map and then at Liam, who had a determined face. They nodded at him.

"You are a brave one." The clan mother said. "This curse that was placed upon you, should never have happened. We will help you after this."

"Thank you." Liam said standing up. "We should get ready to go. Brasov and his army will be here soon." The elders nodded and went to the rest of the clan to tell them the plan. Liam looked back his wife, but saw her back as she strode out of the cave. Liam followed her. Liam found her leaning against a nearby tree, looking up at the stars. He walked slowly towards her and stood next to her. She knew that he was there, but said nothing. Liam was the one to break the silence.

"I know that this sucks." He said looking at her.

"Damn right." She said not looking at him. Liam nodded and looked back at the stars. "I just want a little time to be a newly wedded wife. That's all."

"We got some of that."

"I know. I don't know why I got angry."

"I do." Delia finally looked at him. He continued looking at the stars. "You leave one hell hole, hoping to have some down time that equals what you went through, only to sit down, and not five minutes later, have to deal with another crisis."

"I just thought that after everything we've been through, we could have some peace."

"And we did." Liam said looking at her. "We had several good days to ourselves."

"I wish it was more."

"I do too. I just want to forget everything and live our lives in the past peacefully." He chuckled. "I want to have our family here. It's better here."

"It is." Delia smiled. "Look." She indicated to the darkened, starry sky. "It's nothing but red and ugliness in our time."

"And now look at it." Liam smiled staring at it. "One of the hardest things in life to realize is that it's not a fairytale and there aren't a whole lot of happy endings."

"No. But there are happy memories."

"Then why waste time fighting." Liam looked to his wife who looked back at him.

"Balance." She shrugged. "To have good, you need bad." Liam smirked.

"I don't want to waste the time we have fighting Del." He came closer to her.

"I don't either. We have plenty of time to do that against Wolfram and Hart."

"Which reminds me. After this, what's say you and I go to LA and fill in for my dad while he takes care of my mom? We'll deal with Wolfram and Hart and give them a run for their money." He came even closer and held her.

"Sounds dangerous." Delia said smiling. Then a though occurred to her. "What about Willow and the Trio?"

"The trio won't be so much of a problem. Neither will Willow."

"Why?" Liam had a guilty look on his face. "Oh god, you told Willow."

"I had to. I couldn't bear the thought of her going through what she'll go through. I want her to find that love that my parents have. What Spike and Faith have. What everyone else will have. I told her about controlling her powers in England and she's all for it."

"But it's because of her that we get Andrew in the future." Liam thought about this. He mentally slapped himself because he forgot about Andrew.

"Dammit." Delia laughed at him.

"Now you're going to have to fix that."

"After we deal with this and Holtz. He's more important than Andrew at the moment."


"And let's make another deal that we don't fight over our time together getting shorten again. I just got you back and I don't want to ruin it by fighting over something that we have no control over."

"Deal." She leaned for a kiss and Liam complied. They stood there kissing for several minutes. They broke apart when they heard the faint sounds of footsteps coming their way. Liam let go of Delia and looked out into the darkness. With his night vision, he could see the army faintly. There was a lot.

"Look at that. Brasov's got himself a whole private fuckin army of the undead with him."

"This'll be like training."

"Maybe. Go back and tell the clan mother that they're here and get them out. I'll hold off as much as I can."

"Ok." Delia grabbed Liam and gave him one more passionate kiss. "I love you."

"I love you." They pulled apart and Delia went back into the cave. Liam took off his coat and hung it on a tree branch nearby. He took off his sleeveless torn shirt and pulled out two stakes. He climbed a tree and waited. He sat there perched as the army headed their way. Delia walked out of the entrance to the cave as the clan started making haste. She pulled out her sword, ready for a fight. The army came forward and Liam saw the warlord on horseback. Liam saw the amulet that protected him. This was going to be easy. They all stopped when they came upon Delia and saw the clan fleeing. Brasov looked to the clan and back at Delia.

"Are you their protector?" he smirked not believing that a girl could protect them.

