this is my first try as a fanfiction writer. I also have to say that english isn't my mother tongue but i hope to learn the language better.

This will be a crossover between Buffy True Blood and Pirates of the Caribbean. The idea didn't want to leave my head so tell me what you think.

I didn't watch the whole true blood series just some episodes and read a lot about it.

The raiting may go up to a later time.

Enjoy the reading



Xander knew that something in him had changed since his time with the swim team.

It happened a week ago that he treatment against the fish steroids started and he hoped it would work. Maybe it's also going to change his feeling about himself.

But tomorrow he would go to the sea and show himself that he did not change and could go into the water.

During his time with the team he learned that he liked swimming. Sometimes he couldn't stop and the couch had to drag him out of the pool. He missed it.

Tomorrow, no matter what happened, he would go swim in the ocean, even when the hellmouth opened itself or Angelus would be sitting on the beach and wait for him. He would go swimming.

The next day started bright and early. Xander had to be quiet so he would wake his parents when he sneaked out of the house. He could already see the sun on the sky, so the Angelus scenario could no longer happen. Today was a saturday, that meant no school for the next two days. He had a date with Cordelia the next day and a Scooby meeting in the evening. But this day belonged to him.

He had his swimwear already under the normal clothes, so he didn't have to change on the beach.

When he walked to the ocean he started feeling lighter. He could breathe easier and his thoughts weren't so dark any longer. And then he felt it, the water under his feet. It was a feeling like coming home, or stopping an apocalypse, maybe even better.

He tried to find the right words in his head for this feeling. During this time he was walking into the ocean till he had to swim as he could no longer feel the ground under his feet.

He woke up from his musing when the water got into his nose and he had to use his arms so that he didn't go under.

Xander was fighting with his breath as he swallowed some water. When he got it under control again he looked at his environment in hope of finding the shore.

Although he wasn't a very long time in the water, he could no longer see the beach or any other land or stones in the water.

He knew the dumbest thing to do was panic. He knew this but what should he do? His arms were getting heavy and his shoulders started to hurt.

For now he would swim with the waves and hope to find some land or something were he could lie on and make a pause.

Although he knew that he was no more than some hours in the water it felt like a whole day. Maybe he should have eaten a breakfast before he went to swim.

When the sun started to went down Xander was still swimming and hadn't found the beach or any land. He could no longer feel his arms and he would start to fall a sleep and wake up when his he started to go under.

He knew that he couldn't go longer. He hadn't felt his legs for a long time now and hoped thy were still there. What a funny thought, why shouldn't his legs be there. Xander asked himself if funny thoughts were the first steps to dying.

In an attempt to calm himself, he looked at his legs.

That was the dumbest idea of all dump ideas he ever had and will ever have.

When Xander didn't see his legs at the spot where they had to be, he started to panic.

His heartbeat and his breathing quickened but he couldn't get any air in his lungs. And then it happened. The whole world got black. Xander last thought was,'Please let this fishtail be a nightmare'

to be continued?

So what do you think?

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