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Chapter 1

Once in a Lifetime

"Wish upon a shooting star and all your dreams will be sweet" These were the words of a lullaby her mother had taught her. And tonight, she could. The meteor shower was magnificent. The shooting stars lit the clear night sky with beautiful colors.

After the current Baron, Gary, had heard of Redmont feif's ward, he had made plans to open one of his own for Merric feif. That was where Lanerice came in. When she was born into the Emorya family, she had a perfect life. There she had servants, the whole deal. Except two things. One: she was to be married off. Two her father didn't love her. Her mother was, and always had been the only reason that she, a four-year-old, didn't run away. But all good things must come to an end. When Lanerice's mother Bontley died, she was six, she cried non-stop for almost a week. Her father was so annoyed with her then that when he remarried, he sent her to the new ward with a note that read, "We (my wife and I) cannot, and will not be burdened by this nusince of a child. Take care of it." Lanerice had not cried for him to come back for her when he and her step-mom left her by the ward, in fact she had said "good riddance" to his back.

Lilting laughter from the ward clown jolted her back to the present. "What's so funny?" she asked. She rather liked him, witty, funny, cute...

"Just George trying to quote a play" replied Rafi

Lanerice joined her wardmates in laughing, adding her own peculier laughter to the mix.