"I am. Who are you?"

"Corneliu Brasov. Ruler over these lands. The gypsie scum defend them against me. But I will have it. And there is nothing you can do to stop me."

"Think again Corny." Delia smirked. Liam leaped down form his perch in front of the army, in full demon mode. The clan mother witnessed this and was stunned at the sight. As was the warlord who looked fearful, but composed himself and unsheathed his sword.

"Attack!" he ordered his army. The vamps attacked and Liam lunged at them. He took out six vamps in little under four seconds. He took on vamp after vamp after vamp, turning them all to dust. He was definitely no match for them. A few vamps broke through and went after the clan, but Delia intercepted them and chopped of their heads. She wasn't going to let any of the get to the clan. She saw a number a vampires come her way and she got into her stance, ready for them. She swung and slashed at anything that moved near her. A few vamps got around her and moved towards the clan. But Delia told the men to arm themselves in case any of vamps got passed her. The men fought what little vampires came their way. Delia did a good job at keep them at bay. Liam had better luck. He was fast. A minute he's on one side of the fight, the next he's on the other. He staked and ripped heads with every step he took. The warlord looked fearful at the sight of his army failing. But he wouldn't be defeated so easily. He took his sword and charged with his horse at Liam, who was busy attacking a group of vamps. The warlord was inches from Liam when he swung his sword, but Liam ducked and staked two vamps as if nothing happened. The warlord turned back around for another attack. Liam grabbed a vampire and threw him at the warlord. He hit his mark. The warlord went down and Liam staked his final few vampires and went after the warlord. The warlord stood his ground and raised his sword for a fight. Liam stood in his stance, glaring at the warlord. They stood there for several seconds before the warlord raised his sword to strike. Liam dodged the blow and the next. On the third stroke of the sword, Liam grabbed it and snapped it. The warlord looked stunned at what had just happened and looked fearfully at Liam. He grabbed his amulet and raised it up, as if to repel Liam. It didn't work. Liam growled and lunged, slamming the warlord to the ground and biting his neck, drinking his blood. Liam hadn't had blood since the night he turned those two people. Now he drank human blood for the first time since then. Delia finished off her vampires and looked towards Liam and saw him drinking the warlord's blood. She stood wide eyed in shock. Liam finished drinking and pulled up. He stared at the dead warlord and changed back. Liam panted and blinked a few times. He stood up, still staring at the body. Delia walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Liam." Delia said. Liam looked his wife, with a bit of fear in his eyes. "It's ok." She placed a hand on his cheek and rubbed it with her thumb. "He was evil."

"I know." Liam said. "It doesn't mean I have to like how I killed him."

"I know." Liam looked back at the body and bent down. He grabbed the amulet off of the warlord and held it in his hands.

"This might come in handy one day."

"How do you figure?"

"Just because I told Willow that she'll be evil, doesn't mean that it won't still happen."

"Preparing for everything."

"That's how you win." Liam turned back to Delia. "Let's end this." He turned and walked to the tree where he let his coat. He grabbed it and put it on himself. Delia stood next to him and slipped her hand in between his. They looked at each other for a minute before walking off to the gypsie camp. Once the arrived, the clan mother beckoned them forward. They sat beside the camp fire where the elders sat.

"We the people of the Kalderash people thank you for your bravery." The clan mother said.

"We were happy to help." Liam said.

"We saw your form. I saw you fight like an animal." Liam bowed his head in dismay. "That is the form you wish to rid yourself of?"

"Yes." Liam said solemnly. "I wish to be as I once was."

"But a power such as yours. You could commit many acts of evil with it."

"That's why I wish to get rid of it."

"But you chose to use it to protect those whom you don't know. You used it to save lives, rather than take them."

"I wasn't raised to kill innocents. I was raised to do the right thing."

"And you believe that taking away something that could help others is the right thing to do?"

