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Willow was the first to awake out of her stupor,"We have to give him back his soul. Jenny had the spell translated and I already look it over. I could do it today. I have everything home. We could do it at your house Giles as there can no one enter and no one asked what we're doing."

"Yes that is a good idea Willow", Giles had still some problems talking about Jenny.

"It's a shame that she died before she could tell us about it. I'm feeling guilty about my treatment of her after I learned of her involvment in the losing of Angel's soul. It is a shame she died through an accident. Surviving the hellmouth only to be killed by a drunken driver.",Buffy liked talking about it as much as Giles did. She still felt it was her fault. She was mean to her so Jenny treid to help and walked outside at inght were she was hit by a car.

(AN:I know that Jenny was killed by Angelus but that wouldn't fit for the rest of the story. I still need Angel and Giles working together)

"Okay, it is the middle of the day. We will do it now. And your right, we will do it in my home. I hope that everything works", Giles was for the first time positive that this could work.

The group went to Giles home to do the spell.

- With Angelus -

Angelus, Spike and Drusilla were in the mansion. They all observed the stoneform of Acathla. Angelus was sure that he knew what he had to do.

He told the room and its inhabitants that only a worthy person good take the sword out of the stone and wake Acathla up.

He put some of his blood on his hands and started to pull the sword out of the stone. He was surprised when he suddenly had the sword in his hands. He looked unbelievable back and forth between the sword and the stoneform of Acathla. But nothing happened.

Angelus started to become angry and began to kick Acathla.

Suddenly the stone started to wobble and fell over. There was an inscription on the ground but before anyone in the room could start to translate it, Angelus fell screaming to the floor.

Spike used the chaos to take Drusilla and leave Sunnydale.

After some time the vampire regained his composure and looked around himself.

He didn't know where he was and what day it was.

Then the door opened and Buffy stormed into the room. "Buffy, is that you? What happened?"; the vampire looked a bit confused. "It worked. It worked. I've got you back, Angel", Buffy was jubilant and cried some tears. She fell Angel around his neck and cried in his shoulders.

When Giles, Xander, Willow and Oz came into the mansion, Buffy was explaining everything that happened.

They decided to meet the next evening in Giles home.

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Who can guess what the inscription means?

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