Chapter 2


Boy's pov

The day was just the same as always, eat breakfast, brush teeth blah blah blah. But right after lunch... "Fire, Fire in the kitchen!" His parents died that day and his life was never the same again.

He ran. He ran as far as he could. The miles disappeared under his feet (I know your thinking "What?" but just go with it). Anger fueled his sudden speed and endurance. Every time that he thought of rest, he thought of his house. Every time that he thought of his house, he thought of his parents. The thoughts of his house and his parents brought to mind his suspicions. But it couldn't be..could it? But he had seen the oil barrel and torch remnants...No. He decided. It wasn't an accident. It was arson. But who? Who hated him and his family that much? The only way to find out was to ask. The only person left to ask was Crowley. And he (the boy) lived in Seacliff. And Crowley was in Seacliff. But David didn't know that.

David's family was a spread-out one. He had family all over Araluen. He finally stumbled to a plain house after hours of running. Although he had rushed out in a hurry, he hadn't forgotten to get 2 week's supply of food water and money. He knew that he would have run out of food, drink, and water way way before he ever got to Castle Araluen. Thats why he wasn't headed for Castle Araluen. He was about to knock on the door when it opened. Oh shiz thought David. The person who opened the door had on a quite distinctive mottled green-and-grey cloak... David had found himself a Ranger.

Crowley's pov

Crowley was on visit to the Ranger of Seacliff Feif. He wanted to check on the apprentice. He needed a Ranger to help in Araluen. He was having dinner and coffee (well duh) in the Ranger's cottage when one of the horses snorted a warning. The horse didn't sense danger, and was just alerting them to someone's approach. Both Rangers and the apprentice Ranger rose swiftly and silently, donned their cloaks and quivers, and held their bows by their sides. Crowley stood to the front, ready, listening for the sound of footsteps on the venderah. Not so long after the Rangers had stood by the door did Crowley open the door to find David. Crowley was shocked. But years of training asserted themselves, and he showed no outward sign of it. From the outside he appeared calm, but on the inside, his mind was asking questions with a speed faster that a Ranger's horse can gallop.