"Hey, we saved your asses." Delia said. "We had a deal. Do you have what he needs to be normal or not?" She demanded hotly. The clan mother looked offended but nodded. She beckoned for a woman to come forward with a bowl. She poured it into a small cup and gave it to Liam.

"Drink this tea." The clan mother instructed. "It will reverse the process of the hell energy that changed you." Liam looked to the potion in his hands and then at the clan mother. He looked back and raise the cup to his lips, but he stopped when the memory of his dream came to him. He remembered the demon that was behind his evil self. He knew what that demon was. Who that demon is. He knew that if his next plan was to succeed, he would need his power. He didn't want it, but he might need it for that. He lowered the potion placed it on the ground.

"Liam, what is it?" Delia asked. Liam looked to her and got up. He led her away from the camp to talk to her privately.

"I can't." He said. "Not now anyway."

"What do you mean?" she asked confused. "We just spent the past several hours working towards this."

"I know. But the clan mother was right. I have a power to do real good. And if I am to save my brother, I might need it."

"So you listen to an old woman you don't know, but not your wife? She asked with a raise eyebrow.

"I didn't tell you this, but I had a dream right before we left. In it, I faced my demon. It beat me and it morphed into me. I told it to go to hell, and it told me it had already been there. And it would see me there. He called me little brother. And he had Angelus' voice. Not mine."

"So what does that mean?"

"I don't know. But behind my evil self, there stood a demon with scars all over its face. I recognized immediately. I know what it's capable of. If I am to save Connor, I will need the strength of my demon."

"And you're just now realizing this?" Delia practically yelled.

"Call me slow." He said with a smile. Delia smiled slightly and slapped Liam's chest. He laughed. "Del, I am grateful for what you've done to help me. But now I need you to promise me."

"Promise you what?" Liam handed her the cup of tea.

"That when I do turn, when I let my demon out, you will be there to bring me back." Delia looked to the cup of tea and back at Liam. He had a pleading look in his eyes. She placed a hand on his cheek. "I will always be there to bring you back." Liam smiled and kissed her hand. They walked back to the camp and asked the clan mother for a vial. She gave one, understanding Liam's choice and the couple left the now freed clan.

Liam and Delia spent their last day at the beach house in San Diego before heading back to Sunnydale. Liam was riding on the back of Delia's motorcycle as she drove. They finished up their honeymoon and were heading back to Sunnydale. They were riding along the streets of Sunnydale at night. They called Buffy earlier saying that they were coming home, but that they would be at the house by nighttime.

"So what are we going to tell them?" Delia asked.

"We had a nice time and are glad to be back." Liam answered. "They don't need to know of our little adventure." They pulled into the Summer's driveway. Delia turned off the bike and put the stand down. "Besides, it's not like they haven't had enough adventure here while we were gone." They both heard crashing and fighting noises coming from the house. Liam looked and saw the front door broken in.

"What's that about leaving one hell hole for another?"

"Me and my big mouth. You take front, I'll take back." They both ran in opposite directions towards the house. Liam went to the back and saw through the back door, a shark faced demon fighting Faith and Buffy. It seemed to be trying to go after Buffy mostly. Liam wouldn't stand for it. He opened the door just as the demon through Faith and rounded on Buffy. "Hey Fishface." Liam said getting the demons attention. Buffy looked at him relieved. "Nice mask. Wanna see mine." Liam morphed and lunged at the demon, crashing him through the basement door and they both tumbled down the stairs. They both landed with a SPLASH in a foot of water at the bottom of the stairs. Liam and the demon exchanged punches. He punched him back near where a pipe was leaking. The demon looked around for a weapon. He reached up and grabbed the pipe. Water sprayed but didn't hit Liam. The demon swung at Liam with the pipe. In one swift move he doubled him over, stripped the pipe from him and began beating him with it. After beating him a few times, Liam grabbed his head and twisted it violently. The demon splashed in the water, dead. Liam morphed back and stared at the dead demon.

"Liam." He heard his mother's voice coming from the top of the steps. She came down the steps, holding her swollen stomach, and saw Liam standing over the demon. Liam turned to her with a quizzical expression.

