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Xander woke up feeling sleepy. His whole body was hurting. He did not open his eyes just yet. First he tried to remember what he did last night. He wasn't injured during the last patrol.

And why wasn't he lying in his bed? Where was he by the way? The ground, he had to be lying at the ground as it felt hard and uneven. Maybe he should open his eyes now, so that he could stop guessing. After opening his eyes was a colorful fish the first thing he saw.

„I'm dreaming, that's it, I'm dreaming or I'm in the hospital and they gave me the good stuff." He didn't believe that himself. He tried to stand up, maybe this... whatever this was, would go away, when he was walking.

He couldn't stand up. Why couldn't he stand up?! And then he saw it again. His fishtail. No legs but a fishtail. He tried to move it and it moved. So it had to belong to him. What should he do? He started to swim with his arms. His movements were more or less useful. But he didn't want to use it as that would mean it was real. When he didn't use it maybe it would go away. Xander knew deep inside himself that he was lying to himself.

After some time his arms started to get tired. He knew what would happen next. He wouldn't be able to breathe and get unconscious.

Breathing... There was something but he couldn't put his finger on it. It would properly come to him when he was leaving the water. Then it hit him like a lightning bolt. He was in the water and he could breathe! How was that possible. He began to panic, again. And lost his conscious, again.

The next time he woke up, he was prepared. He knew about the fishtail and would use it to get out of the water. About the being able to breath, he'd think about it later, much later.

He wasn't sure how, but somehow Xander found his way back to the beach. Since he started using his new-found tail his movements in the water were really fast and he didn't need long to his destination.

When he was near the land he looked if there was someone on the beach. He couldn't see anyone, so he started to leave the water. He wasn't trying very long when he noticed that he couldn't walk out of the water. He forgot his legs, or is fishtail again.

So he tried to crawl out of the water and it worked, more or less.

The moment he left the water with his whole body, his legs appeared. It was fascinating to see his tail turn into two legs.

He was really happy that he could walk now and didn't have to crawl to ...

To whom should he go? Buffy was out because of Angelus. The same reason went for Giles. Although Willow was his best friend, he couldn't go to her as she would be more panicked than him. That left Cordelia. He knew he could trust her with his life and his secrets.

Xander started his way to Cordelia after he changed back into his clothes.

During his time in the water the time went on and it was approaching midday. So he wouldn't wake anyone in the Chase household. To say that Cordelia was surprised to see him would be an understatement.

She asked,"Didn't you want to go swimming to lose your fear of the water?"

"I was swimming and than happened something I have to tell you or better show you. Can we go to a bathroom? I need space and water for the demonstration.", was Xander'S reply. "That better be not one of your jokes!", Cordelia led the way to the next bathroom with a bathing tube.

Xander started to fill it with water and went into it after it had enough water. He changed out of his clothes and after his legs were under the water, they changed to the fishtail.

Now he had the time to really look at his tail. All in all was it a really nice tail. It was longer than his legs and loomed over the edge of the tube. Its colours were greens, blues and turquoise and it dazzled in the light. On the sides he could see small fins that were moving in the water and on the end of the tail was a rather big and beautiful turquoise fin.

"What..?How..?", Cordelia tried to form a sentence but she was in shock and couldn't think straight. She needed some time to swallow the shock to give a statement,"Xander Harris if this is one of your jokes, I will kill you!" "I didn't do anything. When T went into the water today it just happened. I got even a panicattack when I saw it. Moreover I can breathe under the water. But I didn't know what I should do, so I came to you. Do you have an idea? Maybe it's something from the swim team?", Xander was desperatly trying to make her understand that this was not a joke.

"Okay, okay. First, I don't think that has anything to do with the swim team and secondly I will call Giles. He has to come to us. You will not leave this tube, understood!", Cordelia was already on her way out of the room and wasn't waiting for Xander's reply.

Xander tried to listen to Cordelia's voice during her telephone call but the voice was to muted through the door.

After some time she came back with something to eat and drink,"Giles wille be here in 20 minutes."

- exactly 20 minutes later -

Cordelia had to answer the door after someone rang the door.

She led Giles to the bathroom and showed him Xander with the fishtail.

"Dear Lord, how did that happen?", Giles looked as shocked as Cordelia had. "We called you for an explanation!", Cordelia wasn't amused.

„Of course, of course. Xander, do i suspect it right that you can breathe under the water and that you also can swim very fast?", he didn't wait for an answer, "It seems you are a sea fairy, more commonly known as mermaid or in your case merman. They can live on land and in the water, can swim real fast and can't die of old age. After their first change they age really slowly if they age at all. I don't think you will age anymore, as your are quiet old for a first change. You said, you went swimming in the ocean? Was it your first time?" "Yes to both. My parents always forbid me to go near the ocean." "Good, good. Can you please go all the way under the water? I want to see if there are any other changes."

In this moment Xander was grateful for the big tube. He had no problem to get his whole body under the water. When it was under, Giles and Cordelia looked at him. Giles was taking notes on a notepad.

Suddenly Xander could feel that he got trouble getting air, so he had to come up again. When his head was in the air again, he took some mouthfuls of air.

"Ah, I think in this water wasn't enough oxygen for you. Did you feel any changes?", Giles was in his element.

"No. So I did change? What do I look like under the water?" Before Giles could even start to form a response, Cordelia already answered the questions,"Your hair growed a bit and was flowing around your head and you got this small turquoise fins on your arms. Also your eyes and some of your hair changed colour to turquoise. You also got some turquoise lines on your body. All inall you looked quiet beuatiful and I nearly jumped into the tube."

"Yes, thank you Cordelia. Xander leave the tube and stop this humming now. Sea fairys can control humans with their voice", Giles, too was blushing.

Xander heaved himself out of the tube. His tail changed back into his legs after he left it.

"Okay, I will look for some more information. I will also call Buffy and Willow and we will meet in three hours in the library, to talk about everything", with that Giles left the house, all the time muttering some incomprehensible things.