"Did you know it was flooded down here?" Liam asked. Buffy gave him a look reserved for the stupidest people on earth. "Hey, I haven't been here. I don't know what's been going on."

"Pipe leak." Buffy said. Liam turned to where the demon took the pipe and Buffy followed his gaze. She stared open mouthed at it. "That was a full copper re-pipe. Do you know how much that costs." Liam looked back at her.

"I think dad can handle the bill."

"That's not the point." Liam threw his hands up in surrender.

Buffy, Xander, Anya, Dawn, Willow, Liam and Delia were in the living room. They were surrounded by debris. Xander was examining the crushed coffee table. Willow and Dawn were looking at the shattered lamp, trying to put it together like a jigsaw puzzle. Anya was doing math in a notebook. Liam finished taping the back of an armchair as Delia sat in it. Buffy was sitting on couch watching, looking dazed and overwhelmed.

"This is going to cost a lot, isn't it?" Buffy asked. "I've trashed this house so many times. How did Mom pay for all this?"

"For starters?" Xander said. "She saved money with this crappy-ass coffee table." Buffy looked dazed.

"How did you guys get all obsessed with money anyway?" Liam asked sitting on the edge of the armchair next to Delia.

"We took a look at our budget." Buffy said. "Between weddings, honeymoons, your funeral, the regular bills and everything, we were pretty much broke."

"You do realize that dads practically one of the richest men in the world?"

"Yes, but it was still a shock." Liam shook his head and smiled. "So how was your guys' honeymoon?" Buffy asked bringing up a new topic. Liam and Delia looked at each other.

"Relaxing." Delia said.

"Definitely what we needed." Liam said in agreement.

"Well, that's good." Buffy said. "Now you guys are back and can help us with whatever next event is coming."

"Yes." Giles said entering, pressing a cloth to his forehead. Tara hovered around him solicitously. She was helping tend to him. "We all have been a little on edge, wondering about what's next to fix for the future." Delia and Liam looked at each other, wondering what to tell them.

"What I wanna first is what that demon wanted." Liam finally said looking back at his mother. "Aside from costing you a bundle."

"Dunno." Buffy said. "And now he's way too dead to answer that question."

"Sorry." Liam said innocently. "Wish we knew who hired him."

"Maybe I could do a locator spell ..." Willow said. Liam and Delia shot her a look. "Or maybe we could do regular detective stuff."

"Better idea Will." Delia said smiling.

"What's that all about? "Buffy asked seeing the looks on their faces.

"Nothing." They all said together. Buffy didn't look convinced.

"It's been four hours." Xander said making a decision on the table. "I'm calling it, people. This coffee-table. It's gone. Damn it!"

"Also the lamp's in critical condition." Dawn added.

"The big problem here's that all the pieces are in pieces." Tara said.

"Let's take these out to the trash and give 'em a decent throwing out." Willow offered. Willow, Tara, Xander and Anya picked up pieces of lamp or table and exited. Buffy, Giles, Liam, Delia and Dawn were left in the living room.

"Glad to know that certain things haven't changed around here." Liam said.

"Are they ever going to?" Dawn asked sitting next to Buffy. Liam looked at her.

"That's for me to know and for you to find out eventually. There are something's I want you guys to find out on your own."

"But you will tell us?" Giles clarified.

"Yes. I'm not leaving you guys in the dark."

"Good." Buffy said. "Now tell us what we need to know next." Lam looked to Delia uncertainly. Delia gave him a look that said make up your mind. Liam looked back to his mother.

"What you need to do right now is take care of Connor. He's next on the whole changing list." Buffy held her hand over her stomach protectively.

"What do you mean?" Liam sighed.

"Connor is the Miracle Child. In fact, all of us were. Demons and cults and Wolfram and Hart will be after him when he's about to be born." Buffy looked scared. Giles and Dawn looked concerned. "That's why, Delia and I have decided that we'll move to LA soon and take up dad's position at Angel investigations."

"Are you sure that's wise?" Giles asked. "What if Wolfram and Hart discover who you are?"

"Then they'll be in for a world of hurt." Delia said menacingly. "Liam's more demon than ever. I saw him take on an army of vampires on our honeymoon."

"He did? "Buffy and Dawn asked impressed. Liam nodded proudly.

"They never stood a chance." Liam said. "And neither will Wolfram and Hart. They want me and my brother, they have to take us both when we're dead. And that's going to be hard to do."

"And your father and I will…" Buffy started but was cut off by Liam.

"No. if they find out your pregnant with dad's baby, they'll come after you in an instant. You're slower than you used to be. They may succeed or create devastation along the way. I'm not going to let that happen." Buffy looked at her son who had a determined look on his face.

"Ok. What do you want us to do?"

"Stay and take care of each other. Del and I will be fine on our own."

"But I just got you back." Buffy pouted.

"I'll visit every weekend." Buffy looked a little happier. "But it's time I stop sitting on my ass and do something about these guys. If I can take them out before they set off their apocalypse, crisis averted."

"Will you have your father there with you?" Giles asked.

"He'll be there for a few cases to keep up appearances, but I pass off as him so much they probably won't know the difference." Buffy nodded her head.

"When will you guys leave?" She asked.

"In a few days." Delia answered. "Liam thought that it would be best if you two got to spend some time together before he left."

"He's right." Buffy smiled. Liam stood up, went to Buffy, and kissed her forehead looking at her. "I'm glad you're back."

"I am too." Liam said.

Liam and Delia were in Buffy's room getting settled in for the next few days.

"It was nice of your mom to let us stay in her room for a while." Delia said sitting on the bed.

"Yeah, and it'll only be until we move to LA to deal with Wolfram and Hart." Liam said putting the last of his stuff away. He stood up and sighed heavily.

"What is it?"

"I may have thirty years until the apocalypse, but I have no idea how to stop it." Delia looked down and stood up.

"I know how." Liam looked at her surprised.

"What?" Delia wlaked t oher stuff and pulled out a file from a drawer she placed it in when she unpacked.

"I managed to get this before I left."

"What is it?" Liam asked grabbing the file.

"The secret to Wolfram and Harts success" Delia said frowning. Liam opened the file. The top page was a picture of a gold orb with a pentagram on it which resembled a goat with its tongue out. "The Orb of Danzalathar. It acts as a portable hellmouth. Unleashing unholy energy. It could be used to control men's minds and create illusions." Liam putt the photo down and looked at the paper work. Wolfram and Hart had found the orb in 2020. But it didn't say where. "If the proper ritual in performed, the orb will…"

"Open every hellmouth on earth and release the armies of darkness." Liam finished. "Just like how it happened in our time. How did you manage to get this?"

"After you left, the rest of the team and I went back to Wolfram and Hart in LA to get answers."

"You did what?!" Liam yelled in shock. "Do you know how dangerous that is?"

"Compared to everything else we've done?"

"Don't ever do that again."

"Yes dear." Delia laughed. Liam sighed.

"So we got the how. But we need to know the where."

"Which we don't have."

"But we have twenty years to find it." Liam thought for a moment. "We'll go back and deal with Holtz and Wolfram and Harts latest scheme. We'll help Willow if things get bad with her. During our down time, we'll look for this. Knowing how they bring the apocalypse is a big step for us."

"Are we going to tell your parents?" Liam didn't respond. He looked at the picture of the orb and remembered the demon from his dream again.

"Not yet. They're gonna have their hands full with what's coming next. And I intend to have my hands equally full."

What do you think? We'll deviate from Buffy canon and have Angel canon instead. Along with some of my own episodes about Liam and Delia and them trying to find the orb. The whole thing with the gypsies and that warlord came from an Angel comic I read about. I just re-did it. I don't think I ever did this, but:

Disclaimer: I own nothing Buffy and Angel but Liam and Delia and everyone else made up from the future.

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